Younger Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Merger, She Wrote

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Someone pass the tissues because Younger Season 6 Episode 6 had me in tears from both laughing and crying. 

What a work out in 23 minutes! 

The mix of comedic and heartfelt moments made this the best episode to date.

Microdosing Retreat  - Younger

My expectations were high after seeing Peter Hermann and Nico Tortorella tease the episode as the one "we've always wanted to happen."

The moment I heard the words retreat, I knew it was going to go down. 

All of the craziest things have happened at retreats and that was when microdosing (taking small amounts of drugs) wasn't involved. 

Maggie: Liza, I'm losing my mojo.
Liza: Oh, come on. I heard someone sneaking out of your room last night.
Maggie: That was me sneaking into the fridge.

Add drugs, the fact that Liza's there with her ex, and a current boyfriend who she's feuding with, and, well, what could go wrong?

I don't condone the use of drugs, but man, it was so hilarious to see her hallucinating. 

There were no shortage of funny moments: Josh and Charles merged into one person, Charles spoke using Josh's voice and vice versa, and Liza danced with a plant.

That last one is going down as one of the show's most iconic moments. 

Family First - Younger Season 6 Episode 6

While I'm not a fan of continuing the love triangle, if we have to endure it, this was the most interesting way to go about it. 

With the added layer of not-LCD, my interest was piqued. 

What would come of their heightened realities, open minds, and unlocked unconsciousnesses?

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The only realization that Liza had was that she's still torn between Josh and Charles. Go figure. 

Now, I'm in no way complaining about Liza's dance routine because they got to incorporate Sutton Foste'rs real-life talents into it in a way that felt authentic and fun to the story, but I wish her altered state allowed her to finally settle for one or the other.

Flipping between Josh and Charles in bed was great, but at some point, the show has to hone in on one and let the other one go. 

At this point, I don't even care which guy she ends up with; I just can't keep bouncing back and forth. 

She's Staying  - Younger Season 6 Episode 6

We can't keep this up especially because it seems like Josh has finally accepted Liza's new relationship. He even bonded with Charles while she was otherwise occupied.

After the retreat, Charles mentioned that he had a good chat with Josh that convinced him to fight for his family at Millennial. 

Knowing that the two had a heart-to-heart makes me happy, but it would have been so much more effective if we saw a snippet of their bonding. 

Charles: I think we'll be stronger together.
Kelsey: Welcome home, Charles.

The time constraint on these episodes limits all the possibilities. 

They are two guys who love the same woman and have been at odds because of their feelings for her.

I'd love to see their interaction aside from whatever was presented through Liza's drug-infused lens. 

I'd also like to personally apologize to Charles.

Publisher and Editor  - Younger Season 6 Episode 6

I was a little harsh on him in my review of Younger Season 6 Episode 5, but well, he wasn't being a team player, and it made him come off like an ass. 

However, he made a bold choice by fighting for his family.

Merging the two companies together ends one overdue feud. 

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They could only keep up the corporate competition for so long until it ruined a friendship or a relationship. Neither one of those were ideal. 

Charles was right that Mercury didn't yet have the cash flow necessary for a merger, but he found a workaround that bypassed the board and allowed them to emerge as one super company. 

Talk about publishing domination. 

Better Together - Younger Season 6 Episode 6

It's great to have the team together again; it's true that they're stronger together. 

Though, I have to point out that this marks the second major sacrifice that Charles made for Liza.

Is that going to come back to haunt them?

Charles kept mentioning how much he'd given up for Liza, and in this case, he's just adding to the list. 

I'm glad that Liza didn't budge when he offered her a job because it was a selfish ask. 

Liza: I think we just found our seasoned slut.
Diana: Stop.
Liza: Sorry.

Despite her relationship, Liza knows that she needs to put her friendships first. 

Kelsey's been the constant through the years. It wasn't Josh or Charles or any other guy; it was always her best friend. 

Hopefully, this allows the narrative to move forward without Liza complicating a perfect solution by overthinking her feelings for Josh.

Charles' return under the Millennial umbrella doesn't put him in a bad spot at all; he can still focus on his imprint, and he's not personally on the line if the company fails.  

But he also accepted a lesser position; he was demoted from publisher to editor by allowing Kelsey to keep her job. 

And while that's noble of him, it's also going to be interesting to see him take orders. 

Now that everyone's working under the same roof, we don't have to see Kelsey being a sore loser again. 

She couldn't differentiate between someone "stealing" an author and being outbid.

It's safe to say she doesn't do well with competition. 

Kelsey and Zane now play on the same team, but will he be able to work under her? 

Get My Mojo - Younger Season 6 Episode 6

We've seen previously that he doesn't like taking direction, especially not from her.

I hope they can make it work because they're a power couple.

There's something electric about them when they're working and when they're hanging out and drinking.

Charles: Yes, and if you are friends then she will understand.
Liza: Not if I leave her for you.
Charles: I left my company to be with you.

Diana nailed -- pun intended -- the audition for the boomer erotica novel, which only adds to her many talents. 

I love all the storylines they're throwing her way during Younger Season 6.

I'm not digging the lack of Maggie's storylines.

Debi Mazar is so brilliant, yet all she got was a scene where she fell from the ceiling while painting and rejoiced about some weirdo across the street jacking off because it meant she got her "mojo" back?

Give her something substantial to work with!

Make sure you're all caught up and watch Younger online!

I'm turning it over to you, TV Fanatics. 

What did you think of the episode?

Merger, She Wrote Review

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Younger Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Maggie: Liza, I'm losing my mojo.
Liza: Oh, come on. I heard someone sneaking out of your room last night.
Maggie: That was me sneaking into the fridge.

Liza: I think we just found our seasoned slut.
Diana: Stop.
Liza: Sorry.