The Resident Season 2 Episode 22 Review: Broker and Broker

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The saga with Jessie's declining health continued on The Resident Season 2 Episode 22, and Nic was dangerously close to taking a risk which could've cost her everything.

Conrad struck some form of deal with Bell to put Jessie on Chastain's transplant list, but what the hell did he do?!

Making Sacrifices - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 22

I know the bulk of the hour was about Nic's moral quandary as she struggled with what to do to save her sister, and it was of importance and what the season finale will revolve. However, Mina's Hangover-inspired drunken night and her time spent trying to recall what she did with her bro-squad were HILARIOUS.

On behalf of my people can you please put the yarmulka down.


Dare I say it was the highlight of the hour? Of course, it could also be because of her realization that she does have feelings for the Raptor. The Resident does a fantastic job with the lighter fare, and the burst of fun friendships and dynamics are a blast.

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Nic was about to do some illegal and shady things, but the real crime is that we missed out on Mina and Grayson's eventful night together and Grayson's footage.

Mina's Hangover  - The Resident Season 2 Episode 22

Grayson has become one of the funniest additions to the cast, and the more time we spend with him, the more entertaining he is. Grayson had receipts about Mina letting loose and singing karaoke. At some point, she ended up in Bell's suit and wearing a yarmulka. Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

If only we could have heard her confession about her love of dinosaurs. Grayson thought she was speaking about real dinosaurs and velociraptors. Her besties knew she was talking about a certain bearded handsome-pants with a voice like velvet.

Finding His Birth Parents - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 21

Mina has regrets about what happened with Micah, but she has all the feels for AJ, and I have tons of feelings about this 'ship even though I understand her reservations. Devon --quasi-little bro -- wasn't above poking fun at Mina, but he tried to give her some advice too.

While it's hilarious that the resident disaster child in relationships was trying to give out advice, all the Mevon scenes the series has given us this season are delightful little nuggets of happiness and sunshine. They're so stinking cute!

Grayson: Those are memories. Grayson and Mina, first grina adventure ever.
Mina: Last adventure ever. Clearly, I came to my senses and went to the golf course for some peace and quiet.
Grayson: Not before pouring your heart out about how much you love surgery and dinosaurs.
Mina: Dinosaurs?
Devon: That's crazy.
Irving: Unexpected.
Grayson: Yeah, specifically velociraptors.

Mina's reservations about their professional dynamic and the disparity in their power dynamic are understandable though. Overall, I get it. However, they have worked together as equals for so long; it doesn't feel as though it applies to them.

Feel free to gush with me in the comment section about all things QueenRaptor.

Mina's night out also brought Taylor to the hospital with her after their crash collision in a golf course. It also brought about a whole other level of funnies with Dr. Bell.

Unhappy Patient - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 22

I cannot fight the love I have for his character, and I refuse to fight it. Sure, sometimes, he remains awful, but he has also evolved so damn much. He's like the problematic uncle at the family gathering who you can't quite hate. He's so Bell, but he's our Bell, you know?

Somehow, he had all the swagger and sexy while sitting in the club with Grayson of all people, and the way he eviscerated douchy Diego was optimal viewing which may require a rewatch.

He also fell into those old habits while trying to hustle Taylor for donations though. In hindsight, it was evident things wouldn't go according to plan for Bell, but he was working all the angles to finagle money from Taylor.

Three marriages and the only seed of mine that can find its way to an egg is that jackass what are the odds? Your fathers' words, not mine. In hospice the last thing he said to me was Randolph, children are a poor man's riches, my son is a rich man's biggest failure. Enjoy Vegas, kid. I hope you have better luck than your father did.


Thirteen grand is still a heck of a lot of money, so Bell's quest wasn't a complete failure. Am I the only one who couldn't stop laughing when he whipped the pen out with the speed of lightning so Taylor could sign?

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AJ knew what Bell was up to, and he couldn't be bothered to say much about it. However, in this review's "I love the Raptor" section, AJ beating Taylor's chest as if they were bongos was hilarious, and he changed the time for his surgery so Mina could be there.

When will your fave ever?!

Bell's Forecast? Extra Shady! -Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 22

Now that the fun is out of the way, we must discuss all things Nic. Conrad took a backseat for most of the hour, which is something I'm sure will have many of you pouting. However, Alec has signed off, and many of you will rejoice over that.

Alec set Nic up with Elliot, who was an organ broker who was played by the brilliant John Noble (who is up there with Morgan Freeman with having a godly voice).

The storyline was designed to put Nic in a sticky situation where she considered doing something she would never do for the sake of her sister. Nic is somewhat sympathetic, but she's been such an irritation for the past few installments.

Nic: How many times have I watched you cross a line for a patient -- a stranger to you. This is my sister. Be honest, if it were me and I needed a kidney, what would you do?
Conrad: Anything.

Alec has somehow devolved to this character whose singular focus was to pursue Nic by any means necessary. He was adamant about Nic taking this black-market organ donation avenue, but if it didn't do anything, it highlighted how little he knows about Nic.

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If he cared her about her as much as claimed he did, he wouldn't have put her in a position where she could lose everything including her sister taking such a huge risk. It would've eaten her up inside if she went through with it.

Conrad may not be with Nic, but he knows her, and it's a relief Jessie trusts Conrad so much she shares things with him.

Jessie is Scared

Conrad and Alec's confrontation was beyond frustrating. Alec was smug for no good reason; he doesn't know Nic well, and nothing happening was a game. It's like he has been competing for Nic all this time, but he was the only one aware there was a competition happening.

Conrad sure as hell wasn't giving him the time of day or threatened by him. He was barely a blip on Conrad's radar if they weren't working a case together. He was a needless jerk to Conrad when they were speaking about the brokering situation.

Nothing about Alec made sense, and now that he's gone, I don't know why we needed him in the first place. It's nothing against Miles Gaston Villanueva, but in the end, the character didn't serve much of a purpose.

Who Knows Nic Best - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 22

Conrad's words weren't enough to discourage Nic. She instead chose to point out how he often takes risks and does things he shouldn't for people he doesn't even know. She knows if it were her in need of a kidney, he would do whatever it took to get it for her. He couldn't disagree with her.

Nic realized the donor would get a meager fraction of the money Elliot demanded. He was a greedy man profiting off of other people's pain and desperation. Did we ever find out where Nic got all her cash?

Nic saw the light, but it didn't sound as though Jessie would survive the procedure anyway. There were too many variables in the process to be reliable or a sure thing.

Doctors can be bought just like kidneys.

Jessie showed off her 60-day chip, which was a great reminder of how she has remained clean thus far. She overdid it when she started blaming Bell for the trial and everything though.

We can sympathize with Jessie all we want, but it loses something if she doesn't take accountability for how she got here. Her organs failing can be as much a culmination of years of addiction taking a toll on her body as anything else. She needs to own the truth there.

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Conrad pulled some strings with Bell to get Jessie on the transplant list, but her heart is failing. She needs a kidney sooner rather than later, so the only way this can work out for her is if Nic does reach Kyle in time, and he goes through with the transplant.

Saving Her Sister - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 22

It's a likely scenario.

But again, what the hell did Conrad do for Bell to give in? He had to exchange something or promise something to Bell, but what? Bell is a wildcard, so it's not as bad as making a deal with the devil, but it's irritating nonetheless how Conrad sacrifices for Nic all the time.

Pardon me if I'm a bit bitter on CoNic at the moment.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics! What do you expect to see in the finale?! What did Conrad give up for the spot on the transplant list? Are you thrilled Alec is gone?

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Will Mina and AJ make things official sooner than we thought?! How much do you love Grayson?! Would you also watch a full side series of Mina, Devon, Irving, and Grayson?! Hit the comments below!

If you need a refresher before the season finale, you can watch The Resident online here via TV Fanatic!

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