Pure Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Ordination

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Pure appears to be the story of a well-meaning man in over his head.

Newly chosen pastor Noah Funk has his heart in the right place on Pure Season 1 Episode 1.

The trouble is that he depended on faith to clear up his Mennonite community's ugly little secret.

Crusading Pastor - Tall - Pure Season 1 Episode 1

After all, that's what the Bible preaches -- that God will help the helpless.

But it was revealed that the Mennonite Mob has been smuggling drugs from Mexico for decades.

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So Noah decided to take things into his own hands to rescue his people from this insidious stain on their souls.

Noah got egged on by Peter Wiebe after he found a basket of cocaine doses in the closet of his son Abram, who was killed by drugs.

Since Peter's farm was failing, his wife and son were working for mob lieutenant Gerry Epps to help make ends meet.

Now Peter has an agenda -- he wants revenge; it's not a very Christian attitude but certainly understandable.

A Shady Deal - Pure Season 1 Episode 1

Poor Noah became the pastor because many in the community secretly opposed Gerry, another candidate for the job, because of his ties to the mob, run by his uncle, Eli Voss.

I still don't understand how it was possible to rig that three-card monte with the Bibles that got used to select the new pastor, but it was clear Noah was the pure option here (pun intended) among those being considered.

It was also clear that Noah's family, especially his wife Anna, weren't thrilled about the bullseye suddenly put upon them.

While Peter said that many would stand with Noah if he went against the mob, I think Gerry was more correct when he called his neighbors sheep who wouldn't make a stand.

Dutiful Wife - Pure

Noah had a great plan to plant drugs on mob members so the police could snatch them up. The problem was that he was so bad at executing said scheme.

First, he tried to pass off Ezekiel as his brother's kid who had been living in Mexico with his Auslander ex.

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That might have fooled most of the people, but every mobster knew who Ezekiel was, regardless of what Noah or Anna announced publicly. Noah may have won in the court of public opinion, but so what?

So then Noah switched to planting drugs at the homes of the mob members and gave Bronco a list of their names.

It probably is normal for a pastor to visit his flock, but when the arrests happen right after that, well, it wasn't hard to figure out Noah's role.

Two Brothers - Pure Season 1 Episode 1

Never mind that those arrests were the result of entrapment and Bronco, an officer of the court, knew all about it (too much Law & Order).

Maybe Canadian law is different that way.

It can't have helped that Noah is working with Bronco, his old high-school acquaintance, who is a hard-living cop on probation who drives around in a flashy red sports car.

They met at the police station and the local diner. Very subtle.

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Did Noah forget he's part of a minority living in a village? Of course, small-town gossip is going to report his every move.

How did he possibly think that wouldn't get back to Eli?

Malcontent Cop - Pure

Bronco is another meaty role for AJ Buckley, who also has been doing enjoyable work as Sonny on SEAL Team.

Pure did an admirable job of differentiating between the Mennonites and the Amish.

I was surprised that the Mennonites were using modern equipment, such as tractors, pickups, and Noah's modern dairy.

While the buggies were still there, it wasn't horse-drawn plows and cows getting milked by hand.

Cartel Connection - Tall - Pure Season 1 Episode 1

It was interesting to watch the interaction between Noah's children and the Auslander teens at the local high school.

His son Isaac seemed a bit of a slug, but I'm enjoying his sassy daughter, Tina.

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I can't wait to see what happens when she and Bronco's son, Ben, grow closer.

I'm not sure what to make of Noah's wife, Anna. 

The Ladies of Pure Season 1 Episode 1

The Mennonite women certainly seem to stand by their men, but she wasn't happy that Noah was making decisions that could put their family at risk without consulting with her.

She couldn't have made any worse decisions. Also, she and Bronco seem to have a past of some sort.

Now, what's going to happen to Noah next?

After that giant mobster Joey dragged him around the back forty, he told Noah that he has to run the mob now for Eli.

How's that going to look?

To check out the opener again, watch Pure online.

Was Noah being overly simplistic? What can he do to save his community? Which characters did you enjoy most?

Comment below.

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Pure Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Prostitute: Twenty bucks? That's all you got?
Bronco: Yeah. Sorry.

There was a boy. Find him.