The Challenge: Paulie Calafiore Hits Out at ‘Flop’ Cast as Ratings Drop

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It looks like some veterans of The Challenge are unimpressed with the current state of the show. 

Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello, who are not a part of the current season, have taken to social media to air their thoughts on the show. 

The Challenge Season 35 launched in April with over 1 million viewers, but the numbers have struggled to stay close to that opening figure. 

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While the show has risen some weeks, we're 14 episodes in, and the numbers are down just over 200,000 viewers. 

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you would think that the ratings would be on an upswing, and that thought was not lost on Paulie or Cara. 

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It all started when Cara responded to a fan about War of the Worlds, which kicked off with over 800,000 viewers, before wrapping with over 1 million viewers. 

Cara felt like there was no excuse for the ratings to be dropping this time, saying the following via Instagram:

The ratings shouldnt be dipping. We are still in quarantine. 

Ratings started high and theres no other new shows out or sports. 

Im not rooting for it to fail. Im worried its going down steadily. 

Need to keep the viewers for more successful seasons. 

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Many shows lose ground in the ratings as time goes on, but Cara presents some solid points. 

However, comparing live ratings is difficult because there are so many other ways to watch shows these days. 

It's possible that the show could be stronger digitally this season and that the viewers not watching live could be catching up via other means. 

In any case, Paulie screenshotted Cara's response and chimed in with his own two cents on the matter. 

"Where's the lie though? With THIS format AND the elimination twist the viewers/ratings should have never dropped," he said via Twitter, before hitting out at the cast. 

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"Cast has been a flop and other than the rookies the competition sucks."

Calafiore concluded as follows:

"Let's hope the second wave of corona virus can revive viewers, we need them for the future."

The former Big Brother star later clarified his stance, noting that he hoped when viewers returned to their homes, they would tune in to the MTV reality hit. 

Fans took to the comments section of Paulie's tweet with their views on the season. 

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"It dropped because we lost @WestonBergmann," said one fan. 

"The competition and cast this season sucks," said another.

"Then they butchered the Dee situation when she was one of a handful of real competitors on this season. Not to mention the winners have been leaked about 10,000 times already."

Earlier this season, MTV cut ties with Dee Nguyen over controversial Black Lives Matter comments. At the time, the cabler vowed to air the season as planned. 

dee 5

Dee's presence was essentially erased from future episodes, resulting in incomplete storylines.

What are your thoughts on the series?

Do you agree with Paulie that the cast is to blame?

Hit the comments below. 

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