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Nothing is simple in the world of The Code.

A Marine lieutenant got attacked because a couple of yahoos thought that she shouldn't be allowed to lead in combat on The Code Season 1 Episode 3.

In some legal dramas, that would be the entire hour. But not on The Code.

Information Leak - Tall - The Code Season 1 Episode 3

That isn't to say Emma didn't get brutally attacked. She still got badly beaten and would end up missing her deployment.

Still, a couple of the men she would end up commanding jumped to her defense.

Also Emma gave as good as she got. All Trey had to do was to call around to local emergency rooms to find recent patients with injuries consistent with what Marines are taught to inflict in close-quarter combat.

Unpleasant Prosecution - The Code Season 1 Episode 3

He found one assailant, who confessed and rolled over on his comrade.

So by the second commercial break, the two buffoons who had attacked Emma, both of whom had washed out of the military, were in custody.

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I don't get what all the fuss is about concerning women in combat. I don't get why it took until 2014 for it to be allowed.

After all, other countries have been allowing women in combat for decades. Stop being backwoods rednecks and accept it already.

But around 40 percent of the country still looks fondly backward to the good old days when women were expected to stay home and only be mothers.

I suppose too much looking ahead isn't going to happen in any profession.

The sad part of this is that the person who ended up getting charged by military lawyers (I suspect the aforementioned yahoos were charged by civilian authorites) was a woman who had pushed for females to get ahead in the military.

Brig. Gen. Daley was just trying to help out Emma.

Maya for the Defense - The Code Season 1 Episode 3

When word got out that Emma's promotion may have stalled because of a scuffle between Marines under her command, Daley tried to force the issue by leaking word of Emma's historic promotion.

Such a maneuver would be admired in any other profession except the military.

There it went against established policy in that most closemouthed of institutions.

Also, there was the unforeseen consequence of Emma being attacked. It's not a friendly world for women who are getting ahead in male-dominated fields, such as, say, combat, so it wasn't surprising that someone reacted, violently.

Who Is Molly Marine - The Code Season 1 Episode 3

Rather than just being satisfied with the win, Harper had to push the issue and go after whoever leaks the news which inadvertently led to the attack on Emma.

I'm enjoying the sassy character of Harper. But enough with the "To Kill a Mockingbird" jokes. That's been beaten to death after only two episodes. 

Let's find out more about her than her parents have a wicked sense of humor and she's engaged to be married to some upper-crust guy named Bard (he's got to be a WASP, right?).

Logic said that it was someone male, either stuck in the past or with a grudge against Emma, saying "Look at what political correctness has gotten us."

Leave it to the ever-efficient Rami, who makes the most of his too-limited airtime, to come up with a method to track the leaker by analyzing the reporter's work and cross-referencing that with those who knew about Emma's upcoming promotion.

Heart to Heart - The Code Season 1 Episode 3

It was a shame that the general's well-meaning efforts to trumpet Emma's accomplishments actually blew up in her face and ended up with her gettng arrested, essentially for leaking.

It was also a shame that Princess took the low road by attacking Emma's integrity by proving that she lied on her officers' training application.

Emma should have know better.

This wasn't a standard college application, where you could get away with a flight of fancy on your essay. In the military, one little mistake such as that could end your career.

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Especially if the men around you were just looking for something to pounce upon.

I always didn't understand why Maya was so hesitant to represent Gen. Daley. This was a woman who had paved the way for other females to advance in the military. So why not help her with this one misstep?

Mother in Limbo - The Code Season 1 Episode 3

But it was the third woman in the department, Glenn, who got Gen. Daley to see the big picture: that she had to take the bullet and retire to preserve the future for women such as Emma.

Rather than just go for the win, Daley did what was right.

The Code continues to find interesting twists in what could be pedestrian cases.

I was glad to find out that Glenn's son Adam was just missing and not killed in action.

Granted, she was dealing with uncertainty but there was still hope, which wouldn't have been the case if he'd been killed.

We finally got some toned-down Abe this episode.

Uncomfortable Situation - The Code Season 1 Episode 3

A lawyer looking to set legal precedence had convinced Alex, the widow of Abe's friend Jason, to file a wrongful-death suit against the military, a case that will only pay off with a victory at the Supreme Court.

Long odds there.

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Abe understood what was at stake. That included his military career, which Glenn reinforced to him.

But he did whatever he could to help Alex, because he feels he still owes Jason for giving him a second life in the military as a lawyer.

He did what was right by testifying. It will be intriguing to see what the fallout will be.

To catch up on this riveting new legal drama, watch The Code online.

Should Gen. Daley even have gone to trial?

Did you do the right thing?

Are you sick of the "To Kill a Mockingbird" references?

Comment below.

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