Hanna Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Mother

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Hanna reunited with her father on Hanna Season 1 Episode 6 after a daring escape that left both Marissa and Sawyer in the dust.

The biggest question is why Hanna didn't try to break free from Marissa's grasp before her father arrived.

Danger Ahead - Hanna Season 1 Episode 6

She could have easily killed Marissa at any point during her time in Marissa's custody, but she even let Marissa go when she and her father fled in the helicopter.

It could be that she wasn't sure if even with Marissa gone harm wouldn't come to Sophie and her family.

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Hanna doesn't know anything about Sawyer but knew that people were coming to take her back where she belonged.

Hanna is also still very curious about who she is, and Marissa was the one who promised her answers.

If Marissa died there would be no guarantee she'd ever find out the truth.

Mother - Hanna Season 1 Episode 6

Hanna certainly didn't trust Marissa and was even a bit annoyed when Marissa reminded her that Erik wasn't her father.

And she was definitely pissed after finding out Erik hadn't died after all even giving Marissa a .chance to retract her lie.

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The look on Hanna's face when Erik came into the elevator was priceless. She even smirked when Erik pretended to be Marissa's husband which was great.

I imagine Erik was hiding somewhere near the restaurant when he called her name.

He had to have known she had telepathic abilities (or maybe it was just her keen sense of hearing) which could have been the reason he was calling her name while he was recovering on Elsa's couch on Hanna Season 1 Episode 5.

Free Again - Hanna Season 1 Episode 6

He was trying to find out where she and wanted to let her know that he was okay.

Marissa was completely surprised when Erik showed up, but even in that situation she kept her head on straight and maintained her steely reserve.

She's a cold, callous bitch and how she thinks she can maintain a normal life outside of her job is a question only her psychologist can answer.

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She's also sly and selfish because the only reason she went after Hanna was to gain leverage over Sawyer in an effort to put her working life back to normal.

Marissa has lost touch with reality but if the CIA life is the only thing that gives her comfort then it makes sense for her to try to restore that part of her life.

I'm not sure how Erik figured out where Hanna and Marissa were hiding unless he found out from his computer search.

Not even Sawyer knew that until he tracked her phone (stupid move on Marissa's part for not even thinking he would that.) 

Killing Me - Hanna Season 1 Episode 6

But then again Sawyer is just as stupid for not killing Erik himself instead of leaving it to two guys who were obviously out of Erik's league.

He should have seen that the torture he was inflicting on Erik wasn't working. Erik was still defiant and even though the torture was nearly unbearable, it didn't break him.

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Sawyer is a man out of control, who, like Marissa, has lost all touch with reality.

He is being sucked dry just like Erik told him and no matter what kind of box he throws everything into when he leaves the office, he can never escape the horrors in which he's participated.

As Erik learned to his horror, the Utrax project is alive and well. Marissa might have destroyed her part of the project but someone decided it was worth keeping and started anew.

Marissa won't be happy when she learns Utrax is still going. It was her baby and to keep her out of the loop will be like a slap in the face.

Survivor - Hanna Season 1 Episode 6

It's hard to tell how Marissa will react when she finds out, but with her track record and lack of any sort of humanity, she'll want to be the one in charge.

Sophie and Hanna had the expected break up. 

It wasn't surprising that Sophie would be upset when learned Hanna and Anton had gotten together. It was betrayal at its worst but everything can be forgiven.

Even Erik returned to his old friend Dieter to ask for help.

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It was frustrating that nothing came out of Dan's investigation into the contract he found in the van.

Sophie knew that Marissa wasn't Hanna's mother as she claimed, but Hanna wasn't going to put Sophie and her family at any more risk.

There's still a chance something will come out of that piece of paper, but with Hanna out of her life, the chances are she'll push it right out of her mind.

"Mother" was another solid episode full of tension, drama, thrills and even a bit of humor (Hanna's comment about afraid of being killed at the anxiety conference was another great moment.)

Devastation - Hanna Season 1 Episode 6

There are only two episodes left, and while I'm hoping for the best for Hanna and Erik to live a happy and normal life together, somehow I don't see how the story could end that way.

All those girls who are now part of the new Utrax project might just be sent on their first mission to help Sawyer and Marissa hunt down Hanna and Erik. 

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Erik's been fighting too long and having to face off against who knows how many of them there are (if it comes to that) doesn't bode well for either he or Hanna.

These are new and improved Hannas and their skills are deadly no doubt.

Over to you!

What did you think of "Mother"?

Will Erik and Hanna have a happy ending?

Why didn't Hanna kill Marissa? Why didn't Marissa shoot at Hanna?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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I can already see the fear in your eyes.


She's smarter than the others. Don't look so surprised. You made her that way.