Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11 Review: The Phantom of Bonny Scot

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Can a dream sequence be considered a cold open? Because there was definitely a lot of action in the first minute of Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11.

To symbolize the complicated love triangle in Nancy's life, the episode begins with Nancy kissing Owen, who eventually transforms into Nick. 

Talk about a shocker.

Drewvin - Tall - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11

But is this triangle beginning to turn into a square? Although the plot moved along nicely, the spotlight seemed to shine on the current and possible romances being explored on the show.

Nancy's feelings about both Owen and Nick are causing some confusion.

The best and worst part about it is that there is no bad choice in this situation. Both men are standup guys who have strong morals and values.

Bess: Guess he's not endgame after all.
Nancy: I am only disappointed because of the task at hand.
Bess: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

The much-anticipated kiss between Nancy and Owen was magical, and for one moment, it seemed as though we may finally be getting somewhere. The light shining through behind them was a beautiful visual that seemed to further intensify the scene and their connection.

But Nancy's question to Owen, as well as her response to his answer, was perplexing. 

Detective Drew - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11

Nancy seemed to be a bit turned off when Owen admitted that he was unsure if he would have turned in Bashiir to get justice for his uncle. 

But wasn't Nancy unsure, as well? Wasn't she also debating whether or not getting her father out of jail was worth hurting someone else?

Everett: Find out what Owen thinks he has.
Nancy: Don't you have people who usually do this kind of stuff for you?
Everett: Yes, I do. And he's in jail. You want my help getting him out, or not?

Nancy has been involved in her fair share of morally grey feats. 

It's okay to be unsure. The decisions these characters are forced to contend with are never easy. What matters is what they choose to do at the end of the day. 

Nancy solved the problem before Owen could make that choice, and while we can never know for sure what he would have done, his past actions lead me to believe that he would have done the right thing. 

Side Eye - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11

Letting the coins go in the first place is proof of that. 

There seemed to be a lot left unspoken between them, and it was almost as if the scene served as an implication that Nancy and Owen have different morals.

However, that simply doesn't match up with what we've seen so far, and regardless of where Nancy's relationship with Owen goes, hopefully, this won't be used as a gateway to villainize such a heartfelt character. 

Some people are selfless and kind, and that's the end of it. There doesn't always need to be a catch. 

As I mentioned earlier, the love triangle seems to be changing shapes. There are still unresolved feelings between Nancy and Nick, but could Nick be developing feelings for someone else, as well?

Nick: I live for your tuna melts.
George: Pretty sad.

Ever since Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 6, Nick and George have slowly started to become each other's confidants. Nick has made it clear throughout the series that he needs someone who opens up to him and someone who he can open up to in return.

It's undeniable that George is now that person. 

The budding friendship between them has been steadily interwoven throughout Nancy Drew Season 1. It's something that wasn't heavily emphasized, but was created organically. 

Celia Hudson - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11

The nature of their relationship has always been left up to interpretation, but there was a moment or two during "The Phantom of Bonny Scot" that they seemed to pick up on something more between them. 

Nick: Were you up all night? I didn't know you were going to keep working.
George: You didn't ask. You just left. I'm good.
Nick: Are we good?
George: Sure. I just have a lot to get done.
Nick: Hey, don't push me away just because I want to help.

Strangers to friends to lovers is a TV trope I've always found myself drawn to. While there's no arguing that there are sparks between Nick and Nancy, it feels as if the audience missed a big part of their development.

Family Dinner - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11

Watching two characters get to know each other throughout a series before beginning a romance is often much more rewarding than them starting together.

It may be too early to say, but as far as romances go, the one budding between Nick and George may be my favorite.

Nick: Our party was a hit. You and I make a great team.
George: Well, I did most of the work. So...
Nick: And that's why I need you. What do you say?

Now that the two are going to be co-owning The Claw, we'll continue to see them work as a team and grow in their friendship.

My favorite overall relationship continues to be the one between Nancy and her dad. 

Nancy went from accusing her father of murder to trusting him completely. Everyone else may be against him, but she has her father's back. 

Carson: Please, let this go.
Nancy: You know me better than that.

We should have known better than to think Nancy's plan was so cut and dry the moment she showed up to speak to Everett.

Yes, she would have gotten her father out of prison and given Bashiir a new start, but she also would have allowed the Hudsons to get away with mass murder. 

Ryan and George - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11

Nancy has a strong sense of justice, and that's not something she would want on her conscience. 

Maybe a good person does their best to help as many people as possible. And I've seen your best, Nancy. There is nothing like it.


Lisbeth marching into the Hudson house with a flock of officers behind her was the most badass moment of the hour. The opening scene aside, it was also the most shocking. 

By making Lisbeth a cop, the series has found a way to integrate her into the story outside of her relationship with Bess. We hope she sticks around for a long time because while her storyline brings a lot to the show, she's a fantastic character, in general. 

Fitting In - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11

Bess and Lisbeth are, by far, the most stable couple on the series at the moment, and the scene between them at the end was beautiful and well-earned. 

Admitting that she's falling in love with Lisbeth is a significant step in the right direction for Bess. After years of keeping everyone at arm's length, she's finally able to be completely vulnerable with another person. 

It's hard not to spend a majority of the time talking about the characters' relationships because they truly were front and center this episode. 

Their ties to each other pushed each storyline along, and those ties also caused conflict. 

And if Celia Hudson's ominous phone call was any indication, it's clear that the conflict is far from over. 

Priorities  - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11

If anything happens to Nancy's dad so soon after they reconciled, it could be impossible for Nancy to overcome it. 

Not only has Nancy already lost one parent, but her notebook is the reason her father ended up in prison in the first place. Nancy tends to put the weight of the world on her shoulders, and if her dad gets hurt, she'll likely blame herself. 

There's no stopping Nancy Drew, but there's definitely no stopping Nancy Drew if you come after someone she cares about. 

Celia, maybe you should rethink that plan of yours. Nancy knows how to send a message, too.

Nancy and Everett - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11

Stray Thoughts:

  • Where was Ace? He's been missing from far too many episodes for our liking.
  • I was wondering if Bess gave up the accent altogether or if the series simply dropped it, but Lisbeth convinced Bess to embrace her authenticity in what was a truly adorable moment.
  • Basiir's entire situation was haunting. No pun intended. Being forced to relive a tragedy like that seems unimaginable. Kudos to Nancy for finding a way to help everyone. 
  • We now have proof that the Bonny Scot sinking wasn't an accident. That's one of the few things we did see coming. 
  • Ryan Hudson is becoming more and more irrelevant. Can he and George just have no contact at all?

It's your turn, Nancy Drew fans!

What did you think of "The Phantom of Bonny Scot?" 

Hit the comments section down below and let us know your thoughts and predictions! 

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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Everett: Find out what Owen thinks he has.
Nancy: Don't you have people who usually do this kind of stuff for you?
Everett: Yes, I do. And he's in jail. You want my help getting him out, or not?

Carson: Please, let this go.
Nancy: You know me better than that.