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Did everyone survive?

On Station 19 Season 2 Episode 18, everyone inside Joe's bar struggled to make sense of the fact there were no exits. 

Rescuing Patrons - Station 19

Captain Pruitt struggled to get through to Andy who seemed determined to repeat the same mistakes all over again. 

Meanwhile, Helm was injured and Ben and the others tried to save her life as she bled out on the floor. 

Elsewhere, Miranda learned that Ben was inside and worried she was going to lose somoene else. 

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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Sullivan: Look, Andy I didn’t mean to hurt you. I would like it if … Hasn’t it been long enough? Can’t we be friends? Look, a relationship between us is against the rules.
Andy: Yeah, I understand the rules Robert, but you broke a lot of them.
Sullivan: I know.
Andy: You know it’s not just against the rules to have sex with your subordinates; it’s also against the rules to throw them longing glances. It’s against the rules to let your hands linger, to let your eyes wander.
Sullivan: Oh, you’re just saying I harassed you.
Andy: I’m just saying you fell in love with me, which is also specifically against the rules. I’m saying I fell in love with you, and you did nothing to discourage it.

Vic: Hey lover, sorry, I’m on a call. Car plowed into Joe’s Bar. Gotta make it quick.
Jackson: Yeah, I’m in the bar.
Vic: That’s not funny.
Jackson: No, it’s really not.
Vic: OK, well, I buried a man I loved not all that long ago, so catastrophe humor isn’t really my thing.
Jackson: And yet I remain in the bar.