Charmed Season 1 Episode 19 Review: Power of Four

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The Battle of Winterfell may be upon us, but Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19 was all about the battle for the Source; delivering just as much murder, melodrama and mischief as Game Of Thrones ever could. 

I’ve never been so impressed by an episode of this show. Charmed (2018) may have steadily increased in quality over the second half of it’s season, but this is the first time it felt like watching an installment of the original. 

Healing Harry Returns - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19

“Power of Four” had everything-- major character deaths, lies and deceit, heart-wrenching breakups and heartfelt reunions. 

There is no better way to ramp up towards a finale. 

Charmed (2018) has had an issue moving the plot forward. Too much happens at once, and important story points tend to get steamrolled by lesser imperative weekly arcs. 

Now that we’re nearing the finale, the “monster of the week” theme has been tossed aside, and all the juicy plotlines are finally coming together.

Macy and Maggie Paralyzed In Fear - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19

Watching “Power of Four” was akin to watching a game of chess. So many pieces were on the move, but every one of them had their designated place. 

Unlike other CW shows, nothing felt contrived-- the writers didn’t have to work hard to connect the dots, because the story has been seamlessly tied together from the beginning.

Everything that unraveled, did so with a specific purpose. Dr. Julia’s death is a perfect example. 

Killing her off was a clever way to push Parker closer to the demonic edge. Making him think he was the one who did it? Even more genius. 

Believing you killed your own mother is enough to make anyone lose their mind.

A Tearful Reunion - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19

Bringing in Hunter to manipulate his brother was so creative! Previously, I was irked by how spotty Hunter’s appearances had become. 

It felt like his character had no true significance to the story.

Quite the opposite. 

Keeping Hunter off-screen provided the luxury of forgetting about his specific demonic abilities. The scene genuinely reads like Parker kills his own mother. 

That’s shocking enough, but to reveal of Hunter masquerading as Dr. Julia later in the episode, made for a complete roller coaster of emotions.

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It was clear Hunter was once again shape shifting when “Maggie” met up with Parker, but it didn’t make the scene any less heartbreaking. Jeffrey is a star in the making, and her authenticity always brings more to the performance.

Watching Hargrove dedicate more of himself to Parker’s downward spiral would have been satisfying, but Jeffery’s delivery was able to elevate the scene enough to keep a viewer emotionally invested.

Maggie: Are you scared?
Parker: No way, once I’m human I’ll have you to protect me. With you in my life, I know my darkness can’t take over.

She undoubtedly carried the brunt of the scene on her shoulders, as she does with most of their interactions. 

Perhaps I’m biased due to my love for Julian McMahon’s performance of Cole Turner, but something is lacking when it comes to Hargrove’s portrayal of Parker. 

The writers have done the character justice, but Hargrove tends to just go through the motions; sometimes even when the climax of the episode depends on his delivery.

Regardless of the acting, the story points were strong. Watching Parker follow through on becoming the Source felt like a true tonal shift for the show. 

Combined with Macy’s ever growing demonic side, Charmed (2018) Season 2 will inevitably be going darker. 

Hearing more about “The Source” brings about immense feelings of nostalgia; it played such a large part in Pheobe, Piper and Prue’s lives.

The reboot has taken a lot of left turns but has still managed to stay true to the major themes of the OG--especially during the second half of the season.

Parker wasn’t the only emotional component of the episode.  

Fiona Shares Her Plan - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19

Harry taking both physical and verbal abuse from Fiona was downright difficult to watch. Mostly due to Leah Pipes, who gives everything she has to any character she encompasses. 

Pipes plays Fiona as a woman desperately unhinged. It’s enthralling to watch; her dedication to the character is magnificent.

There hasn’t been a better antagonist for the Charmed Ones yet, and the writers may want to consider making Fiona the Source in Charmed (2018) Season 2.  

Can Fiona Hang? - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19

Pipes surely has the acting chops needed to portray a ruthless character.

Leo’s freedom didn’t come around until later seasons, but Harry becoming a free white lighter agent is another theme the reboot has taken from the original. 

Harry sticking around to protect the sisters out of choice opposed to necessity, makes him all the more of an endearing character. He becomes a little more like Leo with every passing episode. 

Harry Comes Out Of A Trance - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19

Now that he’s free and Galvin has declared his exit, maybe the writers will explore that Macy and Harry romance everyone is craving!

If Harry and Macy become a canon pairing on screen, I won’t have to sit alone in my room making romantic fan videos about them anymore!

Wait, what? I don’t do that…

Really though. Everyone wants Hacy, and now it’s possible! They wouldn’t even have the same trials and tribulations Leo and Piper faced. 

Unless Macy turns into a vengeful murderous demon, of course. But otherwise, it would be so easy! 

Speaking of great decisions, Galvin leaving the show is a great one.

He’s running off to repent for murdering a customs agent while he was possessed. It’s music to my ears, and he can’t exit stage left soon enough.

I know the intent in “Power of Four: is to give Galvin complexity—he’s struggling with the morality of having done something horrific! He wasn’t in control of his body! It’s meant to be understandable.

But it just isn’t.

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Macy didn’t force Galvin to go on a crazy, dangerous mission. It may have been to help her erase her dark side, but he decided to do it on his own. It’s not her fault there were repercussions for those actions.

If he actually loved her, he would stick around. He would let her help him through his trauma. He would also stay by her side as she tries to rediscover who she is--a dark side or not.

Real love is ride or die, Galvin.

Galvin: I can’t compartmentalize like you can Macy. We’re different. Who knows, maybe that would have broken us eventually anyway.
Macy: Wow.

Instead, he’s so cruel and detached. Completely unfeeling of what she might be going through. 

Macy is way too brilliant and beautiful to spend one more second agonizing over a guy who isn’t even brave enough to deal with a little demonic possession now and then.

Thank you, next.

Mel Shares Her Secrets With Niko - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19

One love story worth getting behind is Niko and Mel. 

From the beginning, it was obvious Niko would be an asset to the sisters, not a hinderance. It’s gratifying to watch Mel slowly realize that fact. 

Niko is brave, smart, and up for anything. Her mind might be blown by magic, but she doesn’t back down from the danger of of it all. If anything, she embraces it. 

She's the kind of person it takes to be in a relationship with a Charmed One.

Niko's Relieved Knowing The Truth - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19

It’s disappointing Mel hasn’t been completely honest about her past with Niko, especially after Niko admitted to a nervous breakdown, and what that breakdown cost her in the process. 

Mel might be scared to lose Niko from her life again, but coming clean is the right thing to do. Mel stole her agency, and that’s never OK.

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On the other side of the coin, Niko finding out about the mind wipe will inevitably put the two women at odds again. For now, Niko’s ignorance may be for best. It’s a treat to see those two share the screen together and they’re better together than apart. 

Mel may want to keep Niko away from danger, but if the Charmed Ones are going up against the Source (and Allister, and Fiona, and possibly the Elders), they could really use Niko in their corner. 

Tessa Questions Everything - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19

They could have also used Tessa.

She was only around for two episodes, but the energy Tessa brought to the series was refreshing. She was loyal to the Elders but respected the Charmed One’s decisions. 

There isn’t much doubt she would have eventually chosen to side with them.

There is always room for more smart, powerful women on TV. Tessa, you will be missed.

Tessa Finds The Hidden Lair  - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19

“Power of Four” displayed one of the only times since the pilot the girls have come together as The Power Of Three. 

Their eerie steadiness, when faced against Fiona, sent chills up my spine. I can’t wait to watch them truly step into their power. 

This is our fight Tessa; my sisters and mine. So let us fight it.


If Macy doesn’t turn into a evil demon first, of course.

Random Thoughts:

  • I love Maggie’s powers. I think enhancing her empathetic traits into two way communication is something  Phoebe would have benefited from. 
  • Allister looked like Dracula this episode. I know he’s supposed to be scary but he’s more of a bafoon most of the time. Fiona is the real terror here. 
  • I am still craving more Mel and Maggie moments.
  • The prophecy of the apocalypse is a huge puzzle piece to the season, it should have been given more focus beyond expositional rambles in random episodes.
  • Parker becoming the Source could be extremely interesting, just as it was with Cole in the OG. But what if Macy takes on it’s power instead?  She would have to fight the dark and light within herself! 

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Okay My Witchy Fanatics! It's your turn!

What did you think of this episode? Were you shocked by the deaths and break-ups?

Are you Team Galvin, or Team Harry?

Macy and Harry Talk At Party - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 6

Do you think Maggie's love is enough to bring Parker back to the good side? 

Now that the dagger is in Allisters possession, what will Fiona do? 

Leave your thoughts below, and remember to watch Charmed online, right here at TV Fanatic!

Power of Four Review

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Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Niko: So after we track this Tessa down, what's next?
Mel: What’s next is I say thanks and you go back to your life. I’m serious the next part of this mission is too dangerous to involve you.
Niko: Oh really? cause I just got a hit.

Maggie: Are you scared?
Parker: No way, once I’m human I’ll have you to protect me. With you in my life, I know my darkness can’t take over.