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College recruitment events are such a drag. 

On All American Season 1 Episode 11, Spencer was ready to make some waves at the big event, but then disaster struck. 

By that, we mean his former teammates from Crenshaw showed up, and they were vocal about the college route not being a good one for anybody. 

Spencer had to do his best to keep the peace because the outburst from his friends could cost him his spot. 

It's not every day you get cherry-picked to play football for Beverly Hills High. 

Envelope - All American Season 1 Episode 11

Meanwhile, Olivia realized that was time for her to come to Asher's aid. 

She wanted to return the favor because she knew her friend was hurting and set out to help out in any way she could. 

Elsewhere on this freshman drama, Jordan continued to struggle thanks to his overbearing father. 

Watching Closely - All American Season 1 Episode 11

The youngster felt like everyone depended on him to be something he would never be. 

What did Billy Baker have to say about all of it?

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All American Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Billy: Look, if Angela Southern is where you need to be, you need to go out there and show them what I already know.
Spencer: What's that?
Billy: That you're the best player out there. It ain't even close.

Grace: I don't want you betting everything on football. You're too gifted for that. What if you get injured and football goes away? So does your scholarships.
Spencer: Look, mom...
Grace: Your job is making something special out of everything I can give you, like you always do. Ok?