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Did Paz pull the trigger?

On Power Season 6 Episode 12, we learned she was still grieving the loss of Angela. 

In the depth of her grief, she learned a surprising development that made her question her own mortality. 

Ramona Smiles - Power Season 6 Episode 12

However, Warner stepped into the ring and tried to steer her train of thought to Ghost. 

In a desperate attempt, the pair hatched a plan to take him down for the murder. 

Did everything go as planned?

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Power Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Tasha: Now you listen, James didn't kill Raina, just like he didn't kill Angela. No matter what the fuck you may think.
Paz: Stop lying for him!
Tasha: Would you listen, if I thought we could take him down you don't think I would try? I would. But there's no beating him. He always wins!
Paz: If you're not gonna help me, I'ma do it myself.

Warner: Saxe has got to be stopped.
Mak: I can't help you stop him. He didn't break the law in front of me. I can tell you he was obsessed with taking Angela down and James St. Patrick with her. Has he shown poor judgment? Sure. Criminal maleficence? I wouldn't really know.
Warner: Thank you for your time.
Mak: It's always nice to meet somebody from the regional office.
Warner: Fucking twat.