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Who really shot Ghost?

On Power Season 6 Episode 14, the truth finally came out and everyone was left reeling by what happened. 

Ready To Shoot - Power Season 6 Episode 14

With Tommy back in town, Ghost went on the offensive, blaming his former pal for the state of his life. 

However, Tommy had his own reservations about reconnecting with Ghost so soon after what happened with Tasha. 

With recent deaths dragging everyone down, who offered a ceasefire before it was too late?

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Power Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Rashad: Certain things even I can't pull off. Political comeback for me right now is impossible.
Reverend Macedon: No, that's where you're wrong. Book of Luke says, 'What's impossible with man, is possible with God.'
Rashad: Then tell the good Lord to get off his ass and send me a miracle.

Rashad: Look Maal, there's nothing wrong with me wanting to win.
Kamaal: Not if you really in it to help the people. But if you just looking to clap back at St. Ptarick, that's just about your bruised ego.