The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Cat and Mouse

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Unhinged may be the wrong word to use when it comes to Jamie.

And if you weren't worried about Ambrose maintaining his sanity through all of this before, you should be now.

The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4 had Ambrose in hot pursuit of the unbalanced Jamie, and he got a little too close for comfort.

Selfie Time - The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4

It's got to be very difficult to be handcuffed by the law.

Ambrose knows that Jamie is going to self-combust, but there is nothing legally that he can do about it.

So being Ambrose, he just puts his life aside and makes stopping Jamie his only motivating factor.

It's pretty easy to understand why Ambrose is divorced. If he's always been this involved in his cases, then he missed out on most of his life to follow his hunches.

The Cat Is Ready - The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4

Thankfully, his hunches usually pan out, so he gets some satisfaction at the end of the long trails he follows. So far, he's finding death in Jamie's wake.

Ambrose has to be kicking himself right about now for his behavior at the hospital. That went all kinds of wrong, and now Jamie is in worse shape than he was before Ambrose's awesome plan.

What's interesting is that even in the wake of that fiasco, Jamie is still not fully pushing Ambrose out of his orbit.

That's the sign of a man who knows he's off kilter and wants someone to stop him. There was scene after scene of Jamie sprinting and keeping an eye out for Ambrose to catch up.

A Really Bad Move - The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4

He's almost enjoying the chase. Maybe he's reaching the point where Nick found himself -- without fear and eager to see how far he could push others around him. Pushing them to do what, though?

Jamie is enjoying being in charge, something he most definitely wasn't with Nick. He's taken on Nick's confidence and desire to lure others to the same state.

Jamie first started his little apprenticeship with his student by pushing her farther than she was comfortable. That got him into trouble. But it didn't hurt him at all when Sophie told him how revered Mr. B was at the academy.

It gave him just enough fuel to see how far Ambrose was willing to go.

Looking Down His Nose - The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4

What's weird about The Sinner Season 3 is that things are so crazy that it's not always easy to follow along with Jamie's hallucinations.

Logically, it made no sense that Jamie would lunge at one of the two dudes in the hotel room and attack. But when Ambrose fumbled his gun and shot the other one, I had a moment of doubt.

It wasn't real, of course, but Ambrose was in such a bad position watching Jamie unravel that it won't surprise me if we do wind up in a similar situation before the end of this story.

Look, we all have dark thoughts. We learn how to live with them. We contain them.


While Jamie senses a kindred spirit in Ambrose, he has no idea that the man has ever dabbled in darkness. If Jamie is hoping that he can only push Ambrose so far before the detective puts a stop to Jamie's actions, he might be wrong.

An Extended City Visit - The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4

It's unlikely, but it's a possibility.

The more people Jamie pulls into his orbit, though, the more likely he is to get caught. His actions with Sophie in the car were beyond frightening, and Ambrose met him note for note.

Can you imagine what Sophie was feeling as the two cars careened down the street on a collision course? It was sheer luck that they didn't crash right into each other.

It never dawned on me that the person Jamie would kill would be the medium, but it makes sense given how scared Jamie is of Nick's controlling presence even in death.

One Unlucky Dude - The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4

The medium described Nick's spiring around Jamie as if they're as close to being one as they can be. Even the medium seemed confused by what he was seeing.

Ambrose was watching Jamie pretty closely, but the man does have to sleep, and Jamie must have slipped out again while he was outside. If I had heard what the medium said, I would have wanted more information. Jamie must have wanted it, too.

Hopefully, we'll see his interaction with the medium in a future episode because I need to know what else he saw.

Did Jamie follow hallucination Nick's orders to take out the medium or was he just trying to silence the man or did the medium know stuff about Nick and Jamie that could do Jamie harm? There are so many possibilities.

Under the Cover of Night - The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4

It's also possible that Jamie didn't kill the guy, but what are the odds the guy would get killed on the same night Jamie was unraveling if it wasn't Jamie who killed him?

There was some other welcome information revealed during the hour.

Nick had every intention of burying Sonya alive in that grave. They wouldn't have a choice but to kill her once they went that far, so there would be little use for the air tube.

Jamie: You get away with everything you want, don't you?
Nick: I've got everything we need in the car.

Jamie didn't want to be a part of it, and why he grabbed the wheel is evident now. But the other reveal was that he wanted to call 9-1-1, but Nick didn't want him to. And he kind of promised Nick he'd continue his exploration of the darkness.

The Mouse Runs - The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4

Everything in Jamie's life has been a mind frak from college to having a baby, and inviting Nick back into his life was the beginning of his final descent into madness.

There's no way he can recover from all of this, right? Unless he's not guilty of anything and it's all happenstance.

What do you think is happening in Jamie's mind?

Did he kill the medium?

Are you concerned for Ambrose and worried he might get pulled into Jamie's world a little too far?

What comes next?

Hit the comments Sinner Fanatics!

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The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Jamie: You get away with everything you want, don't you?
Nick: I've got everything we need in the car.

Ambrose: I don't understand why you listened to him.
Jamie: Nick is the most honest person I have ever known.
Ambrose: He's also a sociopath.
Jamie: Are you sure about that? Look around. It's a world full of sociopaths.