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Did John pull through his surgery?

On Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 2, it became as clear as ever that changes were in store for the Dutton family. 

While John was sick, Beth stepped in to make sure the family business continued as normal. 

In the process, she proved that she could do the job just as well as some of the other family members. 

Fighting for Respect - Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 2

Meanwhile, Kaycee had to confront a personal dilemma that made him question everything. 

What went wrong?

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Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

[Kaycee drives over a pothole] Kaycee: Sorry. Didn't see that one coming.
John: Jesus. What are you, aimin' for them?

Keith: I did my best to straighten your incision. Looks like your vet used a bread knife. Well, it's healing. Soon you'll be free to terrorize small children at the rec center's pool.
John: Yeah.
Keith: Not a joke. I want you swimmin' twice a week. With an instructor.
John: Oh for God's sake, I know how to swim.
Keith: You don't know how to swim the rehab biz. My office will put you in touch with a rehab counselor. You know, you're in this situation because you didn't listen to your doctor. He saw a mass on your lung and told you to get a CT scan. And now you've just had major surgery for what a pill could have fixed.