When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Disputing Hearts

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A growing town can be a town in trouble.

On When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 6, when Henry buys mineral rights to certain properties in Hope Valley, feuds erupt. But that may not be his only worry once he strikes oil on the land he bought from Jesse.

Elsewhere, Florence gets her first job, and Elizabeth worries about Allie's inability to connect with other children.

Flummoxed - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 6

Let's not beat aroud the bush. All of what I've already listed isn't anywhere near as distressing as what's happening with Rosemary.

When we first saw that she was going to be talking with Carson about her health, I thought she might be concerned because she hadn't conceived a child yet.

After all, she's seeing what a joy it is to raise a child as she and Leland are very connected to Elizabeth and little Jack.

But now I'm not so sure.

The Doctor's Office - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 6

Rosemary is throwing herself into her work.

Clara can't even keep up, but Rosemary keeps forging ahead, making promises that she might not be able to deliver.

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She visited with Carson and said something just didn't feel right. Is that why she's working so hard? So that she doesn't have to think about what is wrong in her life?

They said, essentially, nothing about Rosemary's issue, but Carson knew she needed to talk with Leland, so it didn't hurt so much. What hurts?

Is Rosemary disillusioned about her relationship with Leland because he's to involved with work?

On When Calls The Heart Season 6 Episode 5, Rosemary was worried about her friendship with Elizabeth and suggested it was dying on the vine.

If Rosemary is feeling like this about her closest relationships, it might be more than not having a child in her life that is concerning her. Could Rosemary be depressed?

When Calls the Heart Review: Surprise

When Calls the Heart addresses a lot of issues that wouldn't seem to fit into 1920's way of life, but depression isn't something that came along later. It's always been affecting people.

Rosemary moved to Hope Valley at first because of her connection to Jack. She was a city girl, like Elizabeth, which is why they eventually hit it off despite their initial shared interest in Jack.

Her life has gone through significant change in a short time.

It's entirely plausible that she needs more from her husband than he's giving her. I've always thought their relationship was adorable, but if it's a big deal to eat dinner together, then what else is suffering in their lives?

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I hope they talk soon because until then I'm going to worry one of my favorite married couples on television is going to hit the skids. 

That would be terrible!

A New Face in Town - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 6

They are going through a really tough time at the mill, too.

Leland is genuinely concerned for his business, and it's taking a lot more out of him than he imagined.

Henry, of course, plays a part in that because he started squabbles over what happened with mineral rights to his neighbors' properties. 

You do realize the mess you've created with these options of yours. Setting neighbor against neighbor is now affecting my business.


I liked how the adults feuding played so well into what was happening with Allie at school, too.

She's just getting her feet wet in a new town, and she's already not that interested in other kids because moving around has kept her from making lasting friendships.

A Dispute on the Farm - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 6

That's tough on a little girl who has also lost her parents, but being solitary might look like a better option to her if all she sees are adults at each other's throats.

Lawson: I'm just trying to get my fair share of an oil option McGowan gave to Richard.
Elizabeth: So you're going to take him to court?
Lawson: I've got to stand up for what's right.
Elizabeth: For what's right or what makes you the most money? Look, I'm a teacher, but so are you, Mr. Lawson. Every day at home, you're setting an example about how to be. You're better than this.

Even the kids in school are affected by what Henry did in town. 

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And, of course, he struck oil. He struck it on Jesse's property, and even though Clara is trying to keep Jesse from making a big deal about it, Jesse feels even more cheated than the people who weren't involved at all.

The problem with the way Henry handled his oil exploration is that he didn't fully explain how it all works to those he was offering money, and they understood so little of it that it didn't help when their friends didn't get the same deal.

Sheriff Bill - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 6

With Bill taking on the role of a judge soon, it appears he'll be helping to tame the dispute.

Still, it's easy to miss Abigail at this time because she was the character who had the best relationships with everyone in town.

It would have been easier for her to smooth things over than it is for the men who are just a little more brusque and don't have quite the guiding hand that Abigail had.

Everyone is suffering that loss even if they now act as if they never knew her.

Chatting on the Street - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 6

Am I the only one who also misses the cafe? There was something so welcoming about the cafe, and with all the work that went into Abigail getting it and keeping it, there was a lot of love that came with it.

It was a calming place where now everyone goes to the mercantile or Queen of Hearts. Those locations don't have the same feel.

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Was Faith's call with her father after many years always going to take place standing up at a store? I'd like to hope not.

I did enjoy Bouchard and Elizabeth talking about the library.

Beautiful Bouchard - When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 6

And can we also note he asked her to call him Lucas? 

The preview shows that Elizabeth isn't going to handle news from Nathan that Bouchard might be helping her with a library out of an interest in Elizabeth, but why would she take Nathan's word over Bouchard's?

Can Elizabeth only trust a Mountie? She's supposed to look inside people and see deeper than others who can view each other shallowly.

The little town of Hope Valley is suffering from growing pains.

Neighbors are at each other's throats over money. Women need fancy dresses in record time. Nobody has time to sit and share a cup of coffee anymore. And Bill is about to become a judge.

Remember when the streets were bare, and there was only one large employer nearby? Oh, Coal Valley. Everything is so different now!

How do you feel about things? Are you worried about Rosemary? What do you think is going to come of the whole oil fiasco?

Chat with me, Hearties!!

Disputing Hearts Review

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When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

You do realize the mess you've created with these options of yours. Setting neighbor against neighbor is now affecting my business.


Bill, if I can't get my logs through, I'm going to lose one of the biggest contracts I've ever had.