Amazon Prime & Truth Seekers Hosts an Escape Room & You Can Play!!

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If you've been hoping for a little excitement in your life, well, have I got an adventure for you!!

Truth Seekers is coming to Amazon Prime. The new TV series from Nick Frost and Simon Pegg debuts on October 30, and there is a celebration underway that you can participate in -- for free!

What is it? It's an online, virtual escape room. And I've just completed it. It's a lot of fun!

Escape Room 2

Here's the official scoop:

The Truth Seekers Remote Adventure puts players at the center of a thrilling paranormal investigation.

Players are enlisted by Elton (Samson Kayo) and Gus (Nick Frost) to help him and the rest of the Truth Seekers restore 6G signal at a museum in Weymouth and recover the artifact causing the disruption.

Upon entering The Truth Seekers Remote Adventure, players will be greeted by two team members from The Escape Game: The Host and The Game Guide.

Escape Room 1

The Host will be on the video call with the players and interacts with them throughout the experience, aiding in the flow of the game and giving hints when necessary.

The Game Guide is in the game on-location and will be outfitted with a camera and headlamp rigged up to a helmet.

They are each team’s eyes, ears, hands, and feet, and will take commands from the players to facilitate solving challenges.

A bit more on the mechanics of this can be found in this video example.

There is a lot of interaction required, and you'll want the most brilliant and creative minds you know to be a part of your team.

I can attest that my group, including fellow TV Fanatics, started out slow, but we really began to rush the clues in the end and got into the spirt of the room.

It's so much fun imagining that you'll fail and be stuck together in a virtual world for all of time, being utterly defeated if you lose.

And all of this comes to you courtesy of Amazon Prime Video and The Escape Game, which hosts and puts it all together.

Escape Room 3

The adventures are exciting and include people from all over the world.

Best of all, it's entirely free! 

You won't get another opportunity to experience something like this again, so I urge you to visit The Truth Seekers Experience asap so that you can schedule a time between today and November 18.

And make sure you tune into Truth Seekers on Amazon Prime on October 30 to see why the celebration started in the first place.

So, whtt do you say? Are you in?

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