Titans Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Deathstroke

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That was a whole lot of fun. 

Deathstroke had the Titans by the jugular on Titans Season 2 Episode 5, and it resulted in the best episode of the series. 

It was a thrilling installment that successfully set up the rest of Titans Season 2. Seriously though, we need Titans Season 2 Episode 6 like right now!

Deathstroke Strikes - Titans

Esai Morales has been phenomenal as the coldhearted character that is Deathstroke. The villain is back, and ready to go to any lengths necessary to prove to the Titans that he's the one they should have taken down for good all those years ago. 

Jason's possible death was executed very well. It kept me guessing right up until the final scene, and it was difficult not to gasp when he dropped.

Jason in Trouble  - Titans Season 2 Episode 5

He's an annoying character, and despite what I said about him before, I started to root for him during "Deathstroke."

Donna: Hank, did you find anything?
Hank: Do rats the size of my head count?
Dawn: Stay positive, Hank.
Hank: I got dragged out of bed to trudge through sewer water 'cause dip-shit decided to go off half-cocked.

Even when faced with death, he was still firing the witty remarks at both Dr. Light and Deathstroke. It takes a special kind of courage to bash the people who could kill you. 

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Maybe Jason knew Dick and the rest of the team would arrive at some point. Maybe not, but I have a whole lot more respect for Jason now. If he's dead, then he went out fighting right until the end. 

Rose: Get out of my way, Rachel.
Rachel: You don't have to run, Rose. Dick will make sure you're safe. I promise.
Rose: You've been nice to me, but I won't ask you twice.
Rachel: Rose, please.

Deathstroke bargaining Jason's life for Rose's was no surprise, but we don't fully know what he wants with his daughter.

Deathstroke is Here! - Titans Season 2 Episode 5

We're being led to believe he wants her dead, but there's a good chance it has something do with the way she came back from the dead. 

Might this suggest that Deathstroke himself can pull off a similar trick? It would suck for the Titans who want to put him down for good, but it would make for a comical scene. 

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Dick's plan to sacrifice himself was perfectly in line with what we've come to expect from him.

He had to feel somewhat responsible for Jason heading below the subway system to take the villains down. It came mere moments after Dick floored him. 

Kory Helps a Friend - Titans Season 2 Episode 5

Dick knew he had to make this move to secure the future of everyone who were part of the team.

He also felt worse knowing that he didn't fully make Gar, Rachel, and Jason aware of what happened with the previous team. 

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Dawn was right in her assessment that what Dick was doing by restarting the team was tempting fate. Dawn, Hank, and Donna witnessed how bad things got under the rule of Dick.

Hank: Look, I don't want to hurt you, kid.
Rose: Yeah, right.
[Rose hits Hank.]
Hank: Ow, that fucking hurt. Okay, fuck this.

They lost one of her their own, and Dawn worried that a similar fate would befall one of the younger generation. 

Having Dawn go against Dick was quite the surprise, but it showed how strongly she felt about what could be coming for them.

Dove Fights a Bad Guy - Titans Season 2 Episode 4

Whether she will change her stance if everyone survives, I don't know. But at least we have this to ponder until we get to that point. 

Kory joining in for the fight was unsurprising. She recognized that Dick was up to something the moment he said that half-assed goodbye to her. 

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Deathstroke seemed overpowered when Kory started using her powers to take him down, but nobody could bank on him throwing crap at her that would harm her. Where did that even come from?

When this is all said and done, Kory and Dick are probably going to wind up together. This will put everything into perspective for them, and that's a good thing.

Wonder Girl - Titans Season 2 Episode 4

Kory has been so consumed with her royal status that she's struggled to keep in contact with everyone. 

Rachel's powers are starting to get too much, and it made her lock horns with Gar. They have been friends since the get-go, but this introduced another layer to their relationship. They both said some horrible things during their spat. 

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But Rachel genuinely thought she had murdered Rose. It was quite the development to have her come back from the dead. However, this should help push Rachel to seek the help she needs. 

Hey, look, don't do this. We can talk, and like, have cookies and milk or something.


She runs the risk of losing everyone close to her and killing people she loves.

Dick Suits Back Up - Titans Season 2 Episode 4

It remains to be seen whether anyone will actually be able to help her or if it will be the case of her being forced to give in to her destiny. 

It would be cool if Rachel became a villain to the team at one point as a result of her rising strength, but it's hard to imagine her being killed off. There's always a loophole with these things. 

What did you think of all the twists and turns? Were you surprised Dr. Light died so soon?

Do you want Jason to live or die following that big drop? 

Should the Titans disband again?

Hit the comments below. 

Titans continues Fridays only on DC Universe. 

Deathstroke Review

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Titans Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Hey, look, don't do this. We can talk, and like, have cookies and milk or something.


Hank: Look, I don't want to hurt you, kid.
Rose: Yeah, right.
[Rose hits Hank.]
Hank: Ow, that fucking hurt. Okay, fuck this.