This Is Us Round Table: What Did Randall See?

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Toby and Kate had a serious conversation, Kevin searched for romance, and Randall came home after going to the doctor with Rebecca to find... someone or something in the kitchen.

Our TV Fanatics Christine OrlandoMariha Morales, and Jack Ori discuss what Randall saw, why Kevin keeps attracting the wrong women, and everything else that happened on This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10.

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What was up with Randall in that last scene? Do you think he actually saw an intruder or was that a hallucination or some other sign he was having a breakdown?

Christine: Given that the promo showed that Randall has a history of scary dreams when he’s under stress, I’m hoping this is just his fear for Rebecca manifesting itself in his subconscious as something he can fight. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a breakdown, per se.

If it’s actually an intruder with a knife, well that’s just freaking scary!

Mariha: There is definitely an intruder! Given the fact that Randall is a politician, you'd think he'd have better security.

I'm not sure if he recognizes who the intruder is, but I cannot wait to see how this will play out.

Randall Supports Rebecca - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10

They do live in Philadelphia, so I was waiting if there would be an element like this introduced.

Jack: I was shocked by this scene. I expected Randall to have a panic attack, not whatever this is.

I think it's a dream or a hallucination, though. Something about the way he talked to the intruder in the promo made me think he was talking to someone no one else could see.

Sophie tried to call Kevin. React!

Christine: I don’t even know what to think.

I’ve always liked Sophie, and thus far she’s been Kevin’s one true love, but they’ve had a very rocky past.

If they do bring her back into Kevin’s life again, I hope that this time it’s for keeps.

Mariha: Kevin's relationships/love interests are all over the place. I truly cannot remember all the women he's been connected to on this show.

Sophie and Kevin have such a history, so in a way seeing them come back to each other would be great.

But I honestly still hold a torch for Kevin and Zoey. He had so many great breakthroughs with her.

Searching for Romance - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10

Sophie would make sense, though, because in a few months Kevin is engaged and pregnant, and to make that big of a leap, he would have to know and love the woman.

Jack: Honestly, my first reaction was WHYYYY?

I feel the Sophie relationship has run its course. I don't like it when relationships go in circles and the people break up and find their way back to each other a billion times, and Kevin and Sophie ended in a good place last time they ran into each other. So let's keep it that way.

But I'll take Kevin with Sophie if, as Christine said, it's for keeps. And also if Nicky gets to put his two cents in about it. I missed him this week.

Do you think Toby and Kate's conversation about his discomfort with baby Jack's disability helped clear the air so they can move forward, or will they continue to have serious problems?

Christine: I think Toby’s feelings are valid and it was good that he finally shared them.

He's mourning all of the “normal” things he planned to do with his son, and he’s been hiding it because he doesn’t want to steal Kate’s joy.

But I hope these two learn how to communicate and accept one another’s feelings without getting angry or disappointed because if they can’t, they're going to have a rough road ahead.

Mariha: The problems are just getting started.

Their conversation was hard to watch. Though Toby's feelings are completely understandable, it was devastating for Kate to hear. I'm sure at that moment she wished he was cheating.

Meeting His Crossfit Buddies - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10

Jack: I think this was a good beginning. This was an honest conversation that needed to be had if these two are ever going to move forward.

But I think these two need to see a couples counselor!

Their communication problems, Kate's insecurities, and Toby's tendency to withdraw so he won't upset her are all unhealthy and are going to cause a lot more problems if something doesn't change.

Why does Kevin keep attracting married or semi-married women?

Christine: Kevin is a handsome, talented, rich, celebrity and that’s going to attract all kinds of people.

Plus, Kevin goes "all in" pretty quickly because he’s so desperate to create a romance for the ages like the one he believes his parents had. If he’d hang back and let things evolve slowly, he’d probably avoid a lot of these situations

Mariha: Great question! That has been a theme this season, even with Sophie. I'm a believer in putting out vibes. Kevin is so desperate for marriage and kids that he is putting out the "please come settle down with me" vibe.

I guess only women who are already married are hearing the call.

Jack: LOL Mariha! Or he's not paying attention to the women in his life who are available. I agree with all of the above. Kevin is too desperate, and I think it comes from his idealized idea of Jack and Rebecca's marriage -- which was anything but perfect.

It was interesting that he noticed Lizzie when he decided not to try so hard to meet women. But if he hadn't been so convinced that meant she was "the one," he would have slowed down and learned she wasn't available before he took her on an extravagant date.

Rebecca and Her Mom - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10

Were you surprised that Janet was supportive of Rebecca's interest in Jack? Why or why not?

Christine: A little. Janet chose someone who could give her a certain life because that was important to her, but she obviously loves her daughter and wants her to be happy.

Still, I don’t believe Janet and Jack ever had an easy relationship given he never “made it” financially in a way I’m sure Janet hoped he would. 

Mariha: Yes! We have never seen that side of her -- the mom with a good pep talk.

Though for Rebecca to be such a great Mom, she must have had a semi-decent example.

I think though her mother loves her father, she made the safe choice. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a Jack of her own she passed on.

Jack: I was completely floored.

I thought both Janet and Dave were elitists who didn't think a working-class guy like Jack was good enough for their little girl.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Janet had it in her to support Rebecca and Jack's relationship, even though it wasn't what she would have chosen for her daughter.

What was your favorite scene, quote, or storyline from this week's This Is Us?

Christine: I liked Miguel calling out Randall for taking over Rebecca’s care, “With due respect, Randall, you’re just being Randall.”

Randall Goes to LA - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10

In the end, Randall was right, and Rebecca is having cognitive problems, but I felt for Miguel.

It’s more difficult to see the changes day in and day out because they come on so gradually, and it’s easier to come up with “reasonable” excuses for them.

Secondly, I loved it when Kate told Toby:

When you tell me something, I believe you, cause that's how we roll.


That gave me a lot of hope for the future of their relationship.

Tess Checks Her Phone - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10

Mariha: All the scenes with Miguel and Randall got to me. Though there was tension, you could tell how scared they were.

Rebecca's story about being an early riser was also sweet but sad because, eventually, she will blur the details until its forgotten.

Jack: Everything having to do with Rebecca's diagnosis was great, but what got me most was the scene in the doctor's office where she tried to rationalize her performance on the memory tests.

It can't be easy to hear something like this, especially when the doctor couldn't give her a prognosis.

Your turn, This Is Us fanatics.

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

When you tell me something, I believe you, cause that's how we roll.


Thanksgiving may be over, but one thing I'm grateful for is how good a traveler Jack is, unlike the screamer in Row Eight.