Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Just Say No to Drugs!

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The series explored the opiate epidemic on Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 14, and it was a heartfelt hour with incredible performances.

Not Betty survived the ordeal, but the same can't be said about her boyfriend. Also, Owen lost custody of Leo to his grandparents.

Plus, is there a potential new 'ship on the horizon?

Join TV Fanatics, Stacy Glanzman, Rachelle Lewis, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour.

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What are your thoughts on Grey's Anatomy's take on the Opiate Epidemic?

Stacy: It makes sense that they would tackle it since it's such a huge problem right now and drug addiction has been a major theme of this season. Seeing that many patients flood the hospital really showed how big of a crisis it is.

Rachelle: It was so good and true to what I think is happening in the world today, especially among teens. It is a sad situation, and Grey’s did not sugar coat it.

Jasmine: I thought it was very fresh and relevant. I felt like I was there with them and in the ER and wrapped up in the chaos. I enjoyed their portrayal.

After 15 years, Bohkee finally spoke. React!

Stacy: I will be honest, I had to Google this. I didn't realize she hadn't spoken before, so I didn't really have any reaction to it.

Rachelle: I am with Stacy, I had to Google it too. I didn’t know she had not spoken before either.

Jasmine: I knew about this, and I was excited when it happened. It was the purest, sweetest moment of the hour for me. I didn't know one line could make me smile so hard.

Camping Not Glamping - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 14

Did you appreciate some of the parallels between Amelia and Not Betty?

Stacy: I liked that Amelia shared her story of how losing someone she loved was her rock bottom and was the catalyst that led her to finally get clean. We can only hope that Not Betty follows the same path. You can't help someone who doesn't want it, and so far it hasn't really felt that Not Betty wanted it. Maybe now she will.

Rachelle: Yes! I think for Amelia helping Not Betty was because she saw herself in Not Betty.

Heck, Amelia was her, and I think she just wished someone would have tried to help her the way she did with No Betty. It is almost as though if she can help Not Betty then Amelia can finally forgive herself for being an addict and all the crap she pulled as a teenager.

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Jasmine: I agree with Rachelle. I think Amelia sees a lot of herself in Not Betty, and through helping her, she's reached a point of forgiving herself for her past.

I loved that scene when she spoke about her experiences with Not Betty's grandparents. She didn't let her previous experience of sharing with them discourage her from doing it again.

Link Saves Britney  - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 14

Are there any performances that stood out most or you enjoyed most during this installment?

Stacy: Amelia sharing her story stood out to me. Maggie did as well when she told Jackson she can't go camping and told Meredith that Amelia will need them.

Rachelle: It was definitely Amelia sharing her story with Not Betty’s mom and dad. It broke my heart, but it was so brave of her. They are her parents, but Amelia is the one who can relate to Not Betty being an addict.

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Alex telling that father to protect his child was another great performance. It has been a while since that side of Alex has come out and I enjoyed seeing kick butt Alex again.

Jasmine: Amelia in general. There wasn't a single Amelia moment that didn't have me glued to the screen. From the breakdown with Link to sharing her story, she was exceptional throughout the hour.

I also loved Link and Teddy the entire installment. They were the best.

Amelia Hugs Teddy

Did you pick up potential sparks between Amelia and Link? Would you like them together?

Stacy: I did not pick up on any sparks between them. I can see a friendship brewing, but I don't see them as anything more than that.

Rachelle: Now Amelia and Link is a pairing I can get behind. I thought he was amazing with Amelia. I thought they had some chemistry, maybe it is only friendship, but I kind of like them as a couple.

Jasmine: Anything can happen on this series, so I try not to rule romantic pairings out. I loved their scenes together, and they did have a chemistry that I could get behind. Whether it's just a friendship or it becomes something more, I liked them together.

Link Overwhelmed - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 14

What was your favorite scene, moment, or person during the hour?

Stacy: I appreciated Alex telling that dad to take care of his kid and Jo later bringing him the hot chocolate. I love their scenes together, and sometimes the small gestures are the best ones.

The look Jo gave Alex after he made the comment made me think she was going to be upset with him, but I'm glad she wasn't. It was personal for him and he was right. They're such a great, supportive couple.

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Rachelle: Maggie telling a very tired Meredith that Amelia needs them. I love that those three are always there for each other. I also really liked Jo giving Alex the hot chocolate. She gets him and I love how she is able to get him to open up.

Jasmine: I loved Link talking about going to Barbados and him trying to support Amelia while she broke down. I also laughed when Levi called Nico a work of art. The two of them are so precious even when all hell is breaking loose around them.

Over to you Grey's Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Hit the comments below!

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