Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Thicker Than Money

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We're gearing up for yet another battle between the Carringtons and the Colbys, but this one seems uninspired. 

We've known that Blake is a shady snake, but on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21 he proved he'll do anything to save his own ass. 

At least he's found a partner in crime in Cristal. 

I'm Gunna Get Them - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21

If anyone was played by Cristal, it was me. 

I wanted to believe that she was gearing up to leave Blake to save her family, and admittedly, felt a pang of disappointment when I realized she willingly turned on Culhane to protect her husband. 

Blake deserves everything that's happening to him but with his rich male mentality, he thinks he's above all of it. 

With Cristal's help, he swiftly sold Culhane out to the FBI and made them believe Culhane was playing them the whole time.

Blake Carrington playing the victim card, hysterical. 

But Culhane also had it coming because he never seems to learn his lesson.

He should have known that getting involved with the Carringtons was a bad idea, that trying to take Blake down was a losing battle, and that moving out of Atlanta was the better choice.

Once the FBI arrests him, his only fighting chance will be Jeff Colby and Dominique. 

Colby's hungry to give Blake a taste of his own medicine but thus far, his efforts haven't been successful. 

Colby and his estranged mom don't have what it takes to bring him down.

I haven't seen anyone outmaneuver Blake and Adam yet, so it's difficult for me to believe that they could stand a chance. 

Plus, who knows what Dominique is hiding?

She has a past we're not clued into yet, but she seems adamant about it remaining a secret. 

Maybe she's offering to help her son so she could sabotage him?

When Dominique met with her half-brother briefly, Blake threatened to expose her lies if she didn't call off Colby. 

So far, we know she has another family, but what arrangement did she have with Blake?

Blake Carrington after a night in federal custody? This is definitely my new favorite show.

Jeff Colby

How are they both holding up their end of the bargain?

Dominique's past leaves a lot of question marks, but I can't say her arrival has piqued my curiosity much. 

Similar to Alexis, Dominique's characters feels lackluster, much like this whole episode.  

It didn't hold much substance; a lot happened but nothing really changed. 

The writers attempted to give Sammy Jo a storyline but seeing him go on a bender with his newly acquired billions underscored how lonely Sammy is right now.

He doesn't have Steven anymore, Fallon's preoccupied with building her dynasty, and he's all alone. 

You're Going After Papa? - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21

Sammy Jo has resorted to buying strangers drinks at the bar in hopes of feeling some temporary love.

Anders kept pressuring him about making an investment in his future and quite frankly, purchasing a hotel doesn't seem like a shabby idea. 

That is if Sammy runs it in a way that makes him money. 

For now, all of his ideas with Diego, who is very clearly shaping up to be Sammy's new love interest, are about giving back. And while I'm for sharing the wealth, it isn't lucrative. 

Don't worry sis, I won't bite. And I'm very much looking forward to working underneath you.


Then again, I do like that Sammy hasn't completely forgotten where he's come from.

He knows that having piles of money wasn't always his reality so he's standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves. 

It's not the Carrington way, but it's impressive that they haven't ruined him like mostly everyone that's stepped foot inside the Manor. 

Unfortunately, Sammy ruined all of that by turning around and degrading Anders by calling him "just a butler."

Anders takes pride in his job; he feels respected and important. 

FBI  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21

And he should -- running the household for rich, entitled people is hard work. 

He's not just a butler, he has a whole staff he manages. He's Blake's right-hand man; the fixer. 

Sure, he may not have a life outside of the Carrington Manor, but not everyone wants one. 

Sammy was visibly frustrated with Anders' criticisms of how he's living his life, but at the moment, Anders is the only one who's genuinely looking out for him.

When Anders collapsed in the middle of the street and stopped breathing, my heart sank. 

Anders is the glue that holds everything together. We can't lose him.

Sammy can't lose him either. Otherwise, he'll be completely alone. 

Fallon has a lot on her plate after she became interim CEO of Atlantix if only to keep Colby and Culhane's grubby hands from taking control of the team. 

You Sabotaged Me - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21

While she wanted to help her father, it wasn't a good business decision for Femperial. 

Yes, she ended up scoring JC's book by the end of the episode, but getting involved in her father's team was unnecessary.

And the most irritating part of it all is that Fallon continues to fix her father's messes without question.

Her blind loyalty is getting old. 

Anders: I already had a vacation. With you, remember?
Sammy: That was barely an afternoon.
Anders: And Blake got arrested.
Sammy: That was bound to happen eventually.

There's no reason she should be hurting her own dynasty simply because of her father's missteps. 

However, it seemed like Fallon was just happy to be the "favorite" and "most trusted" child again even though, in reality, Blake left her out of the loop for the real plan that involved Adam. 

Why does Blake trust Adam so much? Why doesn't he see through the creepiness?

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Anything that involves Adam immediately makes my blood boil. 

Why is Fallon still allowing her life to be controlled by him?

Blake may want her to get along with her brother, but she's a grown woman who makes her own decisions.

She doesn't have to listen to daddy, and she shouldn't have to bend over backward to accommodate him. 

Anytime he's around, something bad happens. 

Get Out of Town  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21

And what's with Adam's subtle sexual commentary towards her?

If you watch Dynasty online, you know Adam will do anything to destroy Fallon, but I never expected him to go as far as to dress up as her and break into the Atlantix offices. 

What's he going to blame on her? The poisonous paint?

Clearly, when Colby confronted Adam and told him about the man who fell ill after painting his office, Adam looked triggered. 

I could see him pinning it all on Fallon to save his own ass.

While I rooted for Liam and Fallon in the beginning, it's upsetting that Liam's starting to become just as pointless as Culhane. 

What's with the writers and not being able to write strong male characters that stand alongside Fallon?

I know she's badass, but why is it that every guy she dates acts as though he's her assistant?

Keep Up Your End - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21

Does Liam not have anything else going on?

Some book promo? Literally anything. 

Instead, he spent the episode apologizing for Fallon, doing her work for her, and defending her against her psycho half-brother. 

I'm just glad Fallon and Kirby made up because what would Femperial be without its Director of Digital Content?

Fallon needs Kirby more than she's willing to admit. 

I don't even think it was Fallon's pride that caused their fight but the fact that she's used to doing everything herself. 

She doesn't like relying on anyone else because they can't do as good of a job as she does.

Accepting that Kirby can do some of her work will be a huge adjustment. 

Oh, and Kirby and Culhane finally patched things up. 

Since the FBI is probably already on their way to get him, they have a limited relationship window but it's a start. 

Will Fallon protect Culhane when the FBI pin everything on him?

Will she believe her father?

What is Dominque lying about?

Will Anders survive?

Thicker Than Money Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Blake Carrington after a night in federal custody? This is definitely my new favorite show.

Jeff Colby

Don't worry sis, I won't bite. And I'm very much looking forward to working underneath you.