Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Happy Hecking

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The relationships on Good Trouble are so stressful!

It seems after Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 5, many of them are in jeopardy as well.

Callie is reconsidering her choice between Jamie and Gael, and Lindsay could drive a wedge between Alice and Joey. Elijah is not as perfect as we thought, and things between Mariana and Raj are about to get ugly.

Work Date or Date Date?  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 5

My heart cannot take it.

Let's discuss my kindred spirit Alice first. I too love to wear a good (faux) leather jacket as armor. It's a confidence booster, but it turns out her confidence isn't as worrisome as her discernment.

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While it's sweet and endearing how Alice can see the best in people (if not for that quality, we wouldn't have the Coterie crew), it also means she doesn't know a "sus" person when she meets them.

Out and Proud - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 3

Listen to Alice, Joey. Joey is correct in this case. Lindsay is not Alice's friend. They are shady, and no amount of Instagram likes or squad pictures in a restroom changes that.

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Lindsay has a reputation for disrupting relationships and stirring up drama, and Alice is already getting tangled up in their web. Lindsay's tirade against Alice during the comedy show was vicious and mean-spirited. It was unnecessary!

Alice's Stand-up - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 1

Lindsay doesn't mean Alice well. She's already idolizing Lindsay -- blinded by the fact that they're a rising comedian. Alice and Joey have overcome some of their other issues, but will they be able to survive the destructive force that is Lindsay? I don't know.

The scary thing about how people like Lindsay operate is Alice won't be aware of how far she's fallen into any of this until it's too late. Every time it seems as though Joey and Alice may be smooth sailing for a few moments, something else comes up.

Alice's New Squad

You could say the same about Mariana and Raj.

They have barely had their honeymoon period, and their work drama is interfering with their relationship. Raj can't work on the green team with her. He's jealous of Mariana's relationship with Evan, and his "best friend" is an asshole.

Oops! - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 3

There's no end to what happens to the pairing, and of course, it's not including how Mariana has a habit of lashing out at him. But now we get a better idea of where Raj is flawed in their relationship. He never hid his jealous streak, but it's worse now.

He also has a mean streak of his own. When he called Mariana a con-artist, my jaw dropped. It was an unexpectedly cruel comment coming from him, and it wasn't a fair statement. For once, I didn't agree with Raj's take on Mariana.

You're the best con artist I know.


His insecurity is bound to destroy their relationship before anything else can. Mariana broadcasted their relationship to everyone at Speckulate, but it wasn't enough to appease him.

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He's too concerned about Mariana's relationship with Evan. It's also troubling how he went back to being "best friends" with Alex the ass. While this was the first time Alex showed a shred of depth, he's nowhere near close to being redeemed, and this supposed friendship between them doesn't feel authentic.

Raj Throws Down

What's worse about Raj's Evan jealousy is it has always seemed evident that Evan was on the spectrum and struggled with socializing. Thanks to Mariana, he's doing far better than before. Instead of embracing their boss playing a more active role interacting with the lot of them, Raj is hyper fixated on Evan's possible feelings for Mariana.

Mariana is Evan's closest friend, and he trusts her. It's unfortunate how others assume the worst. And Mariana shouldn't have to disclose Evan's business to reassure her boyfriend.

Evan: My whole life I've had trouble connecting people. When I was kid they called it Asperger's now they just say I'm on the spectrum. I don't always pick up social cues, humor, why people like to talk on the phone. Things of that nature. I'm not even sure there is someone out there for me.
Mariana: Oh, of course there is someone out there for you.

If Emma Hunton was the show-stealer during Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 4, then T. J. Linnard was during this hour. Evan explaining his Asperger's and what it means for him, and how it affects his dating life made me emotional.

Did it get any more heartbreaking than when he admitted he wasn't sure there was anyone out there for him? Evan, baby, there are legions of people who would date you in a New York second, and not just because of your status as a millionaire either!

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As someone whose sibling is on the spectrum and has wondered the same thing often, the scene gutted me. The show investing in this character is one of its best decisions, and the many different layers to Evan's relationship with Mariana remains intriguing and one of the best of the series.

Vulnerable Evan - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 5

Once again, this series does an excellent job with its representation. The characters are more than what they're representing, which makes it real and reflective of real-life and people.

It's gratifying because of how it never feels exploitative but rather a way of telling other people's stories with fleshed-out characters who happen to be something or another.

If only Callie could realize this. Better yet, why can Callie recognize when someone is unfairly applying labels and making assumptions about her, but she can't figure out how she does this to Jamie?

Callie: How white is your firm?
Jamie: They're working on that.

Everything about Callie and Jamie at the mixer from hell was frustrating. For starters, after being an attentive and intuitive boyfriend suddenly Jamie didn't realize bringing Callie to a mostly white, wealthy, male and conservative event and leaving her to socialize with country club Stepford wives was a good idea.

It was meant to show Callie (or us?) that he doesn't know her well, but he does, so it was irksome more than anything else. The first time they met each other, they spent the evening sparring.

The Golden Couple - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 1

Jamie has always known who Callie is, and she knew who he was. She's hiding behind their differences to justify why she has one foot out of their relationship again and regrets choosing him over Gael.

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It's bullcrap. Callie knew Jamie was a Republican. What made their initial friendship intriguing in the first place was she made assumptions about him and was proven wrong.

It's out of character for Jamie to bring Callie to an event like that and make silly comments about how their firm is "working" on their diversity problem.

A Night of Fun - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 10

It was designed to make Callie, and the audience, doubt whether or not they were compatible. However, it was in character for Callie to second-guess everything and jump to the worst conclusions again.

If Callie doesn't want to be with Jamie, or if she has doubts about her choice, then she should stop projecting it on Jamie. He hasn't changed or done anything wrong here. She knew who she was in bed with before they got into bed.

Callie: I really appreciate you letting me help.
Gael: Yeah, well. You already know we work well together.

Callie is grasping at anything -- nitpicking at anything; she always has one foot out of her relationships. Callie is back on her bullshit, and I'm back on mine. Single Callie, please and thank you!

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She didn't like how she had to jump through hoops to prove herself to Marcus. If there's anything Callie gets up in arms about, it's anyone assuming she had an easy life of privilege. Marcus is hard on her (it almost feels as though it's for no real reason), but at least his advice to her was on point.

Marcus' appearance at the party was another reason she felt the need to dissociate herself from Jamie's world. She didn't want to be lumped in with them in Marcus' eyes.

Notable Artist - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 5

However, she painted a few fixtures at the Coterie with Gael, and now she's missing him. I don't think Callie misses Gael so much as she misses the part of her who is an artist. She could rectify in a way which doesn't involve Gael though.

He appears to be happy with Elijah, and they make such a cute couple. However, the show whammed us with the revelation that Elijah bought the glowing review Gael received for his work.

What the hell is going on here? We had Elijah for two installments, and he has already disappointed us. Gael will be so hurt if/when he finds out the truth!

Deceitful - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 5

I hoped we were off the relationship merry-go-round involving Callie, Gael and their love interests, but nope!

At least the other relationship drama balances it out though.

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Over to you Good Trouble Fanatics! Which couple is in the most jeopardy? What was your favorite moment from the hour? Hit the comments below!

If for some reason you're missing out on this series (shame on you!), you can watch Good Trouble online here via TV Fanatic!

Happy Hecking Review

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Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Callie: How white is your firm?
Jamie: They're working on that.

Callie: I really appreciate you letting me help.
Gael: Yeah, well. You already know we work well together.