A Million Little Things Round Table: Sophie's (Questionable AF) Choice!

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There is only one episode left of the season, and there are so many questions that we need to be answered. 

A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 16 brought us closer to Barbara Morgan when the others realized that she was the woman whom Sophie let into the Dixon home.

Join TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Rachelle Lewis, and Jack Ori as they discuss the hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Are you relieved Maggie's surgery went smoothly or are you still concerned about her? What are your thoughts on her and Gary moving in together?

Christine: I think Maggie and Gary are going to be physically OK for a while. I think a reoccurrence of their cancers will always be a concern, but I’d be surprised if we revisit that story in any major way soon.

I’m expecting the obstacles this couple will face will be more about living together and navigating a fairly new relationship despite all they’ve gone through.

Rachelle: Yes, I was relieved her surgery went well. I love Gary and Maggie together, and I hope they get to find some true happiness for a while. They will always have cancer hanging over their heads, but it is time they were able to experience the everyday enjoyment and struggles of life.

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Jack: I was relieved her surgery went well! I think she will be okay for a while but will be living with the fear of her cancer returning again. I love Maggie and Gary, and while I don't think right after surgery is the best time to think about moving in together (how can she think clearly?) I definitely understand their feelings that time is of the essence.

They want to do it now because, with cancer, no one knows how much time either of them has. They both have grown so much through their relationship already, and I can't wait to see how their relationship evolves from here.

Did you enjoy the evolution of Gary and Patricia's relationship from starting off on the wrong foot to being a support to one another?

Christine: Yes! That was such fun and so very Gary. Gary and Patricia had a “cute meet” with a mean twist. They’re both stubborn and perhaps more alike than different.

Thankfully, they realized that their love for Maggie was what was truly important. I think these two earned more respect for one another in this one day than most people gain over years of getting to know one another.

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Rachelle: I did enjoy it. I thought it was fitting of Gary’s character to meet her in that way. I also thought it was a great way to introduce Maggie’s mom. They are more alike than either one of them wanted to admit at first.

They did come together for Maggie, and I think seeing the two of them together when she woke up was a refreshing moment for Maggie.

Jack: Yes, I did! I knew Patricia was Maggie's mom as soon as Gary got into it with her in the parking lot. Her argument that if the spot was his he'd have been there already sounded exactly like how Maggie would have put it if some guy tried to argue with her over a parking spot.

I was glad to see them soften towards each other because the last thing Maggie needs during her recovery is to be stuck in the middle between her mom and her boyfriend.

Parking Spot Feud

PJ's validation of Rome inspired him to contact the suicide hotline to help. Do you think it's too soon for that? Is this the last of PJ?

Christine: It might be too soon. I’d like to see Rome speaking with his therapist about it before jumping in and making the commitment. But it was easy to see how much it meant to Rome to connect to someone who had felt what he was feeling, and how much he gained from feeling like he helped someone else realize they are not alone.

Rachelle: As long as Rome continues with therapy, I think it will do him good to help at the suicide hotline. It will give him the opportunity to be around others like him, so he will be helping others and himself. I hope this is not the last we see of PJ. He had a significant impact on Rome, and I think Rome would benefit from having PJ in his life.

Jack: I was thrilled Rome did that. I worked for a suicide hotline for four years, and there were a billion safeguards in place to make sure volunteers could handle the work before they began as well as during every shift, and we had counselors available to talk to volunteers if things got rough too.

If the suicide hotline Rome volunteers for is just as diligent, I don't think it will be a problem for him to do this kind of work. I agree with everyone else, too. It'll benefit him using his experiences to help others.

I liked PJ and wouldn't mind seeing him again, but I have a feeling he might have just been there to show Rome that his writing could make a difference for others in pain.

Suicide Prevention - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 16

Did Regina overreact to the review and Andrew's input and influence? Do you think Andrew will cause problems in the future?

Christine: It had to hurt barely having her name mentioned in that glowing review of her restaurant, but these are some of the challenges she’ll face having an established restaurateur as a major investor. People know Andrew’s name, and that brings both pluses and minuses.

What Regina needs to do is learn how to speak up for herself. Pouting behind the scenes isn’t helpful. She needs to figure out what she wants to change and then talk to Andrew about it and hopefully, they can find a working middle ground that keeps everyone happy.

Rachelle: I don’t think she overreacted at all. I could understand her frustration. However, she did choose to go into business with Andrew, who was already established in the restaurant business.

It was bound to be all about him at first. I also think that Regina was a little jealous when Andrew was going to help Delilah with the apartment. She has been there for Delilah, and yet she asked this man, who is practically a strange to help her.

I agree with Christine that Regina needs to learn to speak up for herself. She is good at speaking up for other people and helping her friends, but she needs to do that for herself too.

I also think that Regina needs to have more confidence in herself. I understand she is doubting herself because of the last restaurant failing, but she needs to stop focusing on that or it is going to cause her some unnecessary struggles.

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Jack: Gina felt invisible after all the hard work she'd put into the restaurant, and that was an understandable feeling. I think she misconstrued Andrew's motives, though -- he didn't invest so that he could push her out of her own business, and he set up an interview for her too.

I agree with Christine that she needs to figure out what she wants and talk to Andrew about it. I also think that sometimes the dynamic between friends shifts when a new relationship gets involved.

Delilah didn't know Gina before Gina was with Rome, so Jon's death has already changed everything in a major way, and now Delilah's new business partner seems to be heading towards boyfriend territory (at least in Gina's mind), leaving her not sure where she stands, and that's part of the problem.

Restaurant Opening - A Million Little Things

On a scale of 1-10, how insane was it that Sophie let Barbara Morgan into their home and no one followed up on her disappearance? Also, what are your thoughts on her motivations and her being in the photo with Jon?

Christine: A 9! I’m not giving it a 10 because Barbara did spin a good tale about being a friend of a friend, but Sophie should still know better than to let a virtual stranger into her home.

It also bothered me that Sophie, Delilah, and Gary just assumed she'd left. That’s a big house. That woman could have been anywhere!

As for Barbara's motivation, she told Sophie she had been pregnant when her husband died. I wonder if there's a grain of truth in that somewhere and perhaps Jon left her when she was pregnant. Other than that, I'm still at a loss for why Barbara is so fixated on Jon's family.

Rachelle: I give it a 10! Yes, she spins a good story but still, Sophie should've asked her to wait outside. Then when she was gone, Sophie, Delilah, and Gary were all like whatever.

There were no questions asked about what she looked like or even going outside to see if they could find her. It was hard to believe Delilah and Gary would act like that after a stranger had been alone in the house with Sophie.

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I think that Barbara Morgan, her deceased husband, and Jon were all friends back in the day. I guessing Jon somehow blames himself for the death of Barbara's husband, and that is why he bought her paintings and added her on the life insurance.

He felt like he owed her. Maybe her son really is Jon’s and her husband found out. I don’t know, but thankfully, we find out in the finale.

Jack: 10+. There could have been so many reasons that "Emma" wanted to get into that house -- everything from casing the place so she could rob it later to grooming Sophie for some nefarious purpose.

I think everyone assumed that Sophie was home and the woman came to the door, or Delilah might have been a little more concerned about the situation. I would expect Gary, at least, to have been more concerned, since he's usually somewhat cynical, and it was weird that he just shrugged it off.

I think the photo with Jon proved that this woman is Barbara Morgan. I'm not sure what she wants. I think she might have made up the story about having lost her husband too to gain Sophie's trust, but I guess we'll see.

Barbara Morgan?

Are you surprised Eddie and Katherine signed the divorce papers after their talk, near kiss, and a night spent together?

Christine: Not surprised, but relieved. Getting back together now might feel good, but I fear they’d slip back into old patterns far too easily. I think they needed to divorce in order to work on themselves and move forward in a healthy way.

Will they find their way back to one another? Maybe, but if they do, I hope it’s for the right reasons and not because it feels safe and comfortable.

Rachelle: I am not surprised. They were together for a long time, and those feelings just don’t go away because divorce papers were signed. I am glad they did not kiss or hook up. I think they were better off focusing on Theo and moving forward with their lives.

I don’t think they will find their way back together. I think they know they are better off as friends and co-parents.

Jack: I like the idea of Eddie and Katherine reconciling, but I want it to be slow if at all. It's good that they are keeping Theo's best interest in mind instead of jumping into something that most likely would result in a disaster.

I was pleasantly surprised that Eddie didn't change his mind about signing the divorce papers because of their night almost being like old times. That showed growth on his part. He wasn't trying to hold onto any little bit of hope instead of accepting that it was over.

Katherine and Eddie Near Kiss

What was your favorite scene? What do you hope to see in the season finale?

Christine: I loved Gary and Patricia in the chapel. They finally saw one another as real people, terrified for someone they love and they both opened up a little. I’m sure these two will have more arguments in the future, but I think they understood more about one another after this.

As for the season finale, I hope we get some real answers about Barbara Morgan! Other than that, I just want more of all of these characters because I've really grown to care about each one of them.

Rachelle: My favorite was PJ talking to Rome about his script. It was such an honest moment, and Rome was desperate to find someone like him. I also really liked the way Gary asked Maggie to move in; it was so cute.

All I want out of the finale is for the Barbara Morgan story to be completed. Even if it is the cliffhanger, just let fans know who she was to Jon. Everyone seems in a really good spot right now, so I am fearful bad news is coming for the group in the finale.

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Jack: Rome talking to PJ was my favorite scene, too. As a writer, I also hope my words help my audience feel less alone, so I was totally connected to this scene!

And it was nice to see Rome gain some confidence in his writing and even be able to show Gina his script after talking to PJ.

I also liked when Maggie woke up and both Gary and Patricia were there. That was exactly what she needed, and Patricia telling Maggie they met when she took Gary's parking spot solidified the fact that she and Gary were on better terms now.

Over to you Million Fanatics, do you agree with us? What do you hope to see in the finale? Hit the comments below!

The season finale of A Million Little Things airs Thursday on ABC. 

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