Hanna's Esme Creed-Miles Talks About Her Character, the Explosive Second Season, and Becoming an Action Star

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Hanna is back, and action fans worldwide rejoice.

Fugitive Hanna captured viewers' attention during the first season of the Amazon Prime Video series, as she was a combination of power and pathos.

This season, Hanna, played by Esme Creed-Miles, is going to be forced to evolve. Her surrogate father, Erik, who rescued her as a baby from the sinister Utrax program, was killed late last season.

High Ground - Hanna Season 2 Episode 5

Hanna attempted to break out other girls such as her from Utrax, but only Clara would come with her.

Surprisingly assisting Hanna's escape was Marissa, who for years ran Utrax before developing a conscience.

Uncertain Hanna Season 2 Episode 5

David Farr, the show's creator, explained what's ahead for Hanna.

“The central dilemma of Season 2 is should Hanna stay with this family of young women and join them, become one of the young assassins in the Utrax program, or should she rebel, stand against that program and be alone,” Farr said. “These are much more active choices than she was making in Season 1.”

Hanna has been the breakout role for Creed-Miles, daughter of British actors Samantha Morton and Charlie Creed-Miles.

In an exclusive interview from her home in Britain, Creed-Miles, 20, talked about the changes coming for Hanna and what playing Hanna has meant to her.

What's it like to portray the title character on a show that's being watched in 200 countries?

Armed and Dangerous - Hanna Season 2 Episode 5

I feel slightly removed from it. I barely get recognized. So I just feel like the same person. But it's been interesting and exciting.

Hanna is an action-packed series. How much training do you have to do to play Hanna?

The first season I did a bunch of training. But by the end, I was so worn out and so fit from the physical aspect of it. I maintained my physicality throughout the year, leading up to the second season. Then that sort of took a back seat as I tried to focus more on my emotional performance and didn't train as hard this season.

Season 1 was a time of discovery for Hanna. How does she evolve in Season 2?

In Season 2, she is processing the grief of losing Erik. She wants to protect Clara and moves into that protector role. When Clara runs away, it's all about protecting her and the determination that she has to fight for what she believes in and what she thinks is right.

Back Together - Hanna

Why has Hanna formed such a fast, strong bond with Clara?

They both have a rebelliousness that is unique to them and not really a part of the other young girls. That energy they both had of “Let's escape this and liberate ourselves” brings them together. Their mutual lack of family makes them want to find it in each other.

How does Hanna's relationship with Marissa change this season?

It's very exciting. It goes up and down. It takes on lots of different shapes and sizes. At its core, they need each other, and they both want to help each other out.

Hanna will return to Utrax. Is that strictly to rescue Clara or is she somewhat curious about where she came from?

Change of Appearance - Hanna Season 2 Episode 2

There are definitely elements of curiosity in her exploration of the program and of The Meadows. She does become tempted by this idea of belonging, of purpose. But ultimately, it is protecting Clara and the rights of these young women that motivates her and the decisions she makes.

Even with all she's learned, could Hanna still be susceptible to Utrax's message of family?

No. She is self-assured enough, and she has embraced this idea of being an outsider, being who she is, and what her skills are that she is not as impressionable as some of the other young women.

Will she be able to connect with the other trainees?

Yes and no.

On the Run - Hanna

Could you expand on that?

It's complicated. She's trying to connect with them, she's trying to liberate them, but there is a friction. So I think it is best described in the nuances of those performances on screen. So it's quite a difficult question to answer.

How have you enjoyed playing Hanna over the past two seasons?

It's been a wonderful, exciting experience. I've got to meet amazing people and travel the world. I feel very grateful.

The eight episodes of Hanna Season 2 are now showing on Amazon Prime Video.

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