Power Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Whose Side Are You On?

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The walls are closing in on Ghost. 

And he has no one to blame but himself. 

Ghost's continuous lies and betrayals have put him in a position where he's essentially all by himself and that was made painfully clear on Power Season 6 Episode 2

Angry Jason - Power Season 6 Episode 2

Throughout the series, Ghost was always annoyingly ahead of the game most of the time. He was able to get himself out of sticky situations with the help of his family, but his family is gone. 

They may still be breathing, but they are gone. Both Tasha and Tariq withheld information from Ghost knowing that it could potentially get him killed, and they did it without batting an eyelash. 

That's how far Ghost has fallen. He walked around for a whole episode foolishly thinking Tommy was dead when everyone and their mother knew he wasn't. 

Proctor: It's good for everyone that Tommy's gone. I know I'm gonna sleep better.
Ghost: He was my fucking best friend, man. He was my brother.
Proctor: I'd say I'm sorry for your loss, but you're the one who pulled the trigger.
Ghost: I had no choice. I had to do it. So, now I've lost both Tommy and Angela in three days.

Remember the days where killings would take place and Ghost or Tommy would offer up a simple ' It's handled' in regards to the murders? Those days are long gone. 

Scared Ghost - Power Season 6 Episode 2

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Ghost waltzed into Proctor's apartment and Tariq's dorm room and just admitted to killing Tommy like he was telling them he stole a sweater. 

The old Ghost was never THIS forthright, and as always the main reason is to protect himself, but he has to feel as if being somewhat honest is the only way to salvage his relationship with Tariq. 

Surprise Visitor - Power Season 6 Episode 2

And it may have been if he wasn't still lying while confessing.

If Ghost had been honest about why Tommy was trying to kill him in the first place, it would have been interesting to see if Tariq would have been more open with him. 

Tariq has major identity issues and a feeling like he doesn't know who he is or where he belongs. His relationship with Kanan was special to him because Kanan let him make decisions for himself and didn't tell him what he needed to do and where he needed to be all while lying to him. 

Ghost and Tasha always believed they were doing the right thing by lying to Tariq and shielding him from things, but instead, Tariq just branded them, liars. And Ghost especially continues to lie to him. 

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At this point, Tariq is on Tommy's side and Ghost doesn't even know it.

The dissolution of the St. Patrick marriage is for the best, but it's apparent they still need each other in certain ways. And that was evidenced by the united front they put on at Angela's funeral. 

Hiding In Plain Sight

The tense during that funeral was crazy intense. And Saxe, Tameka, and Jerry watching from the sidelines like the couldn't believe their eyes was a moment. 

Paz's decision to bury Angela's burner phone was for the best. Angela was far from clean, but exposing the phone which would inevitably expose a lot of other things would cripple Angela's legacy and her memory. 

Angela paid the ultimate price, and she deserves to rest in peace now. 

With the protection from the Serbs, Tommy is feeling invincible, but he should know better than to taunt Ghost in that matter. Ghost is a desperate man, and Tommy knows that. 

Knock, Knock - Power Season 6 Episode 2

Although, Jason trying to play Ghost and Tommy against one another for money is something that may come back to bite him. 

If this season is ever going to see Ghost and Tommy on the same team again, it will be because of money and whatever is in their best interest. 

If they both feel like Jason is bamboozling them, they may come together and decide that taking him out is better than one or both of them being dead. 

There's also the looming Dre threat that could have major implications for everyone. He knows everything about everything. 

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And now that he knows Angela is dead and he doesn't have that protection from her, he may think the better option is to bring down Ghost and Tommy. 

Doing Her Job - Power Season 6 Episode 2

Speaking of Tommy, what is he going to do about Keisha? 

Keisha is making her demands pretty clear and Tommy isn't listening. He isn't cutting Keisha off yet, and if he does that could end up backfiring for him. 

He can keep buying Keisha presents as Tasha advised, but will that keep him out of the doghouse forever? 

Bringing her further into the business may end up costing him down the line. But Tommy has never been good at separating business from personal. 

Time For Hugs - Power Season 6 Episode 2

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Can Proctor's ex-wife go away? Dragging her poor daughter into things is terrible. And when Proctor finds out he is going to snap. 
  • Ghost thinks he is a lot smarter than Councilman Tate and it came out during that press conference. But Tate is ruthless, and Ghost would be silly to underestimate him. 
  • Tariq is becoming quite the little kingpin at his private school and expanding as well. There's no way this could go wrong. 
  • 2-Bit is just itching to move up in the power rankings. It's very clear he wants more respect from Tommy, but how is he going to get it?
  • Ghost is still so ingrained in the drug world I forget he's not a part of it anymore. But if killing Tommy means he has to get back in, he may just be willing to go there. 

Things were more subdued this week, but the pieces of the season are beginning to form. 

What do you think Ghost's next move will be? 

Are you glad Paz decided to bury Angela's phone?

Will Dre make it to court to testify? 

As always, drop your comments down below and watch Power online right now and keep yourself up to date!

Whose Side Are You On? Review

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Power Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Proctor: It's good for everyone that Tommy's gone. I know I'm gonna sleep better.
Ghost: He was my fucking best friend, man. He was my brother.
Proctor: I'd say I'm sorry for your loss, but you're the one who pulled the trigger.
Ghost: I had no choice. I had to do it. So, now I've lost both Tommy and Angela in three days.

Tommy: Who the fuck takes the Queensboro Bridge this time of day? I'm giving you one star.
Driver: Fuck you! You Eminem looking fuck.
Tommy: Now I'm giving you zero stars. But keep testing me!
Driver: Test these nuts, Marshall!