Dare Me Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Mutually Assured Destruction

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Colette French doesn't know what she wants. 

Dare Me Season 1 Episode 2 saw her flip-flop back and forth between what she perceived as doing the right thing versus following her heart. 

And while she went back and forth, she put her trust in Addy and Beth to keep their mouths shut about what they saw. 

Beth Looks Serious - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 2

Naturally, Colette didn't want all of her business blasted all over the place, and she implored Beth and Addy to keep her secret. 

She invoked a lot of coach speech, mentioning being part of a team and such, and it fell on deaf ears as far as Beth was concerned. 

It was surprising that Colette took such a somber approach to such a huge predicament. She and Beth haven't gotten along since the moment Colette stepped foot in the gym, yet there was no sense of urgency to keeping Beth quiet. 

Colette already knows that she has Addy in her back pocket, but Beth is a wildcard. 

Keeping a Secret Safe - Dare Me

Then again, Colette might have acted a bit differently had she known there was video proof of her indiscretion. 

The fractures between Addy and Beth widened during this hour, as Addy repeatedly questioned Beth in regards to the video. 

Beth's continual joking about the incident and the video roused Addy's suspicions, and it made sense for her to question Beth, but taking her phone was a step too far. 

For starters, Addy took the phone right after Beth had handed it to her and practically dared her to snoop through it. Beth is smart enough to put two and two together and deduce that Addy took the phone. 

Sarge Will - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 2

And Addy doesn't exactly have the best poker face. 

There needs to be some more backstory to Beth and Addy's friendship because, right now, it's hard to care much. Neither one is particularly likable, especially Beth, and their relationship feels very one-note. 

How did they become best friends? What do they have in common besides cheerleading? Basically, why should we care about these two?

Beth has co-dependency issues more than likely stemming from her home life, while Addy's in her world of just wanting better for herself, whatever that means. 

Again, it's early in the series run, so perhaps these questions will be answered along the way, but for now, there's a disconnect between the audience and what appears to be the central relationship. 

Colette and Will's relationship came into focus more now that we know there's history there. 

Will speaks about Colette so glowingly, and you can tell that whatever ultimately drove them apart is something he seriously regrets. 

And Colette is at a very real crossroads with Will and Matt on opposite sides. 

A Look In The Mirror - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 2

Matt doesn't seem like a bad guy at all, but he's presented as work-obsessed and less than attentive. But while he appears to love Colette and she him, there's something drawing her back to Will. 

The fact that it is Addy who pushes her back to Will is interesting, and the three have a weird dynamic between them. 

Colette probably sees a little of herself in Addy, while Addy sees the person she wants to be in Colette. Then there's Will, who actually seems like a decent human being that's getting in over his head. 

The flashforward involved a tremendous amount of blood and a pair of white shoes, which we know Addy, Beth, and Colette all own.

Unimpressed Addy - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 2

And what's that adage about good guys finishing last? Is it possible that Will is the one who's lost an enormous amount of blood in the near future?

It's too soon to be making those kinds of bold predictions, but the mystery in the future is by far the most interesting thing about the series thus far. 

Odds and Ends

  • Aside from a kid mockingly firing a gun with his hands, Beth's antics in the woods haven't been deemed a big deal in the halls of Sutton Grove High School. 
  • The ridiculousness of Beth and Riri's cheer at the local watering hole can't adequately be expressed in words. And once again, it's another episode where underage kids just casually hang out in bars.
Beth Smirks - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 2
  • I'm not sure how Beth was able to get such a clear, long video of Colette and Will, but she got it, and there is zero chance she doesn't leak it at some point. Could the video be the catalyst for murder?
  • How old was the guy Beth picked up at the bar? He had to be at least 30, right?
  • Jordy Jones feels like deep down he's a good person who thinks he has to be some kind of badass to get Addy to like him, and it's all just sad. 
  • It's crazy to think that with all of the craziness of this world, the one thing I can't get past is Bert Cassidy moving ACROSS THE STREET from his daughter and ex-wife to start a new life with his mistress and new child. 

Things are moving rather slowly, but there's still time for the drama and action to kick up. 

Somber Colette - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 2

What storylines are you guys most interested in?

What is Beth going to do with the video? 

Should Tacy really be top girl?

Make sure you hit the comment section down below and tell me all your thoughts about the latest installment.

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Mutually Assured Destruction Review

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Dare Me Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Addy: Not everything is a game.
Beth: But it could be.

Beth: I was right, ya know.
Addy: Right?
Beth: She's a liar. And a cheater. And an appallingly bad one.