Younger Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Flush With Love

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Congrats are in order for Josh! 

He became a father in the final moments of Younger Season 6 Episode 2!

Papa Josh has a nice ring to it, and seeing him hold his baby girl for the first time was adorable, but I didn't expect Josh's baby storyline to pick up such speed.

Baby Shopping - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

Claire was evidently further along in her due date, but two-weeks away felt rushed. 

I always say that Younger needs to become an hour show, and I still stand behind that.

I'm Pregnant  - Younger Season 6 Episode 1

Did Josh become a father so quickly because they don't have enough time in an hour to fully flesh out moments? 

Hi, welcome, signature cocktail? It’s an epidura-tini. Smooth as a spinal block but with lime.


How is it possible that a 20-minute episode could limit and fit so much in at the same time.

Everything was on fast-forward, yet somehow they managed to cram in the non-binary gender reveal (a tribute to Nico Tortello's real-life beliefs), baby shopping, and a dramatic birth all into the same episode!

And while impressive, it was equally as upsetting. Wouldn't it be better if all these moments had a little bit of time to breathe?

They sprung the storyline onto us and before we even got to accept Josh's new reality, he became a dad. 

Not only is it frustrating for the audience, but it's also an injustice to the character.

We'll get to see Josh navigate fatherhood, sure, but he's barely adjusted to the idea of fatherhood let alone figured out how to raise a child. 

Water Broke - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

There was so much more that could have gotten explored in the episodes leading up to the baby's arrival.

Instead, Josh's bundle of joy seemed to be used to resurrect the unnecessary love-triangle between Charles, Liza, and Josh. 

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Allowing Charles and Liza a moment of happiness was too much to ask for, as was having Liza and Josh continue as close friends. 

There were so many moments between the once-couple that left me confused. 

Is Liza content with being just friends? Is she genuinely happy for Josh? Does she suddenly wish she was the baby momma? 

Is she regretting her relationship with Charles?

Dreams we have as a child, dreams we pack in a box for college, dreams you unpack when you move into your first apartment, who you’ll meet, where you’ll work, who you’ll fall in love with. Think you have it all figured out. Life has better ideas. A bigger imagination takes bigger chances than someone like me a year ago moving through her forties in a cloud of old ideas. Life gives you more than you thought but maybe not in the package you expected. It’s deeper than that. It’s what you need underneath the want. It gives you what you can’t breathe without. So go ahead and plan, just know when all your scheming, and planning, and hoping is done, life plans back.


I hate to say this because I understand that Liza's in a tough predicament with two great and charismatic guys, but she needs to make a damn choice and stick with it. 

Gender Reveal - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

She has a healthy and wholesome friendship with Josh, why taint that unnecessarily? 

There's a reason her heart and mind kept going to Charles while she was with Josh.

She owes it to everyone including herself to explore this relationship and not cheat herself out of it.

While I'm all for women maintaining their independence, for a couple who rushed to say 'I love you' on Younger Season 6 Episode 1, Charles and Liza are still very much leading separate lives.  

It's Happening? - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

Is that intentional?

The only time they've ever integrated themselves into each other's lives is when Empirical was pulling them together. 

I expected Charles to be at the baby reveal or at least somehow involved. 

Sometimes it seems like Liza is living a double life or a triple life if you count Empirical. 

Without Empirical, what connection do they have?

It seems we're going to explore this further as Liza decided to separate her work life from her personal life and refrain from talking to Charles about work-related stuff. 

Kelsey: I didn’t even know I was co-hosting this event. Everybody on that list has been in publishing forever. I do not belong here.
Zane: You’re standing in front of a bar, you’ve never belonged anywhere more in your

Kelsey Smiles - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

Considering how offended Kelsey was that Liza got Charles' input on her first book situation, it's the least she could do. 

Charles seemed fine with being out of the loop, but maybe it's because he'll use the excuse of separation of church and state when it comes to his future business ventures with Zane.

The guys aren't doing a great job at hiding that they're plotting something and not being forthcoming about it with their partners. 

But if Liza and Kelsey have the right not to tell Zane and Charles about their work affairs, why should they expect any different when the roles get reversed?

Zane even confirmed that he's up to something by telling Kelsey he got a new job.

Just Friends  - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

His announcement was followed by a kiss that was far from friendly.

Let's briefly address their relationship because these two may take the cake when it comes to being indecisive. 

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One minute they are dating, the next they are pouring their hearts out to each other, and the next they are just "friends."

Can they please pick a relationship status and stick to it?

And why was Zane adamant about not being in a relationship with Kelsey unless he had a job?

I'm failing to see how Zane's career trajectory affects his relationship status. 

Maggie: Yeah, well speaking of change that pussy bow needs to go. You look like Nancy Pelosi on the bottom and Melania Trump on top.
Liza: Oh, that’s no fun for anyone.

In terms of Charles, I doubt he's being intentionally shady as that's never been his character. 

That's Not the Look of Love - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

He's always been a man of integrity and wouldn't have a reason to lie to Liza about his new business ventures. 

All of Charles' actions up until now have been reactionary in terms of what has happened to him.

He's looking for his next passion project because he was forced to leave Empirical otherwise Quinn wouldn't invest, and it would be run into the ground.  

Considering he's a calculated risk taker, I could see him keeping things under wraps as he tries to figure out his next moves.

It's possible the next move is in publishing considering both his and Zane's background. 

Out of My Element  - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

If that's the case, it makes sense why he's being secretive knowing how tight Liza and Kelsey are. 

And yet, Charles' next steps shouldn't matter. 

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If you think about it, Charles is exactly where Liza was in Younger Season 1

He's divorcing -- a pesky reminder that he's still legally married to Pauline -- and he just lost a job. 

A Charming Couple - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

Liza of all people should understand wanting to figure things out on your own terms and doing whatever it takes to forge a new path. 

Charles made a huge sacrifice for Liza -- one he reminds her of a little too often. But he also did Kelsey a solid by putting her in a publisher position.  

If he plans to go into publishing again with Zane, his decision is independent of both Liza and Kelsey and doesn't affect their duties with Empirical or Millennial in any way.

Will it be awkward if he's a competitor? Of course.

New Normal - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

But why would Liza assume he wouldn't venture back into publishing?

With all of this in play, the "no talking business at home" rule makes even more sense.  

Charles next phase doesn't have to ruin his relationship with Liza, but considering that she's second-guessing her decision and pining over Josh, it probably will.

Kelsey has her work cut out for her, but given how well she handled Quinn, I think she has what it takes.

If she was smart, she'd be taking some classes on the side or seeking out a mentor to understand all the reports, but in terms of making decisions that benefit the company, she knows what she's doing.  

Public Outing - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

Quinn wasn't taking no for an answer when it came to "Claw," so Kelsey's best bet was to take Quinn's offer. 

But the offer on the table wasn't bad by any means. 

If "Claw" flops, Kelsey can blame it on Charles' reign and she'll get Quinn out of her hair forever; if it does well, everyone's happy. 

Younger Season 6 Episode 1 Review: Big Day

I know Kelsey wants to prove herself, and in time she will, but taking free advice from a pro like Charles doesn't hurt. 

Aside from that, Kelsey's got what it takes to make executive decisions that are fresh and innovative. 

Reverse engineering a novel from a screenplay guarantees that it'll be a hit and bring in the revenue Empirical/Millennial so badly needs. 

A Hot Couple - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

A partnership with Reese Witherspoon could be as big of a score for Empirical/ Millennial as Edward L. L. Moore, and it could potentially draw a younger-skewing crowd that will prove that hiring fresh and female blood was worth it. 

Diana dug herself into a hole because of her jealousy over Charles and Liza, but thankfully, she knew how to dig herself out too. 

It takes a big person to admit that they were wrong. 

Diana is a true boss lady, and I have such a soft spot for her, but more often then not, she doesn't deserve Enzo and his good-hearted nature. 

He's so in love with her and half the time, she's embarrassed by him because doesn't fit into the mold.  

He isn't Charles, but that's a good thing.  

Despite her teenage crush, Diana would never work out with someone like Charles. 

She needs someone rough like Enzo who humbles and grounds her while pushing her out of her comfort zone; with Enzo, she feels alive. 

As Lauren put it, they are the couple, so why is everyone seeing it but Diana?

Diana, get your man before someone else does! 

Hopefully, this was a lesson in embracing what she has because it was also her third strike.

Diana is Radiant - Younger Season 6 Episode 2

Lauren: Diva, Enzo, hi, okay. I was just schmoozing the editor of Modern Romance, yes, the Modern Romance, and I think we should submit your story.
Diana: What, what story?
Lauren: Your love story. Come on, the photo of you two embracing, fresh out of the sewer, dripping with American’s digested bounty. It’s gone viral. It’s the story as old as time but fresh as this morning’s flush.
Enzo: Wait, the paper would run our story?
Lauren: It’s just like Romeo and Juliet if Romeo smelled a little bit and there was poop in Juliet’s ear.

Enzo can't keep feeling like a back-up plan! 

What did you think of the episode? 

Does Liza regret how things went down with Josh?

Is the storyline with Josh's baby too faced paced? 

Did Diana deserve a second chance from Enzo?

What is Charles scheming up with Zane?

You know you watch Younger online and leave comments below, so get to it!

Flush With Love Review

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Kelsey: I didn’t even know I was co-hosting this event. Everybody on that list has been in publishing forever. I do not belong here.
Zane: You’re standing in front of a bar, you’ve never belonged anywhere more in your

Maggie: Yeah, well speaking of change that pussy bow needs to go. You look like Nancy Pelosi on the bottom and Melania Trump on top.
Liza: Oh, that’s no fun for anyone.