The Hills Recap: What Really Happened Between Spencer and Brody?

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The drama between Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner reached boiling point on The Hills: New Beginnings Season 1 Episode 3

But what was the reason for their latest big bust-up?

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Spencer was mad that his former friend was not drinking or partying like he used to. What was lost in Spencer was that this is almost a decade later, and many people start to grow up. 

Brody left Brandon Lee's pool party early as a result of the arguing, and that's when Spencer revealed the real villain in this narrative:

Kaitlynn Carter, Brody's wife. Spencer blaming women for things is just par for the course. Remember the way he treated Lauren Conrad back on the OG series?

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Things continued to get awkward later in the episode when Brody and Kaitlynn had a much-needed date night. 

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Kaitlynn worried that Brody was spending too much time worrying about the drama with Spencer, and revealed that he made a promise to have a child with her. 

If you watch The Hills: New Beginnings online, you know that Brody has been trying to avoid any and all questions related to having children. 

However, he finally revealed why during the date. 

He felt that broken families were "normal" in his life, and his primary concern was that a baby would cause issues down the line. 

This was surprising for Kaitlynn to hear, but it actually made sense. Brody wanted to bring a child into the world when the time was right. 

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This may not have been what Kaitlynn wanted to hear, but she at least seemed like she wanted to work with him on this. 

All of this also proved how mature Brody had become over the years since the OG show. 

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Meanwhile, Audrina continued to question whether there was still a connection between her and Justin Bobby. 

He did kiss her following his performance, but he then turned to Spencer to reveal that he was not ready for things to get serious. 

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He was scared to get close to Audrina's daughter and felt like because of his career, he would continue to be traveling a lot. 

Things took a turn when Stephanie asked Justin about the kiss, and he refused to acknowledge it happened. 

This was after he traveled two hours to check in on Stephanie. The producers seem to be pushing a love triangle or something, and it's falling flat

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Brody and Spencer came face-to-face, once again, in the closing moments, and they were both being open and honest about not being happy. 

They both played a part in the breakdown of the friendship, but Spencer couldn't help but bring up the fact that Brody changed while he and Heidi were at a low point in their lives. 

Stephanie Smiles - The Hills: New Beginnings

Brody's defense?

Spencer was not a good friend to him. See, that one rings truer. We need to remember that Spencer and Heidi were fired from the OG show ahead of the series finale.

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The Hills continues Mondays on MTV. 

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