Happy! Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Some Girls Need A Lot Of Repenting

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So spread sunshine all over the place...

I'm ridiculously susceptible to earworms and after Happy! Season 2 Episode 3, I'll never be able to hear Put On a Happy Face the same way again.

It's been swirling around my brain for a while now, and the imagery is ghastly!

Bebe DeBarge - Tall - Happy! Season 2 Episode 3

Nick is all about Hailey these days, but he's not quite up to par on fatherhood just yet.

He's eager to keep Hailey in her new (Catholic) school and needs money to do it, so he's willing to do just about anything that will ensure that she's alright.

But Nick is about as attentive as a beagle who just escaped from the house.

Besties - Happy! Season 2 Episode 3

His nose is to the ground, and he's all about Hailey, but he loses sight of everything else going on around him.

Well, you can stop thinking about me and start thinking about Hailey because she is the one priority; she is the only priority. Shit. I'm supposed to pick her up from school.


For a former detective who is no longer drinking, he should be seeing things a helluva lot more clearly than he is now. 

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It turns out drinking wasn't his problem. Nick's his own problem.

Hailey is in a heap of trouble right alongside her mother, but Nick isn't processing any of it. Even Happy is losing himself being closer to Nick.

All Thumbs - Happy! Season 2 Episode 3

The truth is I have no idea what the heck is happening on Happy! right now. It's a lot easier to go along for the ride and enjoy the absurdity of it all.

There is a huge statement getting made about the Catholic Church and all of its issues, but I can't equate a bunch of idiotic priests with fetishes with the entirety of the Catholic Church.

Or I don't want to do that. It's too deep for a show that offers laugh out loud moments like Happy!.

Sonny has infiltrated the Catholic Church to such a degree that he's mutilating Easter in the same way he did Christmas.

A Job to Do - Happy! Season 2 Episode 3

Hailey is stuck in the middle of it with her pink rabbit's foot from Smoothie, but she's smarter than the whole lot of them put together.

Other than the destruction of Easter by making it great again, what is going on? I have no idea.

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Smoothie finally let Scoot Sterling out of his cage only to encase him in a giant chocolate Easter bunny being pounded to death at Scoot's own foundation's Easter Egg hunt. 

Talk about gnarly. 

Squishy Face - Happy! Season 2 Episode 3

And it might have been just me, but I got the impression that maybe some of Scoot made it into the chocolate. That would account for why he didn't go with milk chocolate as Sonny would have preferred.

When Amanda went nutso with the chocolate, it was apparent something was off about it but other than getting laced with a mind-altering drug, would Smoothie have added another extra ingredient?

I want to know how Amanda is triggered to kill (she's almost done it twice, hasn't she?) by way of inert behavior. 

It seems like there is something ridiculously dire happening with all the Easter-related activities, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how it will tie into everything else.

School Security - Happy! Season 2 Episode 3

How does everyone at Hailey's school know she's the girl who was accosted by Santa? 

If the story got that much public attention, how did Sonny and Smoothie manage to cover up all of the grizzly stuff they accomplished?

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Merry lost her job, Hailey is believed to be a nut, and now Amanda lost her job because she almost killed a dude in the dental chair. 

Happy: I should have guessed this was Sonny Shine's house. He always has the coolest stuff.
Nick: Huh. You want it, take it.
Happy: I can't steal from Sonny Shine! He's a beloved childhood icon!
Nick: He's a virus made of sewage.
Happy: Agree to disagree!

Merry is hot on the heels of ... something. She's trying to get Sonny because he blackmailed a government official, but she was pissed when the VCR tapes only held Sonny and his sexual exploits.

Two Fingers - Happy! Season 2 Episode 3

Wouldn't seeing Sonny in such a compromising position at least help her case a little? The world sees Sonny as an angel, and he's anything but angelic.

If his show got pulled or the sex tapes leaked, maybe the Catholic Church would cut ties with him. Or is that the point of their introduction? They' don't cut ties with anyone, so Sonny and friends can be as heinous as they wish without ramification.

Geez. That's just frickin' depressing.

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But then we have Smoothie. As full of debauchery as he is, I get the impression he might be looking after Hailey.

Hi. You almost got hurt back there. Aren't you a lucky little girl.


When Hailey took on the bitch (minus her squad), Smoothie was there to ensure she didn't get hurt and even returned her backpack (with her lucky rabbit's foot) to her without much commotion.

What does it mean? Is Smoothie going to turn on Sonny Shine? 

Can She See Happy? - Happy! Season 2 Episode 3

It would be cool if during Happy Season 3 the good guys (such that they are) had someone as messed up on their side in their fight against Sonny.

It could be that Nick is supposed to be that messed up individual, but he's not as determined as Smoothie. Plus, Nick has to look after Hailey now. He can't be torn in two directions because he sucks at it.

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And now we have to talk about Ann Margret. 

Is she a national treasure or what? Nobody can deny Ann Margret!

Her role was mysterious before, but now we learn the hot movie star is married to Sonny? Oh, you go girl.

Holy! I mean, jeepers. Imagine having to lug that thing around all day!


The discovery of the size of Sonny's package almost blew Nick's mind. Knocking the crap out of that dick was great, but it was nothing compared to getting compelled for a hip swivel here and there.

Sonny's Place - Happy! Season 2 Episode 3

Ann Margret still has moves, and not only can we not deny her, but it seems nobody can deny Bebe DeBarge, either!

Happy couldn't leave her side, and even when Nick did leave her side, was still dancing right beside her ... in his mind or something!

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Finally going full bore on the dance moves in the garden was a brilliant scene.I would love to sit one day in the writers' room to hear how they come up with this stuff.

While all of this is happening, Merry is still trying to solve a case and get her job back.

Holy shit, Mer. This is the best crazy-person room I've ever seen.


Put on a Happy Face - Happy! Season 2 Episode 3

She's getting some information from Blue, but I'm still in the dark about Blue's place in Happy! Season 2.

What kind of a useless demon wouldn't be able to get him released for crap's sake?

I guess if Merry can use him, that's a good enough reason for Blue to stick around, but I'd like both of them to get a little more to do.

Merry's been a busy beaver since we first saw her this season. Her crime board went from a part of a wall to a sophisticated web of clues going in multiple directions.

Nick, look at this place. The woman is on the pipe!


What's next for this groovy gang?

Will Hailey get fingered for the death of her bitchy classmate?

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With so much free time on her hands, might Amanda join Merry in trying to put all of the pieces together?

Happy: Holy guacamole, it's Dayglow Doug!
Nick: Who the fuck's Dayglow Doug?

And I'm with Nick on this one. Who the $&%!! is Dayglow Doug??

If you have ideas, toss 'em my way.

Why do you watch Happy!? Will you ever be able to put on a happy face in the same way again?

What's ahead for Easter, anyway??

Hit the comments, friends. I need allies!

Some Girls Need A Lot Of Repenting Review

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Holy! I mean, jeepers. Imagine having to lug that thing around all day!


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