Vikings Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Resurrection

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That was fun.

Vikings Season 6 Episode 9 moved the plot along swimmingly as the invasion of Scandinavia became a foregone conclusion. 

With action, scheming, and everything in between, it will go down as one of the best episodes of the series. 

Oleg and Katia - Vikings

Ivar is getting dangerously close to his plan coming to fruition. He's playing everyone against each other, and the surprise addition of Hvitserk is only going to complicate matters further. 

If you watch Vikings online, you know Hvitserk is the most unpredictable character on all of TV, so it's possible he will out Ivar's plan to overthrow Oleg. 

Where is Ivar? - Vikings Season 6 Episode 9

Hvitserk is not opposed to biting the hand that feeds him. He's been doing it pretty much since he first arrived on the series, and he needs to get some semblance of a comeuppance. 

Dir's spy telling Ivar about the plan in front of Hvitserk was the dumbest thing to happen on this series in some time.

Surely, that information should not have been for the ears of Ivar's untrustworthy brother. 

Aid: We cannot possibly resist them.
Bjorn: And yet we must resist them. We are not only fighting for ourselves but our Gods.

Then again, Dir is probably ecstatic at the prospect of getting his own back on Oleg, to the point that he's making some mistakes along the way.

He did look worse for wear the last time we laid eyes on him. 

Ivar and Hvitserk have had a complicated relationship. It was only a few episodes ago that Hvitserk was going on about finding and killing Ivar. 

The Hand of the King? - Vikings Season 6 Episode 9

What a difference being exiled from Kattegat makes. If Hvitserk does something that results in the takedown of Kattegat, then that falls on Bjorn and his stupid decisions. 

Even though Hvitserk was essentially high as a kite when killed Lagertha, he should still have been put down.

Exiling people from Kattegat is what got him into the predicament he's in right now. 

It's also possible Hvitserk will want to do something to take Ivar and Oleg down so that he can return to Kattegat and pledge his allegiance, but what he fails to realize is that Bjorn would probably tear him to shreds. 

Bjorn: Who are these people?
Helper: They are trying to invade our country -- and fast!

Ivar needs to decide which side he is truly on and stick it out. Changing his mind here and there is what will be his undoing. He didn't look too thrilled about Oleg announcing he will bring an end to the Pagan Gods. 

Oleg Cleans Blood - Vikings Season 6 Episode 1

The army is huge, but we don't know how many people King Harald has at his disposal. The stupid thing here is that everyone is underestimating just how crazy Oleg is. 

They think he will wait until winter is over to send his army to do his bidding. Yet, Oleg is gearing up for the takedown right now.

The element of surprise is the best foot forward in war, and it will be satisfying to see the smiles wiped from King Harald's face when he realizes this. 

When people are put in a position of power, it generally signals a regime change, and Harald wanted to make his mark as King. He went from prison to power, and he let the power go to his head. 

Olaf stepping out of the shadows to throw in his two cents was unsurprising. He has been earmarked for death ever since he tried to get Bjorn in power. 

Bjorn is Mad - Vikings Season 6 Episode 9

Harald is going to need all the allies he can get when the war kicks off, but the way he flippantly said he would ally with Bjorn was frustrating. He's lying to make sure his people are safe and will kill Bjorn the moment he gets the chance. 

I'm conflicted about Bjorn. He has failed as a leader because his decision-making skills have all but disappeared.

He cared more about wedding Ingrid than strategically planning a way for the people of Kattegat to survive. 

That says a lot about who he has become, and it seems Gunnhild is starting to realize he has changed for the worse. Letting Ingrid into her life was the only way to ensure that Bjorn would be a father to his child. 

What Gunnhild wanted was for Bjorn to reassure her that they were still golden, even if he was marrying someone else. The way Bjorn kissed Gunnhild's stomach before leaving to consummate his marriage with Ingrid was upsetting for Gunnhild. 

An Upset Gunnhild - Vikings Season 6 Episode 9

He showed zero emotion toward her. It was all about the child and Ingrid.

Bjorn does not seem to like Gunnhild romantically anymore. People grow out of love sometimes, and relationships require a lot of work. 

It can't be one-sided, but Bjorn has mostly turned his back on Gunnhild, and he will likely do that for good once she gives birth to their child. 

Speaking of birthing a child, did anyone think Torvi was going to die? There was a lot foreshadowing, especially with her deceased son showing up, seemingly to help his mother travel to Valhalla. 

However, it was all over within a matter of scenes, and she pulled through. Despite wanting to sacrifice herself to help Lagertha to Valhalla, Torvi wanted to live to bring young Ragnar into the world. 

Wedding Time - Vikings Season 6 Episode 9

The adventure in Iceland is not going to end well now that Ubbe knows that the mysterious arrival was praying to a Catholic God.

Ubbe needs to understand that he and Torvi are outnumbered in this new land, and inflicting views on people in public settings will come back to bite him. 

What did you think of all the latest action? Will Oleg attack in the Winter? Do you think Bjorn is making terrible decisions?

Hit the comments below. 

Vikings continues Wednesdays at 10/9c on History. 

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