Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Code of the Hawaladar

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Lots of action but not a lot of movement.

That seems to be the pattern for Danny, Lexi and the rest of the good guys on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 3.

Not that it's easy to tell who the good guys are on this series.

Deciphering the Code -- Tall - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 3

Let's see, there's Danny the choir boy, Lexi the thief and Gwen the stiff Interpol agent.

Then there's Father Chuck, the personification of the Irish priest, but with a Boston accent instead of a brogue.

Dead Drop - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 3

That's about the only sure thing.

After coming under Lexi's suspicion, Asim ended up being a good guy. RIP.

And Farouk is definitely the villain of the piece, planning something apocalyptic that utilizes the sarcophagi of Antony and the missing Cleopatra.

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The rest of up in the air: Aiden Shaw, Captain Fabi, Simon Hardwick, all driven at least to some degree by self-interest.

This treasure hunt, as Danny aptly described it, isn't going to be solved quickly.

Actually, there are two treasure hunts. While Farouk searches for Cleopatra for his nefarious purposes, all manner of law enforcement is seeking Farouk.

Jovial Host - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 3

Unfortunately, Farouk is at a decided advantage. He answers to no one and has henchmen who are seeking his approval with whom to deal.

Meanwhile, those wanting to find Farouk have all sorts of international red tape to work around.

Danny and Lexi are in the best position to make progress because they don't have any government agencies to which they must answer. Freelancing is good in this case.

Danny needs to lower the bar and follow Lexi's lead, since being scruple-free would allow them to explore a greater number of possible options.

Lexi was right to keep any clues they recovered to themselves, at least for a while, because it's impossible to tell who they can trust, even on the side of the law.

About the only person they can be confident about was Father Chuck, who is always going to land on Danny's side.

Open Fire - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 3

The most enjoyable interactions this episode was between Chuck and Lexi. All he knew about her before she and Danny had landed in Rome is that she had broken Danny's heart, a major strike against her in Chuck's eyes.

But as they worked together to decode the contact's ledger, he got to learn what made her the damaged woman she is while she got to find out more about Danny and why Chuck is so protective of him.

It's clear that Lexi's bravado is her armor, to protect her from what a cruel world might dish out. And Danny's that Boston altar boy, trying to do the right thing even to his detriment.

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Chuck may even like her now as long as she doesn't hurt Danny again.

The padre even used baseball to snap Danny out of his funk after Asim's selfless death, and got he and Lexi to talk, really talk, about what they're feeling.

How long until they're back together? It's be a while, as the action isn't going to allow for too many quiet moments between them. Also crashing to Chuck's isn't likely to help.

Recuperating Rogue - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 3

Danny proved to be too kind for his own good. The interpreter singing Danny's praises ruined their plan of having him as Aiden when meeting Aiden's contact.

Then the brawl broke out. Danny held his own, then Gwen swooped in to clean things up in a hurry. She seems to be the most kick-ass fighter on their side.

Even worse, Aiden slipped out of his handcuffs and got away. He's a slippery one who has escaped each episode.

I'm not sure where he's going since Farouk tried to kill him and never paid him. Unless he's got a major stash somewhere, he would be better off in protective custody.

Surely he'll be back again. Aiden knows too much for Danny and Lexi to let him stay lost.

Gwen seems to be a straight shooter, but we need to learn more about her. For instance, have she and Danny ever been anything more than colleagues?

Mysterious Cop - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 3

Captain Fabi is part of the group that's protecting the Cleopatra sarcophagus. As such, he seems to be deliberately obstructing the investigation while still trying to track down Farouk.

But why did that group take Cleopatra in the first place and why have they kept it all these many decades?

And how did they get it away from the Nazis who originally stole it from that tomb in the pyramid?

Finally, what happens when the two sarcophagi are reunited? They spent centuries together without incident, so why does Farouk want them so badly?

Stuck in the Middle - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 3

And how does Danny think Farouk can use them to start an all-out war between East and West? Is there some mystical component?

This episode spawned a lot of questions but precious few answers?

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Fortunately, there was plenty of action, the early brawl and the later firefight at the dead-drop site, during which Asim was killed protecting Lexi.

So it appears that everyone will be heading to Germany next episode, although I can't believe it's still in that country.

To piece this puzzle together, watch Blood & Treasure online.

Don't you love Father Chuck?

Is Lexi reforming?

What's Farouk's end game?

Comment below.

Code of the Hawaladar Review

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