Station 19 Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Ice Ice Baby

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There were tears all around, and most of them weren't from the joy of bringing a new life into this world.

If I had to pick a word to sum up Station 19 Season 3 Episode 6, it would have to be tragic.

Almost every character ended up worse for wear, and if that wasn't a prime example of pathetic fallacy on television, I don't know what is.

Crying Andy - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 6

First off, we have Andy, who finally learned the truth about her father's impending death.

As expected, it wasn't Pruitt who told his daughter about his cancer.

Instead, it was something she found out for herself, which was then confirmed by her father.

Pruitt had multiple opportunities to sit Andy down and tell her about his cancer, yet he could never seem to find the right time or words.

Pruitt - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 5

That alone may not be enough to drive a wedge between father and daughter, but when Andy finds out almost half of Station 19 knew about Pruitt's prognosis before her, she's going to be furious.

She'll be angry with her father for not telling her first and also upset with everyone else for not telling her once they knew.

Jack: I’ve never been told so many times to clean what’s not dirty.
Andy: Ugh, Maya hasn’t figured out that we can’t scrub away her shame.
Jack: Speaking of shame …
Andy: It was a drunken hookup between old friends. I feel no shame.
Jack: You were drunk?
Andy: No, but it won’t happen again.
Jack: It won’t?
Andy: Jack.
Jack: Right, roommates.
Andy: Pals.
Jack: Buddies.
Andy: Never again.

It is a somewhat messed up situation that Pruitt put them in, forcing them to keep quiet.

I get that he wanted to tell Andy in his own way and in his own time, but his actions could end up further isolating Andy from the rest of the firehouse.

Andy doorway - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 7

She's still dealing with her grief over losing Ryan, and now she has to juggle the anguish of her father dying while sorting out her complicated feelings over him, and maybe others, not telling her about it.

It's a minefield of emotions, and any wrong move could set Andy off.

Conversely, the news of Pruitt's imminent death could also have the opposite effect and go a long way in helping smooth over some of the rockier relationships in her life.

Holding onto all that anger over being passed over for captain may pale in comparison to the thought of losing yet another person you love.

Andy - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 5

In times like these, Andy is going to need the support and love of those closest to her, and Maya and Sullivan happen to be that for her. She may still be angry with them, but she's going to need them in her corner right now.

And if the final scene was any indication, Andy may be coming around, at least on one front, as the final minutes saw her finding comfort in Sullivan's arms.

Maya: Just so you know, I’m going to let you stay mad at me for as long as you want to stay mad at me, and I’m gonna keep being your friend because if the tables were turned, you would have taken the job too. And I know that one of these days -- probably when the Ryan grief eases up a little -- you're gonna realize that, and when you do, I’ll still be here.
Andy: Two men stood behind closed doors and decided that I couldn’t handle the promotion that was promised to me because I was too sad my friend died, and then they gave you the job. I’m not mad that you took it. I’m mad that you took it without a single word of acknowledgement. A simple, ‘Hey Andy, I’m taking the promotion that was earned by you and promised to you because I want it. But I want you to know that I know it is wrong and unfair and, as your friend, I disagree with their decision.’ Then at least I’d know you aren’t a sociopath, and I could enjoy it just a little bit more watching you wreck this firehouse in about a million different ways.

Even though they've been on the outs since Andy was passed over for captain, Sullivan still came to her rescue, so to speak.

Whatever their personal squabble, Andy needed someone to be there for her in that moment, and Sullivan stepped up.

He can try to downplay that moment in the future as a coworker being their for a friend in her time of need, but everyone -- us, Andy, and him -- know it was so much more.

Sullivan sitting Season 3 Episode 7

Travis also had a rough night, as he found himself tasked with guiding search and rescue to a woman trapped in her car beneath the snow.

The hard part came when search and rescue couldn't find the woman and had to abandon their search, leaving Travis on the phone with the woman during her last moments alive.

That final conversation was heartbreaking to hear, but Travis did everything he could to give the woman peace of mind before she died.

Though the storyline was in part designed to make us cry -- the series exists with the Grey's Anatomy universe after all -- it also served to further explore Travis's backstory.

Travis - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 7

Viewers of the show since Station 19 Season 1 will know Travis lost his husband Michael, who was also a firefighter, before the series premiere.

These flashbacks, though, weren't about showing just how much Travis and Michael loved each other -- which they did -- but was more focused on showing the fractured relationship between Travis and his parents.

Mr. Montgomery: I’m just upset for your poor mother.
Travis: I think mom’s OK with this.
Mr. Montgomery: I think she feels like she can’t even show her face in town. She doesn’t know what to tell people.
Travis: When people ask her if her son’s getting married to an amazing guy? Oh gosh I don’t know, maybe, ‘We’re all so happy for Travis.’
Mr. Montgomery: Why do the two of you have to be so public about it?
Travis: It’s our wedding.
Mr. Montgomery: Would it kill you to elope?
Travis: Would it kill you to have an open mind?
Mr. Montgomery: Are you not ashamed at all?
Travis: No, you got enough shame for both of us dad.

Travis's parents didn't have a problem with their son marrying another man, per se, but they, or at the very least, his father, felt uncomfortable with the publicness of it all.

That discomfort translated into neither of his parents attending his wedding.

Travis - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 4

While Travis's mother tried to make amends afterward, at that point in time, it was too little too late.

But, after hearing about the woman's regrets with her own son and how she couldn't make things right before her death, it put things into a different perspective.

We never know how much time we have on earth, and Travis knows that better than anybody.

This ordeal was just a reminder to him to be thankful of the people he has in his life while he has them.

Travis 2 - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 3

His mother made a mistake, a deeply, hurtful one, by not coming to his wedding, but it seems she has spent the past few years trying to make amends

Nothing can ever right that wrong, but with time, Travis may be able to forgive his mother and move on.

Pilar: Simon, Simon are you there?
Travis: I’m here mom.
Pilar: I’m ready to go Simon.
Travis: No. No, the sun will be up soon, and then we can get you out, so I need you to just talk to me for a little bit longer. Hey mom?
Pilar: Simon?
Travis: I forgive you. You saved me. You did the best that you could every day, just for me. And I’m not angry anymore. And I love you.

At least she's trying, which is more than can be said for his father.

And Travis deserves to have at least one parent in his life that can support him unconditionally.

Jack cooking - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 6

However, unlike the others, Jack is in a mess of his own making.

He knew sleeping with Eva was wrong, but he kept doing it, even after finding out she was Rigo's wife.

Maybe he can't be faulted for there initial hookup, but everything after that falls on Jack.

He actually got off relatively scot-free considering everything.

Vasquez 2 - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 4

Rigo could have beat Jack to a pulp or raised hell about the lieutenant sleeping with his wife. 

It may not have been the smartest decision, but those actions would have been well within the bounds of semi-acceptable behavior.

Rigo: You ever been cheated on, Gibson?
Jack: What?
Rigo: Ever have the woman you love mess around on you?
Jack: Uh …
Rigo: My wife, she’s a flirt, and I like that about her. I always have. She’s hot; she knows it. I know it, right?
Jack: Right.
Rigo: But sometimes she just takes it too far.
Jack: Yeah?
Rigo: Yeah. You know, like, sometimes she’ll meet a guy at a bar and flirt with him and you know, make him think that he’s got a chance, and then she’ll come back home and tell me about it and get me mad. And then things get rough in the bedroom, and she likes that, and I do too. But then sometimes if she’s drunk or bore d or gets mad at me for some reason that she can’t remember, she’ll meet a guy and flirt and well, I don’t have to tell you.
Jack: That’s rough man. How do you cope with that?
Rigo: Honestly? Usually, I beat the guy to a pulp, but it’s tricky this time Gibson because I work with the guy. And if I do my thing, I get benched. And who does that help? But if I don’t, then I got this rage inside me, like eating at me. So it’s a tough one Gibson.
Jack: Yeah.
Rigo: What do you think I should do?
Jack: I say hit the guy.
Rigo: OK.

All Jack got was punched in the face and a tightlipped Rigo. Sounds like Jack walked away pretty unscathed to me.

Of course, things never stay secret at Station 19, and sooner or later, the cat will be out of the bag.

Jack and Eva embrace - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 3

Andy warned Jack on Station 19 Season 3 Episode 5 about what could happen if people found out about him and Eva.

The firefighters may not be Rigo's biggest fan, but Jack crossed a line by sleeping with his wife that I don't think they will be able to overlook.

There may not be a written "firefighter code" anyway, but I'm pretty sure 'Thou shall not sleep with your fellow firefighter's spouse' is a universal understanding among first responders.

Or at the very least, it's a universal understanding among decent human beings, a subspecies of which Jack may no longer be a part of.

Dean with his baby - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 7

The only positive thing to come out of this episode was the birth of Dean and JJ's yet-to-be-named daughter.

It may not have been the birth plan JJ had in mind, but at least she didn't end up with Ben cutting her stomach open to deliver her baby on the dining room table in the middle of a wind storm. Oh, the memories.

JJ: She said I’m just supposed to jump in a warm shower and the pain will stop?
Maya: I don’t know if the pain will stop, but she said the warm water might help you relax, and I think that’s the bigger point.
JJ: Uh yeah, I think the bigger point is the pain caused by this thing squeezing through my vagina.
Andy: OK, as soon as we get the go-ahead that the roads are clear, we can transfer you to Grey Sloan.
JJ: And they can make my epidural dreams come true?
Maya: I’m sorry. There are just too many emergencies going on right now.
JJ: This is an emergency.

While JJ was mostly focused on getting through labor without the help of an epidural, Dean was still freaked out about becoming a father.

His fear makes sense since JJ dumped this whole thing on him less than a month ago.

JJ and baby - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 7

Considering the circumstances, I think Dean's doing a pretty decent job.

He's been trying to be there for JJ and his daughter and had no problem upending his entire life on a moment's notice.

Flashbacks this season have showed that most of Station 19 had pretty crummy fathers. Compared to them, Dean is winning father of the year right now, and he just became a father this episode.

Dean kitchen - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 6

Some stray thoughts:

  • Sullivan continues to head down a slippery slope, and it looks like Ben may be starting to catch on. The guy who worked as a doctor for over five years couldn't tell when his boss was high but noticed the missing Fentanyl vials right away, go figure. Maybe Ben did make the right choice in changing careers after all.

  • Even though Andy and Jack swore their "drunken" hookup was a one-time thing, we all know that's TV code for it's definitely happening again. They're both in rough shape after this episode and could find comfort in each other. And by I comfort, I mean something purely physical. 

  • Though there wasn't a ton of interaction between Maya and Carina, I'm still on board with this flirtationship. It's light, fun, and sexy, something they both desperately need right now.

So what did you think Station 19 Fanatics?

How will Andy react to the news?

Does Jack deserve what he gets?

How will parenthood change Dean?

Don't forget to the hit the comments below to let me know your thoughts. If you happened to miss the latest episode, remember you can watch Station 19 online on TV Fanatic.

Ice Ice Baby Review

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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Jack: Aw, she’s like a tiny little monster.
Dean: Growing a second tinier monster inside of her.
Jack: You excited?
Dean: It’s not the first word that comes to mind.
Jack: Eager? Enthusiastic? Exhilarated?
Dean: Terrified. I’m terrified.

Jack: I’ve never been told so many times to clean what’s not dirty.
Andy: Ugh, Maya hasn’t figured out that we can’t scrub away her shame.
Jack: Speaking of shame …
Andy: It was a drunken hookup between old friends. I feel no shame.
Jack: You were drunk?
Andy: No, but it won’t happen again.
Jack: It won’t?
Andy: Jack.
Jack: Right, roommates.
Andy: Pals.
Jack: Buddies.
Andy: Never again.