Shadowhunters Fans Create Their Own Promo for the Show's Final Season

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The Shadowhunters fandom is not impressed with the way Freeform has handled the show of late, and who can blame them?

As if it wasn't bad enough that the series was canceled, the network poked fun at the fans who have battled day and night to keep the show on the air. 

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As such, the fandom has little faith in Freeform right about now. That's why they have pressed forward with their own plan to promote the show's final batch of episodes. 

With help from the cast, Shadowhunters fans worldwide have set up a "flock to unlock" campaign. Now you may be wondering what you need to do to get some new intel about the second half of Shadowhunters Season 3

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All Shadowhunters Fanatics need to do is like and share certain tweets in order to unlock a new teaser from cast members in the lead-up to the show's return. 

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Each teaser finds one of the cast members in a polaroid picture holding a post-it note with some plot details. It's certainly a different way of marketing, but if it raises awareness for the show, then this is a good thing. 

The first one fans unlocked had the show's leading lady giving some intel on her final arc. 

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Fans who are playing along with the promotional efforts have a lot to say about it, and while it's mostly praise, it is served with a side dose of shade for Freeform. 

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As for which character will be getting in on the promotional efforts next, Baene&Lewis tweeted the following: 

shadowhunters promo 3

Freeform swung the ax on Shadowhunters back in June, revealing that Constantin Films (the company who produces the series), lost its output deal with Netflix. 

Netflix allegedly paid a healthy sum towards the show's production costs, but without that, Constantin Films could not foot the bill. Freeform was not willing to pay more for the series, so the young-skewing network ordered up a two-hour movie to close out the series. 

"We are very proud of Shadowhunters, a series that broke new ground in the genre world and became a fan favorite,” the network said in a statement at the time.

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“However, along with our partners at Constantin, we reached the very difficult decision not to renew the show for a fourth season. But as big supporters and fans ourselves, Freeform insisted on and championed the filming of a special two-part finale that would give devoted fans a proper ending.

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"The 12 episodes will air in spring 2019. We want to thank our talented creators, producers, cast, and crew along with our colleagues at Constantin for their hard work and dedication and to Cassie Clare for her incredible book series. We look forward to the final chapter of this breakthrough drama."

Okay, Shadowhunters Fanatics. 

What are your thoughts on Freeform's handling of the show?

Hit the comments below!

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