The Challenge Recap: A Double Elimination Causes Total Madness

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That was the most nail-biting episode in years!

The Challenge Season 35 Episode 15 featured betrayals, backstabbing, and double eliminations that have changed the dynamic inside the bunker. 

As such, we thought it was a good idea to start covering the show! Hooray, right?

Johnny Bananas Has a Plan - The Challenge

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Does Kyle Even Deserve to STILL Be in the Game?

We knew the latest challenge was going to push everyone to their limit. The series continues to showcase competitions that I'm surprised passed health and safety regulations. 

It makes for great TV, and this latest challenge involving the remaining contestants driving into barrels with everyone else strung up above them was nauseating. 

Kyle - The Challenge

What was more nauseating, however, was that Kyle messed up his drive and managed to score, wait for it, ZERO points. 

The kicker here was that Kyle has proven in previous challenges that he can perform well, but given that his father was a stunt man, this should have been his competition to win. 

T.J. has been vocal about not enjoying players that half-ass competitions, and something tells me Kyle did just that because he knew he would be able to wriggle to safety. 

Bananas and Kaycee winning was not surprising in the least. They're both forces to be reckoned with and will be able to take control of the remainder of the game. 

Johnny Bananas - The Challenge

As a rookie, Kaycee has played a relatively clean game, but for Bananas, he knows the ins and outs of the competition because he's already won. 

We've witnessed Bananas scheme his way to victory by backstabbing even his closest allies, so I was somewhat surprised he brought him into the tribunal. 

Kaycee wanted to honor her fellow Big Brother alum, Fessy, but it just wasn't meant to happen -- for now. 

The House Goes Bananas

Rogan - The Challenge

The house vote was one of the wildest to date. Jenny has played several different sides of the house but crumbles when it comes to politics. 

Turning her back on Rogan after he looked out for her after the whole Dee situation was silly, but it seemed like a classic case of her following the house. 

Everyone wanted Rogan to be ousted ahead of the final. He was one of the winners last season, so he should be treated as a huge target. 

What did surprise me was Rogan asking everyone to vote for him because he knew it was coming. He's one of the fiercest competitors out there. 

Jenny - The Challenge

His epic takedown of Jenny was deserved, but it's difficult to forget the way he's treated Dee and other people in the house this season. 

Melissa Plays Dumb, But She's No Match for Bananas

Melissa's allegiance to Dee was always going to land her in hot water, but refusing to vote the way her allies asked was a rookie mistake, which is weird given that she's considered a veteran. 

You know you've messed the eff up when your closest ally threatens to throw you into purgatory.

Melissa Reeves - The Challenge

What was fascinating about this installment was that every single contestant had a red skull. It was like they could breathe a sigh of relief -- until T.J. announced another elimination would take place. 

Locking in Some Targets

A tribunal consisting of Bananas, Kaycee, and Kyle was always going to be a wildcard. Kaycee only cares about keeping Fessy safe at this stage, and all Bananas and Kyle care about taking down some big threats ahead of the finale. 

That's why the picks were not surprising. 

Nelson - The Challenge

Nelson has done some terrible things in the game, but his sentiments about Cory having another kid on the way and wanting to give him the best shot at winning brought a tear to my eye. 

Who would have thought that would happen while watching The Challenge? 

Nelson lowkey offered to sacrifice his change at the money to keep Cory in the running. I dare say there was a strategy there, and Nelson thought there was a small chance he could save them both. 

A Brutal Showdown

Dee - The Challenge

Pitting Jenny against Dee was a stroke of genius, but it would probably have had more fireworks had Dee's presence not been cut down to the bare minimum. 

MTV parted ways with Dee for her controversial Black Lives Matter comments last month. She was initially close to Jenny, until she decided she wanted to be rid of one of her closest allies. 

In hindsight, Jenny should have tried to get Dee into an elimination with her earlier in the season. Jenny was like a steam train running towards Dee, and it was predictable that Dee was sent packing. 

Dee has been very lucky to have competitions that she's managed to win this season, but she was no match for Jenny. 

dee 5

Rogan and Nelson were more of a fair fight. They each brought some great things to the table, but ultimately, I was disappointed with Nelson. 

There were so many points he could have dropped Rogan and made a break for the bell while his enemy was exhausted. That, unfortunately, will stick with Nelson for a while now. 

"Crash Into Me" was the best episode of the season by a landslide. The action was off the charts, and it showcased the best of the series. 

Now, everyone else has made the final, but given that it's the most brutal to date, I suspect it will take place over multiple episodes. 

What did you think of all the insanity? Were you surprised Nelson sacrificed his game? 

Hit the comments below. 

The Challenge continues Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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