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Did everyone survive the lockdown?

On New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 10, the hospital was in great danger after the patients from Rikers escaped from their beds. 

Marital Problems - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 10

This forced Max and Helen to confront a situation that could cost them their lives. 

Who stepped in to help?

An Impasse - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 10

Meanwhile, Bloom had to put aside her pain to help a patient in need. 

Finally, Iggy was forced to come to terms with the issues in his marriage. 

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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Max: OK, listen to me, by the end of the week, you're going to have everything back, okay? Your department. Deputy medical director. In the meantime, there's your patients, the committees. We still need you here, okay? I-I need you here.
Helen: And what about what I need? Because I don't think I can find it at New Amsterdam.
Max: So what are you ... you're going to leave?
Helen: I'm looking for a reason to stay. And right now, I can't find one.

Max: If Brantley doesn't reinstate you immediately, then she can demote me too.
Helen: Max, I don't need you to fix this. I don't need you to threaten people. I just need some time to think.
Max: What is there to think about?
Helen: What am I still doing here?