TV Ratings Report: Riverdale Falls to Series Low

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The CW's Riverdale returned from another mini-hiatus on Wednesday, and it seems like the scheduling is affecting the ratings for it.

Riverdale Season 3 Episode 18 had 0.8 million total viewers and a 0.2 rating in the demo. That demo rating is a series low.

Thankfully, the show is already renewed for another season.

Ringside Rest - Riverdale Season 3 Episode 18

Jane The Virgin (0.7 million/0.2 rating) inched up in total viewers but was flat in the demo.

Over on CBS, Survivor was steady with 7.8 million viewers and a 1.5 rating.

The Amazing Race returned with 5.8 million total viewers and a 1.2 rating in the demo. It was down from last year's premiere but right on par with the previous season's average.

Rescue in Mumbai - SEAL Team

SEAL Team benefited from the increased lead-in, inching up a tenth to 4.6 million viewers and a 0.7 rating, easily leading the 10 PM slot.

ABC's Whiskey Cavalier (2.8 million/0.5 rating) logged a new low in total viewers while matching a series low in the demo.

Given that the show is not owned by ABC and is pulling in these ratings, it will likely be canceled in the coming weeks.

Making Another Move - Empire Season 5 Episode 15

Empire (3.8 million/1.1 rating) and Star (3.3 million/0.9 rating) were steady for Fox.

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Riverdale Quotes

Cheryl: Ummm, did you have a lobotomy for breakfast? You’re wearing my signature color!
Toni: You don’t own the color red. Red existed before you.
Cheryl: Not at Riverdale High. Here, I invented red. I am red.
[Cheryl snaps her fingers and two girls stand behind her]
Cheryl: Sorry, but this school is not big enough for the both of us, faux-pink lady. And I was here first. Go to Centerville High or Westerberg, I don’t care. But you have until first bell Monday to clear every trace of yourself out of these halls. Copy?
[Cheryl flips her hair in Toni’s face and walks away]

Archie: Ronnie, when I first met you … you were it for me. Everything I could ever wanted. I saw our whole future.
Veronica: Because we’re endgame, Archie.
Archie: I hope you know how much I love you.
Veronica: If you loved me, you would come home.
Archie: God, Ronnie, you know in your heart that I’m right about this. It just hurts to admit it.
Veronica: Don’t you make me say goodbye, Archie Andrews, because I don’t wanna hear it back. I can’t. I can’t.
[She drops the phone, cries, and Kevin consoles her]