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While Emily was getting her footing back on the job, Nick's life felt like it was falling apart on Absentia Season 2 Episode 6.

Emily Byrne is horrible when it comes to personal relationships but when it comes to her job, she's a pro. 

And going undercover in Moldova might be just the thing to get her mojo back.

Undercover in Moldova - Absentia

Emily and Cal work exceptionally well together, even during the moments when they are quietly sniping at one another. 

They've got cover stories, no back up, and only each other to rely on and that appears to work for them. 

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If I weren't hoping for a reconciliation between Emily and Tommy, I might just be shipping her and Cal. 

But that would make Emily's life even more complicated, if that's even possible, and these two make such wonderful partners that I hope they keep things professional. 

A Club in Moldova - Absentia Season 2 Episode 6

Watching these two go undercover in the exotic, high-end dance club was fun as Emily was courted by businessmen and Cal hung out with the mercenaries in the smoking section. 

It always adds excitement when characters go undercover and there was no doubt Cal and Emily were going to find trouble in Moldova. 

I had to laugh when Cal said something to Emily about keeping a low profile. The only thing low was the plunging neckline on Emily's dress.

There was no way that Emily, aka Sasha, wasn't going to be noticed in that outfit.  

Getting Attention - Absentia Season 2 Episode 6

Even without Emily's attention-getting outfit, Cal found he had friends in the neighborhood, whether he wanted them or not.

Emily: So much for keeping a low profile.
Cal: Yeah, well he has no idea I’m Bureau.
Emily: He knows your real name.
Cal: Half the guys in here are working under an alias.
Emily: And what if he looks into my cover?
Cal: I don’t think it’s your cover that he’s interested in.
Emily: I don’t care what you think. Focus on the job.

When Emily walked off with the Night Watch guy putting the moves on her, I kept wondering what her plan was. 

I expected that he was hoping to take her to a private room to have sex, not to the restroom to rape her at knifepoint!

Nothing was more satisfying than watching Emily Byrne beat the hell out of the guy, because you know she's far from the first woman he's done that too and it's doubtful that any of the others were able to kick his ass the way Emily could. 

Help at Knifepoint - Absentia Season 2 Episode 6

When she knocked, or should I say kicked him unconscious and grabbed his knife, I knew she was going for that microchip in his arm. 

But when Emily ran outside and bought the motorcycle from that couple, I thought she was planning to ditch Cal.

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Thankfully he was quick to catch up with her, but would she have gone back inside to find him? I hope so, but I'm not convinced. Emily is such a lone wolf that it woudn't have shocked me if she took off on her own. 

When the guy Emily had beaten turned up once again, I was stunned that he didn't return the favor and take the time to beat her, but I guess he had other priorities. 

Trapped Under Water - Absentia Season 2 Episode 6

Thank goodness Cal understood Emily's issues when they had to jump into that water, otherwise she could have panicked and drowned. 

I wonder if this will mean water is no longer such a trigger for Emily after this, or if it will make it that much worse. 

Time will tell. 

But first they have to find Rex Wolfe and escape Moldova. 

Was Rex the person who hit the two of them from behind or was it just some delivery driver protecting his truck? 

Neither would be good for Cal and Emily. They could wake up in Rex's hands or they could end up in a local Moldova prison with no one to come to their aid. 

Alice Gets Bad News - Absentia Season 2 Episode 6

Back home things weren't going well for Nick and Alice.

Alice had been holding on to the hope that having a child of their own could save her and Nick's marriage. 

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Or maybe Alice needed a baby to give her the will to fight for her marriage and stay with Nick because it was clear when talking to her therapist that the only reason she's still there is for Flynn. 

But when the doctor told Alice to get a hobby or find a passion, I don't think he meant her brother-in-law Jack!

Nick's Moral Dilemma - Absentia Season 2 Episode 6

Nick is completely blind and dismissive to his wife's pain as he struggles with his own issues.

Alice: Maybe talking to a professional would help.
Nick: I’m not one of your clients.
Alice: Well, maybe I wouldn’t have to play counselor if you’d get some help instead of repressing everything with this Captain America facade. You’re not the only one with problems.
Nick: You can’t begin to understand.

Flynn was being a typical kid. Last week he was terrified of death and this week he's bragging to his friends about how his Dad pumped some terrorist full of bullets.

Nick should have taken the opportunity to talk to his son about the seriousness of taking a life and how it's not as cool as the video games make it out to be. 

Nick has every right to be upset about what's happening at work but lashing out at Flynn was immature and short-sighted, especially given what the kid has been through and how important it is for him to feel safe with his parents. 

Granted, Nick can't share the details of the job with Alice, but I don't think Julianne gave him the answers he was hoping to hear.

Julianne: This has been an exceptionally difficult time for you.
Nick: Being the poster boy for the convoy lie.
Julianne: You are just doing your job.
Nick: I don’t remember this part in the oath we took.
Julianne: Our job is to keep America safe and allow our citizens to sleep well at night. I’d say the greater good is being served. Whether you believe it or not, you’re serving your country honorably.

Which lead us to Crown...

Crown Makes a Deal - Absentia Season 2 Episode 6

Is the man really that naive that he thinks Erica won't ask Nick questions about the number of guards on the transport and why it was less than it should have been?

And can Nick keep up the lie on camera knowing the world is watching?

Let's find out as we review Absentia Season 2 Episode 7 and don't forget, you can watch Absentia online here at TV Fanatic. 

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Absentia Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

[to a dancer] Don’t let them write your history for you.


Crown: As far as the public is concerned, Rex Wolfe does not and can not exist.
Nick: Is this because I screwed up or are you just covering your ass?
Crown: It’s neither. It’s orders. HQ. This way you get to be a hero.
Nick: No, I get to be a liar.