New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 16 Review: Perspectives

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The hiatus was worth it.

We had another incredible hour of the series, and New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 16 covered a lot of ground.

It's definitely going to be an hour that will have people talking for a plethora of reasons.

Many Hats - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 16

We need to start with how adorable the relationship between Kapoor and Ella is, and how well they've gotten at communicating with one another.

When they talk through their issues, they can usually reach agreements, compromise well, and come around to understanding each other.

Kapoor goes out of his way to be accomodating for Ella, and sometimes he's a bit overbearing, but he always has her best interest at her.

The Principla's Office  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 16

And Ella has learned to adapt to all of the quirks that Make Kapoor who he is. They've become the best of roommates, and their relationship has taken such a pleasant and unexpected turn from where it could've been during New Amsterdam Season 1.

They've become the family that each other needs.

She loves cats, but she had no idea that he's superstitious about black ones. Regardless of how passionate you are about the issue, it's one of those things where you have to respect other people's opinions.

Kapoor Spies - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 8

Kapoor felt that his day was wrecked, and everything was out of whack because of the cat. He thought it brought him bad luck, and he was hesitant to share the news with her.

But if anyone understood what it was like to have rituals and obsessive thoughts that may or may not defy logic, it's Ella. She didn't respond poorly to Kapoor's admission, and when she elaborated on why she likes the cats and the calm they bring her, he was able to make a call and compromise.

Helen: I'm going to tell you something, and I need you to not act like Max the revolutionary.
Max: Which Max do you need?
Helen: Max the medical director.
Max: People really want me to pick a lane today.

It's something so small in comparison to the other storylines happening, but they're such an endearing pair when together.

Of course, Casey and Bloom are an exceptional pair too, and it's always a gift when Casey has more screentime.

Cabloom Goodness - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 14

Their relationship is one of the most underrated on the series, and Casey has such a grounding presence for Bloom. She can always bounce things off of him, and in this case, she used him as a sounding board as she talked about her mother.

Lauren had a rough time when she got everything she needed to off of her chest, and her mother stated that she didn't remember any of it.

From where I sit, because you wear multiple hats, one of your patients died.


But Lauren slowly realized after talking to Kapoor and Iggy that her mother probably didn't remember anything. Her alcoholism and addiction were so bad that she lost memories.

It's painful that her mother's actions and behavior have impacted Lauren's life and shaped her from childhood onward, and her mother can't remember any of it.

Forgiveness - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 16

For Lauren, she had to determine if she was ready to accept the apology that she was never going to get and move on. Her mother invalidated her hurt and pain growing up, and now she's inadvertently doing the same.

Lauren can't have the closure that she wants or needs, but she met her mother anyway and settled on making new memories.

Evie: Did you make the decision to go more invasive before or after you learned George Whitley was a white nationalist? Did you make the decisions to go more invasive before or after your realized George Whitley released the toxin the Middle Eastern fair?
Floyd: Next question.

It helped a bit that she experienced some lapse in her memories while trying to recall all of her actions on the day George Whitley died.

In most cases, there would've been too much the series tried to cover in one hour, but even though it was juggling many stories, each of the storylines was worthy of investment.

Dad Issues - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 7

George's family was suing the hospital for wrongful death and malpractice, and all of the doctors who had something to do with his treatment were served.

But the best part about this situation was Evie. She's one of those characters who doesn't get to shine often. She can be dull.

However, Evie was on fire grilling everyone and trying to get an idea of what their case would look like. She's exceptional at what she does, and her firing off on all cylinders with her colleagues and friends was a definite highlight.

She had everyone questioning themselves, not only regarding the case but in life and how they're carrying themselves, and it was impressive.

Max shouldn't have gone behind Lauren and changed dosages without speaking to anyone. A lack of communication like that could lead to issues down the road.

Lauren forgetting the person she ordered to do something could be an issue, and it would lead one to doubt themselves. And Floyd shouldn't have let her personal feelings get the better of him while working on a patient.

Castro: Tell me I'm crazy. Did you sabotage my trial?
Helen: You didn't give me a choice.

George was not only a white supremacist, but he was responsible for killing seven people at a Middle Eastern Festival. However, none of the medical personnel could allow their feelings about him to interfere with his treatment.

None of them did anything inherently wrong that cost George his life, but their actions could lead to scrutiny. It would've cost the hospital a lot. Evie's suggestion that they settle was the right call.

Evie's Back - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 9

Despite it getting heated, Evie going into work mode while grilling Floyd, and his confession, later on, didn't tear the two of them apart.

Am I the only one who keeps thinking something will drive them apart? It feels like we've been waiting for the other shoe to drop with these two.

He killed seven people and now we have to save his life. Sorry. Sorry. Let's just do what we do and save his life.


As per usual, Iggy had the emotional case that shed light on an issue that is tearing us apart as a country.

Kudos to the series for choosing to explore the trauma children face over the mere idea of a school shooting happening.

All across the country, schools have incorporated drills to prepare students for the possibility of a school shooting taking place.

Traumatized Kids  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 16

They have shooting drills almost as much as fire ones. But it never crossed my mind that they would do simulations and not warn the children and staff when they were doing them and how.

By trying to prepare students for the worst, they were traumatizing them in the same vein of a real shooting. People tend to assume that PTSS has to link to a specific, real, violent event.

I feel scared all the time. I can't go back there.


The trauma those children faced was no different than if they were in an actual shooting. They thought it was real when it happened, and they saw their friends get shot. It didn't matter that they were blanks.

On top of that, the school didn't have the budget for actual therapists or counselors, so all of these children were sitting with this trauma with no one to talk to about it.

Dad Problems - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 13

It's heartbreaking. We may never reach an agreement on what to do about guns, but we can all see the effects these shootings have on everyone, especially young kids who have to be afraid of something happening at their school.

It's a real fear that wasn't as prominent for students 15+ years ago. Hell, school shootings were a scary possibility, but I recall during my time of schooling, we were preparing for terrorist attacks in the post-9/11 age.

Iggy has this way of being so hopeful. How do you make kids feel better about something bigger than all of us? It doesn't come with an immediate fix.

All he could do was help his patient with her thinking, so she realized it wasn't her fault, and she did the best she could.

I have to be honest, 'Dam Fanatics. I'm not certain what transpired between Castro and Helen. It doesn't matter since she's gone.

Good riddance, woman.

Castro noticed when Helen switched out her drugs, and she spazzed out. Helen had a badass moment of staring her down and flexing her power from behind a desk.

They were in battle with one another, and Helen agreed to help her at one point, which had a girl seething. But then, Castro turned in her resignation.

Adios Castro - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 16

It probably left most of us as puzzled as Max, but she's gone, so yay!

Max is probably as confused as ever now. He started the hour making out with Alice in bed. He took a big step by pursuing something physical with Alice.

Castro: I'm here to tender my resignation.
Max: Why would you resign?
Castro: My study has been compromised.

It made him feel good too; he was chipper at work, and it's not surprising that it's not something he let sink in until toward the end of the hour.

Max and Alice are both widows, and they're testing the waters with each other. It does give them both a safe space to do so within their relationship. They understand where each other are.

Malice - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 16

And the hour seemed as though it would stick to the "Malice" of it all. But then, as per usual, Sharpwin came in like a battering ram and bloody hell!

It wasn't anything out of the norm for them when Helen went to Max for help and ended up listening to his concern that he should stop wearing so many hats at work.

Max: Why did you bring her back? Why did you give her half your department?
Helen: Have a goodnight.
Max: I want to know.
Helen: You don't want to know. For God's sake, Max. I did it for you. Everything I ever do I do it for you.

She was right to remind him that the reason the hospital works so well is because of his ability to balance many at once.

They didn't need another suit running the hospital; Max works best because of his need to practice medicine and help too. He's a doctor first, and he approaches things from that perspective.

Smug Helen  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 16

While it was another case of Helen coming to Max to run a problem by him and getting derailed into being his supportive confidant, it's part of what makes them ... them.

But the final scene between them was so unexpected it left me speechless, and I imagine it will do the same for many viewers.

From where I sit, because you wear multiple hats, one of your patients died.

Max wanted to know the details of why Castro left, but more so why Helen gave half her department away to this woman in the first place.

Helen refused to tell him, but he kept pressing even though he knew the answer. He needed her to say the words out loud.

They tend to dance around so much without calling each other directly out on the tension that thrums between them.

It's always interesting when one or the other tests the waters. In this case, it was Max who pushed it further, and he got the answer he expected and was looking for out of Helen.

Sharing Burdens - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 9

She put up with Castro and went through all of that for him. And yeah, everything she does is for him. Helen sacrifices a lot for him and bends to things for him.

She compromises, and she changes things, and she reconsiders matters for him. Castro challenged Helen to get Max involved, but she failed to consider that Helen has Max wrapped around her finger.

Helen: I'm going to tell you something, and I need you to not act like Max the revolutionary.
Max: Which Max do you need?
Helen: Max the medical director.
Max: People really want me to pick a lane today.

But it goes both ways.

She will do anything for Max, and confessions like that are scary as hell. They can cost you everything.

We got one of the most scorching hot Max and Helen scenes of the series. The combination of the honest confession, their heated looks, and the lingering touching of each other set the scene ablaze.

Just Friends - Tall - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 18

Max wasn't comfortable taking his ring off when he was with Alice earlier, but it was interesting how he toyed with it during that moment with Helen that felt like time had stopped.

While it's been up for debate whether or not the plethora of scenes between the two could have ever alluded to something beyond platonic friendship, you'd be hard-pressed to dismiss this one.

Everything For You

The series is at least playing with the idea of these two. But if you're inclined to be upset by that, there is solace in knowing that it's doubtful Max will risk it all for a romantic relationship with Helen anytime soon.

He can't afford to lose her, and she's not disposable or someone to test things out. Maybe they're toying with the idea of being in love with someone without it becoming something, or maybe not.

Whatever the case may be, hot damn that scene was sizzling.

Over to you, 'Dam Fanatics. Sound off below with all of your thoughts!

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