Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Daylight

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Callie is back at the Coterie!

But by the end of Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 13, we saw it was too late.

Isabella, or as I call her "Callie-Lite" has thrown a wrench in the Adams Foster sisters burying the hatchet.

Isabella  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 13

Isabella is already a nuisance with zero effort because of what she represents and how she came into our lives.

So let's start with how she came into the picture because of Gael.

He's a struggling artist, so Alice should start paying him commission or a finder's fee for enticing pretty women to join the Coterie with the power of his beautiful smile and luscious curls.

Delivery Man  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 13

Gael is so pretty; it goes without saying, so maybe one day he'll get a consistent story arc that doesn't pertain to his disastrous relationships with other people.

Gael the devoted but flawed brother? It's quality content. But it's also an arc the series only seems to touch on for those installments when Hailie Sahar is available.

Gael: You're very beautiful.
Isabella: You are too.
Gael: I just got out of something.
Isabella: It could just be fun.
Gael: I'm not even sure I'm definitely out of it, not even totally over it.

Outside of it, Gael's messy romantic entanglements reign supreme, and there can be so much more to his character than the latest person who enters his life as a romantic interest and upends it.

As it stands, when he's not in the installments, he's not exactly missed because of his lack of pressing or intriguing arcs.

Seduction  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 13

He has taken on some side jobs to make ends meet, and it's how he met Isabella.

The girl is parched, and you have to give her props for putting herself all the way out there and pursuing Gael.

Last time I hooked up for someone just for fun, it kinda messed with my head.


But Gael isn't interested in getting involved with anyone right now. He let her down easily by speaking about his past relationships, and it was hard to tell if he was talking about Elijah, Callie, or both.

Elijah wasn't around long enough or had the type of winsome presence of Isaac, or Jamie, or even Sumi to have convincingly given off that Gael would be utterly heartbroken for a bit after his departure. We barely saw Elijah, and we don't get nearly enough Gael.

Giving Love a Break - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 13

And it remains unclear if and why Gael would still be hung up on Callie.

But Gael turning Isabella down isn't as much of a relief as one would think. It's evident he probably won't be able to resist her for long, and the show will at least play with the idea of Isabella pursuing Gael and being everything in the Coterie that Callie was or didn't succeed at being.

It seems outside of his moments with Jazmin, they don't know what to do with Gael, outside of maybe placing him on idle until Callie and Jamie's relationship implodes.

Broody Artist - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 13

Alice successfully put a grenade into the potential Sumi and Lindsay relationship.

Alice has power moves! Who knew our girl can play chess when everyone else is playing checkers?

Exes shouldn't date their ex's friends.


Her sweet and awkward disposition can throw you off. For the entire hour, it seemed as though she was fumbling through trying to keep Sumi and Lindsay apart, but her execution was masterful.

By the time she was done moving the pieces into play, she mind f*cked Sumi into thinking SHE was the one who decided to not date friends of exes.

Sumi's In Love - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 12

For some reason, it never registered that Sumi lives at the Coterie too. But Alice knows her ex-girlfriend better than anyone, and she expertly put the kibosh on any future Lindsay and Sumi loving before Sumi could "Sumi shit up."

And she might have also got Sumi back together with her ex too. We'll have to see.

Alice: OK, so I don't want my ex dating my mentor. You know Sumi is just going to --
Davia: Sumi shit up?
Alice: Exactly.

But there's more to Alice freaking out about Sumi dating Lindsay. At some point, Alice has to face that she has developed feelings for Lindsay.

And Davia had to face that she has a lot to learn about coexisting with people of color.

Not Good, Just Trouble - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 10

Maybe I was premature in my criticism of Davia's storyline on Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 12.

It seems the show does intend to expand on Davia's lack of social consciousness.

She's not a bad person for being aloof or unaware of why being "color-blind" is not as ideal as people believe, and making her close to POC shows that it isn't about calling someone a bigot and writing them off.

Anyone can be as naive and aloof as Davia.

Davia Has Trouble - Tall - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 2

She didn't realize that her dance routine would seem appropriative, and in her defense, had she not had previous issues, it wouldn't have come across that way.

The line between cultural appropriation and appreciation is a blurry one. Half the time you can't even get a specific community to agree on which is which with some matters.

Davia: I was just trying to teach the kids material they could relate to. I didn't realize I was appropriating black culture, or whatever.
Malika: Well, you might have asked me.
Davia: You told me it wasn't your job to educate your white friends about race.
Malika: I also told you to read some books.
Davia: Lesson learned. I'm just going to stay in my own lane from now on.
Malika: That wasn't the lesson.
Davia: You know what is the lesson, Malika? I try, they make fun of me. You make fun of me. I'm not racist, OK? I'm a good person, and I have feelings too.

She's having a hard time connecting with a class filled with minority kids who have already been labeled, and part of the problem is that she came into the situation already thinking they were problem kids, and they have responded to her as another person writing them off.

Davia is exhaustive; there's no getting around it. And when Malika gave her a book titled "White Fragility," it showed maybe the series is aware of why Davia grates after all.

Beautiful Influencer - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 2

She once again came home and made herself the victim. She doesn't even realize how much she does it.

And yeah, she had some tough experiences growing up, but that's what makes her insensitive, unsympathetic behavior to others so annoying.

Davia: I am so sorry that they did that to you.
Andre: Them? You're the one who sent me to the principal's office, more than once. You're the reason I'm in this bullshit program.

She wants her issues to be taken into account when it means justifying and excusing her words, actions, and behavior.

It's hard to constantly sympathize with someone who rarely extends the same. She doesn't know how to step into someone else's shoes to better understand them.

Planning Protest - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 7

It's something Malika has tried to tell her before, and when she mentioned it again, Davia got upset and stormed out of the room.

Malika and Andre are coming from a similar place where they don't want to simply tell Davia things about race. They want her to take some initiative of her own.

Malika gave her a book, and Davia tossed it aside. But maybe if she read it then, she would understand how constantly sending Andre to the office rather than taking the time to understand him did more damage than good.

Andre was frustrating. He knew about his juvenile probation, and he still chose to disrupt Davia's class anyway. He knew she would react, but he kept up with his behavior anyway.

But security came and roughed Andre up and gave him a strike for something as simple as having a marker.

And after witnessing how he was goaded, harassed, and treated, all Davia could say is that she's color-blind.

Davia: I'm sorry, but I don't know how to teach kids who don't want to be taught.
Andre: You mean black kids.
Davia: In my classroom, I don't see color. I'm color-blind.
Andre: Yeah, well that's your problem.

And she meant well by saying that, but in proudly professing that she doesn't see color, it means that she can't see the injustices and bigotry those of color face.

It means that she's disregarding their experiences. Because while she seemingly lives in a colorless world, the rest of the world does not.

Concerned Friend - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 13

And not everyone has the luxury of not being reminded that color and how people respond to it exists. Also, it's nothing wrong with all the colors, you should want to see them. It's part of what makes the world diverse and beautiful.

Seeing color isn't the issue; how people treat each other because of that color is the issue that has to be addressed.

And maybe Davia is coming around to that now. Malika didn't mind helping and talking things through with her, but she was only expecting that Davia meets her halfway.

Malika won't be around to help Davia if the city attorney has her way.

Malika's First Assignment  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 8

Wilson dropped the charges against her, but the city attorney is going through with them and wants to make an example out of Malika.

Malika's plea deal didn't seem so bad if she wanted the best possible outcome. If Wilson dropped the charges against Malika, then how exactly does the court fare dragging her through proceedings?

Malika: So I have decided for myself and my family to take the deal. I can handle a couple of weeks in jail. And then I'm not facing a possible felony charge.
Lawyer: I think this is the right move, but they've added a new condition, taking this plea would mean you can no longer attend public meetings or public protests outside of buildings.
Malika: For how long?
Lawyer: For as long as you live in Los Angeles county.

It's designed to make them look like they have a vendetta against the movement and a group of people.

Depending on whichever agenda is being peddled, you would think it looks worse dragging a first time offender through all of this when even the person directly affected by her actions won't press charges against her.

Way to prove the exact point the movement is making about the disproportionate sentencing and selective punishment for people of color versus others.

A Disruption  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 8

Malika's conversations with her father are some of the best since he has firsthand knowledge of what it's like to spend time in prison because of his activism.

He regrets being apart from his family for so many years, so, interestingly, he comes from this place. He and Malika are in different places in their activism.

This work, it's not just what I want to do, it's what I need to do. For my family and for all the families that suffer in a system that gives them no power and no help. You know what? I won't let them break me or silence me. I will take my chances in trial.


It's cool that they cleared up that the BLM organizers didn't know about Malika's restraining order against Wilson. They were frustrated when they found out the truth since they spend a lot of time planning their protests to guarantee they don't result in things like this.

They would've never put Malika at risk had they have known, but of course, Malika didn't know she was going to be protesting Wilson because of the organization's policy of not sharing all the details.

Leading the Charge - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 7

They have her back, and if she doesn't get sent to jail, she has an actual paying job waiting for her as an organizer. It's her dream come true.

She was petrified of possibly going to jail though. It had her reaching out to Callie, and while the two of them have some similar traits, it's annoying that Malika only reaches out to Callie when she needs something.

Malika: What should I do?
Malika's Dad: There is a huge difference between a month of your life and a year?
Malika: This is harassment.
Malika's Dad: You're a black woman. There are ways for this DA to stack a jury against you.

She put Callie's job at risk, and she also was part of the group of women making fun of Callie. But Callie keeps showing up whenever Malika calls.

One day the friendships will be more balanced, but it's not anytime soon.

Kindred Spirits - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 2

Malika's initial deal was reasonable. She could be sentenced to a month in jail, but with the high rate of arrests and overcrowding in LA, she'd be out within a couple of weeks. Hell, maybe shorter than that.

But then they got greedy and demanded that she not participate in the movement anymore. If that isn't the definition of trying to silence someone, then what is?

It's a deliberate attempt to impugn on her rights, and again, proving what the movement is protesting in the first place. It's probably best she didn't take the deal after the addition of that caveat.

Malika's New Job - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 7

Malika is willing to risk it all now, and she has a renewed vigor for the cause. I'm rooting for her. If she gets sent to jail, it would be a surprise.

The little reminders of how Callie and Malika get along might come in handy if Callie wants to stay at the Coterie.

Callie: Hey, um, can we talk?
Isabella: If you're looking for Mariana, she's not home yet. I'm her new roommate Isabella.

She's going to need to stay with someone since Callie Lite is with Mariana now.

Callie choosing to move back to the Coterie was the smartest thing she could've done. She and Jamie can't be in the same apartment when they're working on the case.

A New Move  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 13

Jamie is a decent guy, but he's not without his flaws. Has Jamie met Callie? He should've known that suggesting she back away from the housing case was dumb and pointless.

Callie doesn't back down from her crusades for anyone. In this case, she shouldn't have to anyway.

Jamie: I, uh, I don't want this to sound how it's going to sound: I think I have more to lose here than you do.

And Jamie even mentioning it wreaked of sexism, and he knew it too. He's attempting to be practical, and he indeed has more to lose here, but it doesn't mean Callie should back down from what she's doing either.

The solution was always for Callie to move out. It wasn't a break-up, but Jamie shouldn't back down from representing a client that will set him down the path toward partner, which is something he's aspiring to be, and Callie should enjoy her participation on a case doing something she loves.

Conflict of Interest  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 13

Callie and Jamie continue to challenge each other as a couple.

Mariana and Evan challenge each other too.

I'm going to move back in with Mariana.


Thankfully, Mariana let Evan have it about his plan that included tanking her app. It was a crappy plan, and she let him know that it wasn't her job to make things easier for him.

Mariana and Evan's fallouts are reminiscent of an actual couple, and my facial expression was no different than Mariana's colleague when she and Evan were texting back and forth not so discreetly.

Fighting the Power - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 11

Mariana was angry and desperate enough to consider accusing Evan of sexual harassment to gain leverage over Kendra and avoid getting fired.

From a ruthless business perspective, it was smart. She was right about the board never getting rid of Evan.

Kendra: I'm putting you back on your app immediately.
Mariana: Is this like a trick?
Kendra: No, Mariana. We don't want to lose a talented engineer.

They swept Amanda's sexual harassment claims under the rug and paid her out, which I'm gathering is what she was looking for in the first place.

But Mariana doing that would go against everything Byte club was working for and trying to prove. It also would've been a despicable thing to do to Evan, who is her boss and friend, whether they fight or not.

Evan's Bestie - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 8

On top of that, it would've been premature. She was operating under the assumption that Kendra was firing her.

Regardless of what Kendra said about interviewing other women and people of color so that they could avoid a PR nightmare, it still wouldn't have helped the company to fire the women and minorities who were actively fighting to get equal wages at Speckulate.

The board knew that, so they backed out of their initial plan.

Evan's New Look - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 8

Also, they would've kicked Mariana out and still wanted to use her app.

But the board also had a change of heart because of Evan's decision to go public with the company. It was something he refused to do before. If he went public, he would have to open the company to shareholders too.

He was already trying to get rid of the board so he wouldn't have to answer to any of them, so they last thing he wanted was to deal with shareholders.

Evan: I'm sorry. I regret that. I will do better.
Mariana: Did you take Speckulate public so I could keep my job?
Evan: I did what I had to do.
Mariana: Now you'll have to answer to shareholders, and all they care about is you making money.
Evan: I messed this company up, so it's time that I fix it.
Mariana: If I just leave, then you can still fix it. You can do any of that--
Evan: I don't want to lose you! You're .. a talented engineer, and I can't afford to have the competiton come in and scoop you up.

However, he admitted that the issues with Speculate were his fault. He's responsible for them, and it was his job to fix them. He made the company public to do the right thing and also to make it up to Mariana and save her job. He didn't want to lose her.

It's not a doubt that Raj and Mariana are an adorable couple. It's refreshing to have a non-white interracial couple on television. They're rarer than the typical interracial ones involving white people.

Maraj Kiss - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 13

And we've discussed at length how amazing it is to have an Asian-American man as a love interest. Raj is such a good guy.

But damn if Mariana and Evan aren't irresistible. You almost want to kick yourself for finding them so pleasing when there are so many reasons why they shouldn't be a thing.

Evan gave up all of this to avoid losing Mariana. He cleaned it up by saying it was only because of her skills as one of the best engineers at the company, but he does have feelings for Mariana.

Work Date or Date Date?  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 5

He can't hide them. And from what we've seen, she's the closest friend he has, and she doesn't treat or see him as the wealthy man with social anxiety. She sees him for who he is, and he's drawn to that.

Rumors have already circulated about them, and they probably aren't going to stop. Now, Raj has seen them on the rooftop together talking, and he probably heard Evan's admission too.

Callie: Hey, um, can we talk?
Isabella: If you're looking for Mariana, she's not home yet. I'm her new roommate Isabella.

It's all so messy, and while love triangles can be the bane of my existence, Mariana and both of these men are so enjoyable to watch.

Mariana has her app back, and fair wages are implemented at Speckulate now. It's a win for her. But for how long?

A Relationship is Tested - Good Trouble

Over to you, Good Trouble Fanatics. What is your first impression of Isabella? Did Callie do the right thing moving back into the Coterie? Will Malika go to jail? Do you think Davia has a lot to learn about being socially aware of others?

Do you think this is the last of Mariana's issues at Speckulate? Hit the comments below!

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Jamie: You can take yourself off the lawsuit.
Callie: Yeah, or you can take yourself off the Anwei account.

I'm going to move back in with Mariana.