The Code Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Smoke-Pit

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It's a good thing Abe never gives up.

One thing after another goes wrong in the prosecution's case against a sketchy Marine recruiter on The Code Season 1 Episode 9.

Still, as usual, Abe managed to pull a rabbit out of his hat to get a third crack at Sgt. Lucas, the white-power advocate with an eye for underaged girls.

A Different Uniform -- Tall - The Code Season 1 Episode 9

You would think either one of those traits would get someone tossed from the Marines, but apparently not. 

Because Lucas was among the Corps' top recruiters and the Corps needs the many wanna-be Marines whom he entices to enlist.

Joining Forces - The Code Season 1 Episode 9

In other words, no one on the recruitment side of things was pushing to get Lucas tossed out despite his, well, foibles.

Then there was the problem that Abe couldn't find a charge that would stick.

Initially, a girl who Lucas had been recruiting accused that Lucas had had sex with her while she was underage, so he was facing a rape charge.

But the girl only came forward under pressure from her parents and ultimately told Abe and Trey that she would refuse to testify against Lucas. So that approach was out.

Making Plans - The Code Season 1 Episode 9

Liking underaged girls wasn't Lucas's only character flaw however.

Harper unearthed his affection for a white-power band, and Abe discovered comments that Lucas had written on the band's website that indicated he had been at an infamous white-power rally in Richmond.

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Again, holding racist views is against the Marines' code of conduct. But still, it would come down to his superior officer to decide whether he should be thrown out or get a slap on the wrist.

And, with Lucas's proficiency at getting young people to sign on the dotted line, it was more likely to be the latter option.

By digging deeper, Abe figured out that Lucas may have assaulted a civilian at the rally, which is frowned upon by the Corps.

Under the Covers - The Code Season 1 Episode 9

Also, Lucas denied to his attorney, Trey, that he had even been there.

Abe found a witness who could only provide an incomplete description of the assault. Harper found a photo of the victim, then ferreted out her name, only to have the case coming to a crashing halt, as the victim had died in a car crash a couple of months later.

No victim to testify, no case, so the case got tossed instead of Lucas.

Abe tried one more last-gasp play, approaching the girl who was Lucas's original victim to see if she would change her mind. After he showed the mixed-race girl Lucas's racist comments, she did.

He still likely faced an uphill battle to win this case, but maybe all the adverse publicity might cause his superior officer to begin to question Lucas's value.

Aaron Tveit on The Code Season 1 Episode 9

Trey and Abe had to lean on each other because Harper and Maya were off doing personal stuff.

Harper was in New York making final preparations for her wedding to Bard and hating it.

She continued her pattern of pushing off decisions about the wedding, to the point that Bard confronted her about whether she wanted to get married.

Harper admitted to him that while she wants to be his wife, she found the whole wedding-preparation process to be "obscene."

That certainly makes sense that someone who was recently under fire in Syria and has seen suffering around the world might find selecting the right kind of wedding cake to be more than a little frivolous.

Prenuptial Embrace - The Code Season 1 Episode 9

She suggested eloping to him, to get married without so much muss and fuss. It was hilarious when Glenn jokingly asked her if she were ready to elope, at the same time that she was looking up elopement packages online.

But in the end, in a nice piece of gender reversal, Bard wanted the big frou-frou wedding, to proclaim his intentions to the world.

So let's see where their relationship goes from this impasse.

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Maya was down in North Carolina helping her brother Matt with his longshot campaign for State Senate.

Also she confronted Matt about him lying to her about taking his psych meds on The Code Season 1 Episode 8.

Helping Out - The Code Season 1 Episode 9

Matt admitted that he had lied and that his doctor had taken him off the drugs because they weren't having any effect on his paranoia.

Maya voiced her concerns about Matt running for public office when he's seeing things. Matt took the position that he has learned to control his condition without drugs.

I don't see the problem here. After all, the current President got elected by pandering to people's paranoia about those different from them.

After Matt kicked the incumbent's ass in a debate, a national party rep promised support for Matt, as long as Maya and her uniform continued to play a prominent role in his campaign.

That promises to cause problems for Maya in the near future.

Getting Caught Up - The Code Season 1 Episode 9

Abe was dealing with paranoia of this own. But he learned that just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you, to steal from Joseph Heller.

Abe spotted a not-very-stealthy P.I. tailing him, and it turned out to be the investigator for Alex's lawyer.

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The lawyer told Alex that being in a relationship with Abe, her main witness, would torpedo her case and that he was going to drop her case if she didn't break up with Abe.

He's undoubtedly right about the optics, which is likely to make Abe feel even worse about being with his best friend's widow.

Weighing Options - The Code Season 1 Episode 9

Hey, do you suppose there's any chance we'll get to see Glenn in court before season's end?

She's heading the unit and must be fairly skilled, so it would be great to watch her in action.

To review what happened before the hiatus, watch The Code online.

What should Abe and Alex do?

What will Harper and Bard do?

Should Matt be running for office?

Comment below.

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