Emergence Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Camera Wheelbarrow Tiger Pillow

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The mystery surrounding Piper thickens on Emergence Season 1 Episode 2 as we try to figure out who she is, where she came from, and who is after her. 

There's a great deal of suspense as Jo, Chris, and even Benny, peel back the layers of the mysterious plane crash and its lone survivor. 

But this is one mystery that we're not going to be able to crack alone. 

Abby Works with Piper - Emergence

It 's almost better to sit back and enjoy the episode for what it is than try to figure out what's happening. 

Alexa Swinton on Emergence, Her Love of Friends and More!

The plot remains vague but that's on purpose -- we'll get all the answers when the time is right. 

Benny: So, you planning to find out whoever is on the other side of that radio?
Jo: No, I plan to use it as a paperweight.

We could wrack our brains coming up with theories, but what's that going to do for us?

We know a lot, but we don't know enough to back up any of our theories.  

For Emergence to remain as intriguing throughout the season as it was on Emergence Season 1 Episode 1, it has to keep some of its cards close to the chest .

Moving Back In - Emergence Season 1 Episode 2

The suspense has to remain the same throughout, or, at the very least, heighten week-to-week. 

That being said, there was plenty of new revelations that Jo uncovered about the little lady living in her attic. 

Piper has her adorable, childlike moments, but there's also times where she's downright terrifying.

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The scene where she was waving to Jo from the upstairs window was like something taken straight from a horror movie. 

Jo is now aware of her "supernatural powers."

Blowing up the premise of Piper keeping it a secret takes us in the right direction.

Concerned Sister - Emergence Season 1 Episode 2

Not only are we confident that Jo isn't oblivious that what's happening right in front of her, but it also means Piper is comfortable enough to tell her new mom what's going on when put on the spot. 

They've built up a lot of trust in a short amount of time. Even if Piper has her secrets, she's still plenty forthcoming. 

Jo: I think I made a mistake.
Ed: What, how so?
Jo: She loves it here.
Ed: Yeah, she's a pretty happy kid.
Jo: Maybe too happy. Maybe she's so happy that if she does remember something she's not going to tell us.

Piper's powers seem to manifest themselves whenever she's scared.

She's capable of moving washing machines and blowing out light bulbs, so it's likely that she could be the reason behind the plane crash.

The how remains unclear, but Piper seems genuinely convinced that she's responsible.

What's making her feel this way? Does she remember something?

So Scared - Emergence Season 1 Episode 2

Though brief, the scene in which Piper remembered that she might have killed someone was terrifying. 

She may be a sweet, young girl whenever Jo is around, but there's something wicked boiling under the surface.

What could it be? Was she a murderer? Did she try to escape?

On my review of Emergence Season 1 Episode 1, I was irritated that Jo commented that the "bad guys never coming back" after the fake parents died.

With such a big conspiracy at play and so many people trying to cover up the truth and erase any existence of Piper, it's obvious there's plenty more bad guys.

Keeping Everyone Safe - Emergence Season 1 Episode 2

At least after this episode, Jo realized that someone will always be coming until they get what they want. 

Initially, she believed that they wanted the little metal plate, but it seems that they're after Piper. 

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The man that came into the house was using a tracker that led him right to the drain, which is where Piper flushed her tracking device.  

Until those folks get their hands on Piper, Jo's family will always be a risk. 

One Happy Family - Emergence Season 1 Episode 2

Jo's heart ws in the right place when she brought Piper in. 

She saw a girl who was frightened and needed help and offered up her home. 

But she also has absolutely no idea who is living in her home. 

My heart skips a beat every time Piper and Mia hug it out or plan a sleepover simply because I'm not sure if Piper poses a threat. 

It's possible she's just as dangerous as the people coming after her.

Bad Things Happen - Emergence Season 1 Episode 2

There was a moment in the show where Ed commented "computers being the death of us," and it stuck to me for some reason. 

Is Piper programmed to kill? Is her humanity shining through and fighting against those pre-programmed instincts? 

The blood makes it pretty evident that she's human, but I'm not ruling out any other possibilities. 

Jo: I found the man who was in the house today. He won't be back.
Piper: Why?
Jo: His face got... broken.
Piper: Oh.

The girl never sleeps, there has to be something wrong with her.

Aside from knowing that Piper's powers are activated when she's scared, we also know that whatever is going on with her also has to do with an electromagnetic charge. 

The car in which the 'fake parents' were killed was a magnet with zero gravity. 

What does that mean? Is that how Piper protected herself?

And why wasn't there any magnetic forces at the site of the plane crash? More importantly, why dump the magnetic field car into the water?

That could have possibly been the only thing Jo had to investigate at this point.

Wouldn't she want to inspect it to see what's causing the anomaly?

Something's Not Right - Emergence Season 1 Episode 2

Jo also got her hands on the airband radio from the plane, which revealed that the government workers were using a phantom frequency. 

Are the answers right under Jo's nose? Is that what Piper saw on the TV?

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And is that how the man in the hospital was communicating with the others?

If you for thought the show was Lost-like, well, you're not wrong. 

John Locke appeared in the promo for Emergence Season 1 Episode 3 sparking theories that maybe the two shows are connected somehow. 

Staying Here - Emergence Season 1 Episode 2

All I know is that if Locke is guest-starring, then the mystery is going to get convoluted. 

The one good thing from Jo's life getting flipped upside down is that her ex-husband, Alex, has moved back in. It sure seems like their rekindling things between them, right?

But there's also Benny who Jo has entrusted as her confidant.

There aren't many people she can trust, but he's proven himself as someone willing to work with her to uncover the mystery and put the pieces together. 

What did you think of the second installment?

Did the mystery remain compelling? 

Are you invested? 

What do you think is up with Piper?

Be sure to watch Emergence online and share all your thoughts! 

Camera Wheelbarrow Tiger Pillow Review

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Benny: So, you planning to find out whoever is on the other side of that radio?
Jo: No, I plan to use it as a paperweight.

Jo: I think I made a mistake.
Ed: What, how so?
Jo: She loves it here.
Ed: Yeah, she's a pretty happy kid.
Jo: Maybe too happy. Maybe she's so happy that if she does remember something she's not going to tell us.