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Did Shaun manage to get his job back?

On The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 18, the former surgeon made one last play for his old job. 

Meanwhile, Claire put herself in Shaun's shoes with the aim of solving a medical mystery. 

Did it work?

Elsewhere, Neil and Lim realized it was time to tell the hospital about their relationship. 

A Bar Fight - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 18

However, it quickly became clear that this would cause problems if a Chief of Surgery role came up. 

What did they decide to do?

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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Claire: Shaun? Come in, tell us what you saw, what you did.
Shaun: I can't. I'm not a doctor here.
Claire: You're still a doctor, Shaun. We need to know what happened.
Shaun: I... found him like that.

Shaun: It might be an epidural hematoma.
Neil: We heard.
Lin: Let's get a bold ICP monitor ready.
Claire: I'm on it.
Neil: Dr. Lim, how was your meeting?
Lim: I confirmed the lack of inducement or pressure. I assume you did likewise?
We are approved.
Claire: For what?
[Neil and Lim kiss.]