Riverdale Round Table: Is Jughead's New School Dangerous?

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Kevin met up with Fangs in secret, Reggie destroyed his father's car, and Veronica made a decision about her parents' criminal cases on Riverdale Season 4 Episode 2.

Below, TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey, Jasmine Peterson, Becca Newton, and Paul Dailly debate Mr. Honey's next step against Cheryl, Betty's decision to tell Kevin the truth, and Jughead's future at Stonewall Prep.

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Cheryl got revenge on Mr. Honey for calling the cops on her party. Do you think he will play ball or will he get revenge on her?

Meaghan: Oh, he is absolutely not going to cave to Cheryl and her threats. Mr. Honey came to play.

Can we also talk about how great it is to see Kerr Smith? As a fan since Dawson's Creek, I love seeing him in this role.

Your name may be “Honey,” but I will always be the queen bee. You have no power over me.
[Cheryl hair-flips and walks away]


Jasmine: Ha! Cheryl better grab a mitt because Mr. Honey is definitely going to play ball. She flipped her hair in his face and left a beehive on his desk. It's on!

I agree with Meaghan. Mr. Honey came to play and slay. And yes, it's so good to see Kerr Smith in this role. I adore him.

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Becca: It’s going to take more than a beehive to get Mr. Honey to back down, so the war between him and Cheryl is about to get even uglier.

Can I jump on the "Kerr Smith is great" bandwagon too? It's not just the Dawson's Creek nostalgia, I think his performance makes Mr. Honey more compelling than expected. 

Paul: Mr. Honey is not going to give up. He's here to play the game. Just look at the way he reacted to Veronica, Betty, Archie, and Jughead being late for school. He's a formidable foe.

Red Drink - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 2

Reggie stood up for himself to his father after Archie helped him. Will Reggie's relationship with his father get better or do you think Marty won't change?

Meaghan: I would love to see this be the end of Reggie's suffering, but I doubt that it is. In abusive relationships, they go through phases when everything is well, and the abuser is remorseful for their actions.

It is usually after this that something truly terrible happens. To say that I'm worried about Reggie is an understatement.

Jasmine: I completely agree with Meaghan. I'm more afraid of his well-being than ever before. It was such an antagonistic move on Reggie's part and risky. I feel like Marty either is temporarily remorseful or he's regrouping and preparing for something worse.

I'm also afraid Reggie is just as likely to do something to his father as his father is to him. I sense it won't end until one of them is seriously injured or dead.

Becca: Based on what we know about Marty, change is unlikely. Annoyingly though, the characters won’t be determining whether Reggie and Marty’s relationship improves. It comes down to whether the writers want to continue the story.

I think if it’s barely mentioned again, it’s safe to assume Reggie got through to his dad.

Paul: This storyline was a surprising one for Riverdale. The show usually veers into the heightened sense of reality, and this was a relatively grounded one. As for his relationship with his dad, it's possible. Reggie is ready to fight back.

Jughead accepted the opportunity to attend Stonewall Prep. Now that you've seen the prep school and heard FP's story, share your thoughts about the school.

Meaghan: I can see why Jughead would want to go there. Jughead has never really belonged at Southside High or Riverdale High. Stonewall can provide the intellectual stimulation that he craves and needs.

Watching him be bored to death by the English teacher droning on would have been enough for me to throw him out of Riverdale too, so I'm glad Betty put aside her sadness about him leaving and pushed him in the right direction.

Also, I am all here for Sam Witwer joining the cast. His presence is making me think there is something nefarious going on at the school though.

Jasmine: Jughead's plight was very familiar to me. He's not getting challenged at Riverdale High, so Stonewall Prep can provide the intellectual stimulation and opportunities he needs. On top of that, he's a legacy kid and can finish something his grandfather started.

The Jones men have a long history of life getting in the way of them living up to their potential, and FP always wanted better for Jughead. I like this for him, even though we all know it won't end well.

Sam Witwer has me excited. He plays creepy well, so I agree, something nefarious is around the corner with him. I cannot wait to see it.

Police Intervention - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 2

Becca: Stonewall is obviously a sinister place with illicit activities taking place. It’s a shame though because seeing Jughead's interest and participation at the literary salon was adorable—it gave me "early Rory Gilmore vibes" from Gilmore Girls.

For the sake of the character, I wish Stonewall could be a place that changes his life for the better instead of worse.

Paul: The school seems too good to be true. Are we going to learn that it has links to The Farm? That's all I got.

Party Night - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 2

Betty told Kevin the truth about Alice being undercover. Was this a bad decision or do you trust Kevin?

Meaghan: Awful. Kevin has shown that he still has loyalties to the cult. She is risking her mother's life by letting him in on the secret. Hopefully, I am wrong, and Kevin has overcome his brainwashing.

Charles: You betrayed Betty after she gave you a chance.
Kevin: Yeah, I wasn’t thinking clearly. I just wanted to see Fangs.
Charles: No, no, you wanted to trade information, so you could get back in the good graces of The Farm.
Kevin: No!
Charles: You’re still one of them.
Kevin: I’m not! I swear I’m not a part of anything. And you, Betty, you ignored me all summer. I understand, but I was alone. At least Fangs texted me back! He’s all I have!

Jasmine: It was the WORST decision. Betty, unless you're working an angle, what are you doing?!

Becca: Kevin isn’t currently trustworthy, but I trust Betty. Even when something blows up in her face, she can turn the situation around.

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Paul: My eyes widened to the point that they hurt when she pulled this move. Kevin had already proven to be the least trustworthy teen in Riverdale multiple times.

I get that he's blinded by his love for Fangs, but he's choosing him over his best friend.

Jellybean's New Life - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 2

Veronica is applying to universities under Hermione's maiden name. Do you think Hiram will retaliate further when he finds out?

Meaghan: Absolutely. That is going to be such a blow to Hiram's ego. If there is one thing that can be said about Hiram, it is that he is a prideful man. Veronica renouncing his namesake is going to be too much for him to handle.

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Jasmine: Is ab oil plentiful? Of course, he is! He'll take it as Veronica choosing a side that's not his. It won't be pretty. The Lodge name matters to him a great deal. She has brought dishonor to her ancestors by rejecting it.

Becca: Hiram is going to keep up the vendetta regardless of what Veronica does from now on. Given Hiram’s pettiness, he would consider the name change as an affront, but instead of seeing him act angrily over this, he should be mocking Veronica for thinking a name change will make a difference.

Hiram: Oh, are you receiving some blowback from lying through your teeth to get me arrested? How unfortunate.
Veronica: Why did you leak the story? Was it a desperate ploy to get me to come see you?
Hiram: Miha, I’m not paying for your crimes. I merely told the truth. I told the world what you are: a “Lodge,” through and through. Deal with it.

Paul: Gossip Girl. Sorry, Riverdale rumors will scupper her Harvard chances. It's not silly to distance herself from the Lodge name, but when the truth comes out, she'll look like she was hiding something.

The Jones Siblings - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 2

Now that we know Jughead changed schools to Stonewall Prep, do you have any theories for what happened during spring break?

Meaghan: As I said, I think there is something bad going on at Stonewall Prep. We know that Betty, Veronica, and Archie burned his hat, and now we know that he is missing.

Perhaps Jughead gets dethroned of his beanie by another student at Stonewall, and the gang has a confrontation with that student involved in Jughead being missing and things go terribly wrong? I honestly am grasping at straws right now, but I am very intrigued.

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Jasmine: Maybe it's another cult? Like a secret and deadly fraternity. And Jughead as a legacy kid gets offered an "in" and he joins to expose them for their misdeeds and gets caught and "disappeared."

Becca: I’m still expecting the reveal to be Jughead killed someone, and the core four has to cover it up, which I don’t want to be the case for a few reasons.

One of them being a coverup for someone’s death is the most obvious scenario the show could have picked. Even if the most obvious route is chosen, I’m more interested now that the "Jughead being missing" (and most likely, in peril) element has been added to the mystery.

I really like Jasmine's theory about a secret fraternity being responsible for Jughead's disappearance. 

The Law - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 2

Paul: I'm so tired of shows flashing forward to disappearances or a death in the future. Not many shows can sustain these types of mysteries.

Elite did it very well on two occasions, but I don't have a lot of faith in a 22-episode iteration. Jasmine's theory sounds right on the money. It's only a matter of time before we get secret societies.

Jughead: Hey, you Forsythe?
Jughead: Yea.
Brett: Brett Weston Wallis. Mr. Chipping asked me to roll out the red carpet.
[Brett shakes hands with Jughead]
Jughead: You can just call me Jughead.
Brett: I prefer Forsythe. Who’s your friend?
Betty: Betty Cooper.
[Brett shakes hands with Betty and eyes her up and down]
Brett: Cute. Very … Sweet Valley High.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Your name may be “Honey,” but I will always be the queen bee. You have no power over me.
[Cheryl hair-flips and walks away]


Jughead: Hey, you Forsythe?
Jughead: Yea.
Brett: Brett Weston Wallis. Mr. Chipping asked me to roll out the red carpet.
[Brett shakes hands with Jughead]
Jughead: You can just call me Jughead.
Brett: I prefer Forsythe. Who’s your friend?
Betty: Betty Cooper.
[Brett shakes hands with Betty and eyes her up and down]
Brett: Cute. Very … Sweet Valley High.