Manifest Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Call Sign

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And they lived happily ever. Until they didn't. 

Mic and Zeke's wedding was a beautiful celebration, but their happiness was shortlived on Manifest Season 2 Episode 12 because their honeymoon got interrupted by the three looming shadow figures that have been threatening the Stone family for several episodes.  

But before we get into the "disaster" that stemmed from Mic's decision to not follow the Callings, let's talk about the wedding. 

Family Time - Manifest

It went off without a hitch aside from Mic's brief "cold feet" -- and I love how Zeke worked that into a joke since he's actually freezing to death.

For #TeamZeke fans, the wedding was a celebration of life and love.

Mic hesitated a bit before the wedding because she was scared. Usually, weddings are supposed to celebrate the beginning of a long road ahead for a couple, but Mic couldn't envision a future with Zeke because they didn't have a cure for the death date.

He accepted that he was dying while she wanted him to fight for his life.

Decorating the House - Manifest Season 2 Episode 12

Mic wanted a "sign" to point her in the right direction, and she got it when Ben's Calling led him to a consignment shop where he found his mother's veil.

The veil confirmed what she already knew to be true: she wanted to marry Zeke more than anything. 

For those of you that have been #TeamJared, well, you were in the same boat as Jared: you wanted to be happy for Mic, but it was hard to watch. 

In the penultimate episode, Zeke only had two days left to live, which meant everything was expedited. 

Reading About Mysteries  - Manifest Season 2 Episode 12

Jared was taken aback by Mic's announcement that she was getting married (likely because he was still holding out hope that they would get back together), but he figured that he would support her on her "big day."

Sadly, when he saw her in that wedding dress, you could see the pain it caused him. My heart broke for him. 

It was hard for me to process too, but I’ve come to accept it. But this last year has been a blessing, I got to make peace with my past, make amends with you and dad, found Michaela. I’ve never had one day in my whole entire life where I’ve just celebrated the moment. To go out knowing that I married the great love of my life and to have you there supporting me, I couldn’t ask for anything more.


He has wanted to be in Zeke's shoes for the longest time, and he couldn't stand by and watch the love of his life walk down the aisle and marry another man. 

After the intimate celebration, Mic and Zeke got ready for their honeymoon, which also doubled as Zeke's hoorah. It's incredibly morbid, and I'm kind of glad it was interrupted.

Young and in Love  - Manifest Season 2 Episode 12

They didn't get too far before they got the call that poor Cal was taken by the three meth heads. 

First of all, who let Cal play outside without supervision?

Secondly, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, these Callings need to be clearer. The Stone family could have been better prepared if they knew what any of it meant. What's the point of the Callings if no one can figure them out?

I was slightly confused by the meth heads' desire to kidnap Cal since right before the wedding started, they drove after Jared. 

Did they already get him and come back for Cal?

Did Jared realize he was being followed and get away? And if so, why didn't he call Mic to warn her?

And how much time passed since the criminals made their escape? You would think the precinct would notify the three lead agents on the case. 

Though I'm worried for Cal, I'm glad it was him that they used as leverage and not Jared because that would have continued this love triangle and made Mic run back to save her ex on her wedding night. 

I might not be a huge Zeke fan, but I don't want to watch a married woman pine over her ex. 

Supporting Her - Manifest Season 2 Episode 12

However, it was eerie watching Mic say she would fight till the end to "save him" in her vows referring to Zeke while there was a chance that Jared might be dying or injured somewhere at the very exact moment. 

How will they get Cal back? Will Mic resort to getting them their product?

And what's the deal with these three meth heads anyway? Chase seems connected to the Callings, and his vendetta with Mic seems to go deeper than the arrest. 

Even Mic told Jared at the precinct that it feels like Chase just "sees through her."

Also, who are they working for?

Guests of Honor - Manifest Season 2 Episode 12

It wouldn't make sense to introduce three random drug criminals into the mix this late in the game, so what's their connection to the passengers and the Callings?

I've been wracking my brain to come up with something, and I continue coming up empty. 

My best guess is that they are producing the drugs at the behest of the Major, who we found out made a breakthrough using Saanvi's research, which is why she had her license revoked; she was cutting loose ends. 

A second option is that they are men from Al-Zuras' ship. 

Saanvi was on a mission to find Vance, who has been missing in action for several episodes. 

Wedding Prep  - Manifest Season 2 Episode 12

It's unclear what she believes Vance can do for her at this point since he's technically "flying under the radar," but she's waging war on the Major, and I'm loving this determined and proactive mood!

I just hope she leads with her head and not with her emotions because the Major is cold and calculated.

He wants a final celebration instead of being hooked up to the machines at the hospital.


Ben unearthed yet another mystery that might finally give us and the characters the much-needed answers. 

Though, I guess that depends on whether or not Manifest gets renewed for a third season. So far, it hasn't been, but since Jeff Rake does have the series mapped out for six seasons, it's possible we might not get many pieces of the puzzle.

All of the Lights - Manifest Season 2 Episode 12

Hopefully, they've crafted the finale in a way that offers some closure should a renewal not happen. 

Ben's Callings about Flight 828 exploding keep getting more vivid and terrifying. By the third Calling, I swear I saw a Phoenix in the flames of the plane. 

Maybe it's a "rising from the ashes" type of clue? Or maybe I imagined it cause I want answers so badly.  

The Calling connected to the beginning of the series, where all the passengers shared a joint Calling and came to the airport shortly after the plane returned to watch it blow up. What does this mean?

Family Reunion  - Manifest Season 2 Episode 12

Ben found Wade while visiting the "explosion site," who revealed he's been haunted by the Calling and led to believe that maybe he'd missed something upon inspection when he cleared the flight to take off from Jamaica. 

Ben helped him check the pre and post-flight logs, and they realized nothing changed; the plane was in the same condition upon taking off and landing, but there was a whole 5-year chunk that was unaccounted for. Does this confirm it is the same plane that took off and landed?

Flight 828, it just blew up all over again.


And what's with the explosion? Are we to believe that's what happened to 828 before its return?

I thought maybe the plane explosion had something to do with Chase's cookhouse exploding since it cannot be a coincidence that there are multiple explosions in one episode. 

Hunting Down the Major - Manifest Season 2 Episode 12

Who blew up the cookhouse? What were they trying to cover up inside?

And is it possible that the Calling wanted to kill Chase and his accomplices, but by defying it, Mic brought on all this trouble for herself instead? 

In the words of Ben Stone: “I thought I figured it out, I guess I didn’t.”

TJ revealed that he was planning to go to Egypt to find more answers about the death date. 

Mic: Is this mom’s veil?
Ben: It is.
Grace: I mean that’s a big sign if there ever was one.

While Olive initially felt betrayed because she thought TJ was wasting his second chance, TJ looked at it from the perspective of securing a future for them. Plus, he would be doing Olive a huge favor since his findings could help spare him and her whole family.

If he could get the necessary answers then maybe none of them would be living on borrowed time. 

Looking Fresh - Manifest Season 2 Episode 12

Other Musings/ Questions

  • Why are the other two guys so scared of Chase? Is he the leader? Why can't they just kill him?
  • Cal and Zeke trump Zeke and Mic any day. Their friendship is so pure. Zeke asking Cal to be his best man was hands down the best moment of the series. It was only made better by Cal wanting to play Monopoly. 

I don’t think you understand. I’m not hiding from her, I’m coming after her.


  • Mic seeing her mother's ghost was a beautiful way to celebrate a bond between a mother and daughter that will never be severed by death. 
  • Zeke finally told his parents he was dying, but why didn't they ask more questions about his "mysterious" condition? The guy was turning blue, and his ears were black from the cold. How would anyone just ignore that?

What did you think of the episode?

How do you think it's all going to end?

Share your theories below and watch Manifest online now! 

Call Sign Review

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Manifest Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Flight 828, it just blew up all over again.


He wants a final celebration instead of being hooked up to the machines at the hospital.