Grey's Anatomy Round Table: We're Still Not Here for Merluca!

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Grey's Anatomy returned, and those elevators were causing all sorts of problems.

Also on Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 9, the love triangle carried on, but DeLuca had a heck of an edge with some sexy Italian and near-kisses with Meredith.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Rachelle Lewis, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the midseason premiere!

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Cece died! React!

Stacy: I'm so sad! I was really hoping she was going to pull through, but it's Shonda, so I'm not surprised she died. It stinks even more that the elevator guy nearly lost his legs to save her, and she still didn't make it. But, she left a lasting legacy on everyone she met, so while she may be gone, she'll be remembered.

Rachelle: I was not surprised Cece died. I think her passing will impact several characters.

I agree with Stacy that she left a lasting impression that hopefully, viewers will continue to see throughout the rest of the reason. I personally loved Meredith speaking to Cece as though she was still alive, it was a beautiful moment and perfect Meredith way of saying good-bye.

I nearly kissed the Italian one. I may kiss the other one too because I mean, look at him. I don't know if I'll ever find love again, but I'm happier than I've been in a long time. I'm having fun, and when I do, I hear your voice. Thank you, Cece.


Jasmine: It broke my heart. She survived so much, but in the end, it was too much. She left a lasting impression, and I love her for that. I also loved that scene of Mer speaking to her as though she were still alive. It was beautiful.

Did Amelia make the right choice by giving Owen the space to figure things out?

Stacy: Yeah, she did. As much as Owen may want to pretend that Teddy isn't an option, she definitely is. She's single, and she's carrying his baby.

If he chooses Amelia, then she'll know he really wants to be with her and isn't staying with her out of some sort of obligation. Owen is a guy who wants to do the right thing, but there's no right answer in this situation. He needs to figure out what he actually wants.

Rachelle: Absolutely, she did. There is a very powerful connection between Teddy and Owen. In order for Amelia to truly know Owen wants to be with her, she had to give him an out.

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Otherwise, she would always wonder, especially every time she saw them with their child. It took Amelia a long time to admit her true feelings for Owen, and she needs to know he is not with her out of obligation. I personally hope he chooses Amelia, I am over him with Teddy. Plus, Amelia and Owen were finally becoming a family.

Jasmine: I agree with you both. She made the right call. It was a moment of maturity and growth for Amelia. Owen has a lot to figure out, and Teddy is always an option for Owen no matter how often he fights it. I love that she wasn't hurt or angry; she just gave him space to process and make his choice.

Amelia Learns the Truth - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 9

Are you officially sold on Meredith and DeLuca after their sexy elevator experience together? What did you think of DeLuca's background on his father?

Stacy: Nope, still don't like it. I have no interest in them as a couple and was glad the kiss was interrupted. As for DeLuca's background, that was an interesting tidbit of information. I wonder if they will explore that more.

Rachelle: I am not sold on Meredith and DeLucca at all. They had a couple of nice moments in the elevator, but I do not buy them as a couple. I find them boring and the romance forced.

I like DeLuca and enjoyed learning about his background with his father. I hope to learn more about his past, but it is time he finds a woman who truly wants to be with him. Maggie didn’t, and Meredith doesn’t really either.

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Jasmine: They have steamy moments, but that has more to do with me finding DeLuca attractive than anything else.

This 'ship does nothing for me, but I'm grinning and bearing it. I also recall that it was DeLuca who couldn't handle being with Maggie due to her being his superior (something he apologized for recently and one of many reasons his pursuit of Meredith gives me pause). Maggie wanted him just fine at the time.

I loved learning more about his past because he was overdue for character background. I also enjoyed the Italian.

Free at Last - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 9

Are there any characters that you feel need stronger development right now?

Stacy: Maybe Link, but he's still so new that it makes sense we haven't dug deep into his background yet. Honestly, I think the characters are developed well and at a good pace.

Rachelle: Honestly, not really. I am not all that interested in any of the new characters right now. Maybe once their backgrounds are introduced more I will be, but for now, I am happy with where the character developments are at.

Jasmine: If they want to commit to this love triangle, we need more Link development and screentime. There is nothing that gives me the impression he ever has a chance at prevailing.

Many Options - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 9

Who was the MVP of the hour?

Stacy: No one person really stands out. I would say either Amelia for doing the hard thing by giving Owen some space or Bailey for admitting she's hurting and how much she needs Alex's help.

Rachelle: I think Bailey for finally admitting she needs help. I also think that Jackson stepped up when it came to helping the elevator guy and forced Link to help ensure the man did not lose his legs. Jackson has been very selfish this season, I liked that he fought for the man who had just found joy.

Jasmine: Yeah, Jackson has been selfish. I'm going to say, Amelia. She was the ultimate scene-stealer, and she made a mature decision for the best of everyone by giving Owen space. She also made the best decision sending Betty to rehab. I loved her during this episode.

What was your favorite scene, moment, and/or quote?

Stacy: I laughed out loud at Alex's comment about doors that lock, so that's definitely up there.

Rachelle: The moment between Alex and Bailey was my favorite. When she told him not to quit and opened up to him it was Grey’s at its best. I also enjoyed it because it shows just how far those two have come since season one. It made me cry, as Alex hugged a very vulnerable Bailey.

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Jasmine: I second the Alex and Bailey scene. I loved how he was there for her and supporting her. Their relationship is so special, and I actually put my hand over my heart during that scene.

Over to you, Grey's Fanatics! Hit the comments with your responses. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 9 Quotes

Jackson: Why did she tell you? Why did she tell you?
Maggie: She didn't. She doesn't want anyone to know yet. But I couldn't know this without telling you, especially you.

Teddy: It doesn't matter.
Owen: It doesn't matter?
Teddy: I just mean that no one is asking anything from you. No one is asking you to give up anything or anyone. It's just you needed to know.
Amelia: What?
Owen: Teddy's pregnant.
Amelia: It's yours?! OK!