Hanna Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Town

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The sparks flew between Hanna and Anton on Hanna Season 1 Episode 5 when they spotted each other across the room at the party.

Their attraction was instant.

In Love - Hanna Season 1 Episode 5

The only problem for Hanna was that her BFF had a major crush on Anton, and in a girl's world that spells trouble.

Of course, Hanna didn't know the boy that caught her eye was Anton until Sophie introduced them, but it didn't stop Hanna from fast forwarding a relationship with him.

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Fast moving or not, it was a beautiful and sweet experience for Hanna.

And, it was very well done. The campfire embers floating into the air as the heat rose between Hanna and Anton was magnificent.

Sophie had no clue what was transpiring between her BFF and her crush because she was passed out in the back of her van under Dan's watchful eye, and it was probably for the best.

Anton - Hanna Season 1 Episode 5

She would have figured out that the two were hot for each other, and the night would have ended in disaster.

It's not an easy thing to take when your crush likes someone else, especially if it's your BFF.

There are many other complicated issues at hand here including why Hanna didn't back off with Anton knowing how Sophie felt.

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But that's all part of Hanna's limited experiences with the world in general and relationships in particular.

She just didn't know any better.

Sophie: If you run away, I'm going with you because you're the best thing in my life.
Hanna: You're the only thing in my life.

There's hope that Sophie and Hanna's friendship will survive this little blip. There will be anger and hurt feelings, sure, but the two genuinely care for each other.

It's not surprising Hanna sought refuge with Sophie after running away from her father. Even though Hanna said she couldn't trust anyone, she knew it not to be true.

They lean on each other as best friends do.

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Hanna remembered the comfort she got when Sophie grabbed her hand after she learned her mother had died.

It was the first thing Hanna did when Sophie learned about her father's turmoil in the car.

Her relationship with her dad isn't the best, and when a father blames a child for his marital problems, that's some heavy duty stuff.

Still, kids are resilient and both Sophie and Hanna have proved that.

BFF - Hanna Season 1 Episode 5

One thing I have to make note of before I move on. Hanna's gut reaction to kick Anton's friend in the face for throwing popcorn at her was one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

There isn't much to laugh at on this show (basically nil), but that made me laugh out loud. It was such a Hanna thing to do.

It was also a reminder that despite her desire to forget her old life and revel in her new friends and experiences, the reality of her world will always be a whisper away.

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She can't forget her father and what happened in Berlin because she still loves Erik. She's worried about him, and until she knows he's okay, she's won't be truly happy.

We also have the question of Dan and his discovery of the contract between Johanna and Erik. What are his plans and will he involve Sophie?

There's also a sort of juxtaposition happening here between the relationship of Hanna and Sophie and that of Erik and his friends.

One might look at Hanna's decision to pursue Anton as a betrayal of her and Sophie's friendship. 

Dieter - Hanna Season 1 Episode 5

On Erik's end, the betrayals are becoming knee deep.

Dieter wasn't about to risk his family's life to help an old friend. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place when he found Sawyer at his home.

Sawyer wasn't messing around and had Dieter not agreed to give him the answers he sought, Dieter's son would have ended up with a bullet in his head.

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But what made it even worse was that he actually showed his face to Erik when Sawyer and his men cornered and captured him.

I knew it was coming, but it still stung, and it was a major punch in the gut for Erik.

The man who literally saved his life had betrayed him. It was a hard pill to swallow.

Vile Sawyer - Hanna Season 1 Episode 5

Sawyer is a vile and ruthless bastard, and I'm kind of hoping that Marissa will change sides and help Erik and Hanna.

All of Erik's friends are dead so how he is going to get out of his predicament and find Hanna is anyone's guess.

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Marissa's going through her own emotional upheaval even though she's trying to stay in control.

She wants to live a normal life but her job doesn't allow for that. Olivier is a nice a guy, and his son is a sweetheart but they're too normal for her.

Besides, Benoit hates her, and she'll never be able to develop a relationship with her boyfriend's son.

Marissa on the Mend - Hanna Season 1 Episode 5

If Marissa is seeking any sort of redemption, she'll turn on Sawyer and maybe even start a new life with Hanna and Erik.  

Those two are more her style, but the chances of that happening are zero.

Erik would never allow it no matter what they might have had before. He'd never be able to trust her.

Marissa is doomed to die a lonely and bitter woman. At least I hope she slits Sawyer's throat before she dies.

Over to you!

What did you think of "Town"?

How will Erik get out of his current predicament?

Will Hanna and Sophie's friendship survive?

How will Marissa retrieve Hanna from London?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Hanna Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Sawyer: What you were asked to do to those babies had to be tough for anyone, but for a woman --
Marissa: Fuck you!

Sophie: I want you to trust me.
Hanna: I can't trust anyone.
Sophie: Why did you come here?