The Village Season 1 Episode 10 Review: I Have Got You

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Is anyone else still crying?

The Village Season 1 Episode 10 came for our feelings with an installment that was full of sentamentality and good old-fashioned sweetness.

It was an hour of ups and downs, but mostly ups. There was nothing to dislike about the way things came to an end this season. 

Tense Conversation - The Village Season 1 Episode 10

Unless you're a Nick and Sarah fan. 

But even then, can you be upset at her for taking a chance with Ethan?

You can't turn away a man who stays at the hospital waiting for you all night after only one shortened date, AND shows up the next day with food. 

The guy has some serious game. 

Happy Gabe - The Village Season 1 Episode 10

Speaking of game, Enzo knocked his proposal to Gwendolina out of the park. 

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Enzo's quest to find Gwendolina and their subsequent romance has been such a delight.

It was a bit wacky and unconventional at times, but it always felt genuine. 

Two people met, connected, and found the companionship they thought they would never have again.

Considering how eagerly Enzo jumped into this relationship, it made sense that he would jump into an engagement the same way. 

Disheveled Ben - The Village Season 1 Episode 10

As usual, Gabe was right by his side, making him feel comfortable and giving him unbridled support. 

There are so many great dynamics on this show, but truly none are better than Gabe and Enzo.

Gabe's insistence that Enzo propose with Rosemary's ring was such a moving and beautiful sentiment.

It once again showed how much respect and admiration Gabe has for his grandfather. 

Angry Ron - The Village Season 1 Episode 10

And how about Enzo swallowing his pride and asking his greatest enemy to assist in such a pivotal moment in his life?

We need a season two of The Village for so many reasons, but none greater than us needing to see the amazingly romantic wedding that Enzo would put together. 

I will attend my surgery. But I will not let this cancer take me from my girls.

Patricia [to Ron]

The Enzo proposal was a solid B plot this hour, but the main storyline was Katie's complicated delivery. 

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Major kudos to both Michaela McManus and Grace Van Dien for giving everything they had in that delivery sequence. 

It was hard to watch at times, but beautifully acted. 

We've seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows when it comes to their relationship, but in those moments in the delivery room, all the hard times were suddenly gone. 

It was just a mother comforting her daughter on the most difficult day of her life. 

Katie's heart never seemed sold on the idea of adoption.

It felt much more like a choice she was making out of fear, rather than a choice she was making out of desire. 

Sharing A Moment - The Village Season 1 Episode 10

And when her relationship with Sarah collapsed, she gravitated towards Claire.

But it still didn't feel like she was ever going to be willing to walk away from her son's life.  completely;

The moment she laid eyes on him you just knew she wasn't going to go through with the adoption. 

It was truly something special to see Nick, Sarah, and Katie in that nursery with the next generation of the Porter/Campbell clan. 

Reaching Out - The Village Season 1 Episode 10

Nick and Katie haven't gotten a chance to get beyond surface level with one another.

Bt it felt like the tide shifted when they spoke in her hospital room. 

The past can not be changed, but the future is a work in progress.

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If Katie is willing to accept the past and work on forging a bond with her father, the sky is the limit for these two. 

I will attend my surgery. But I will not let this cancer take me from my girls.

Patricia is a beautiful person, and the way she looks after all the residents of her building is incredible. 

And now she needs God to look after her. 

We're left on a bit of a cliffhanger not knowing the outcome of the surgery.

But let's keep the faith that Patricia comes out better than ever.

Patricia Thinks - The Village Season 1 Episode 10

Everything Else

  • Everyone visiting Katie mere hours after she gave birth is so far-fetched but completely in line with everything we've come to expect from this extended family. 
  • No Ava this week, but Dana was back to push Ben in her direction. Did anyone else think Ben was going to get up and follow Dana after she proclaimed that Derek wouldn't want him to give up on the woman he loves? 
  • Gordon has been a jerk all season, but he came through this week and was there for his father when he needed him. I don't think Gordon will be showing up at Smalls anytime soon to share a beer with his old man, but it was an extremely kind-hearted gesture. 
  • Liam loves Katie, and Katie loves Liam. He's been there through a lot with Katie and has never wavered. 
  • Katie naming her son Cooper? Cue all the tears!

The Village Season 1 has been a very emotional ride, and hopefully we are blessed with some more rides in the future. 

There was a lot to like, but still room for improvement. 

But overall it was a solid watch, and the characters and stories deserve more time to develop. 

Let me know what you thought about the finale and the season as a whole

And watch The Village online so you can join the conversation!

I Have Got You Review

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The Village Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I will attend my surgery. But I will not let this cancer take me from my girls.

Patricia [to Ron]

Gabe: Pop, what's wrong?
Enzo: I wanna get married again.