Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11 Review: The Sight of You

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I am so upset that I wasn't invited to that girl's trip! 

Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11 was hands down the most amusing episode to date. 

A change of scenery was necessary. Specifically a smelly and sticky bar where Fallon drowned her sorrows in beer and sang karaoke. 

Girls' Night Out - Tall - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11

The fact that the episode focused mostly on Fallon and Liam's relationship was just a bonus. 

We've been patiently waiting for Fallon to come to her sense and admit her feelings for Liam, but of course, the moment she did, Liam had moved on. 

A classic twist, but one that Dynasty writers handled well. 

Fallon: Do you even know what snow is?
Cristal: I hear it's white than you.

Being the ever-dedicated woman that she is, Fallon wasted no time going to get her man with her Clueless-inspired outfit. 

Monica was the only gal pal invited to Idaho, but I am so glad Cristal and Kirby both weaseled their way in. 

Despite all living under the same roof, we don't ever get to see them together and enjoying themselves without Blake and Alexis' prying eyes. 

Admittedly, Fallon's pursuit of Liam was slightly obsessive and a bit rushed. She barely broke up with Michael and was already telling Liam he was "the one."

You may argue that when you know you know, but Fallon knew a while ago, she was just waiting for Culhane to mess up so her feelings for Liam could be validated. 

Fallon's approach -- following Liam and his new girlfriend to a ski-resort, stalking him, cornering him, and then declaring "war" -- wasn't her best moment. 

When she was on the lookout in the lobby, she seriously looked like an overeager puppy. It's not a good look for someone as powerful as Fallon Carrington. 

I Can't Stand the Sight of You - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11

And the plans for Ashley, the obstacle standing in Fallon's way, were also slightly pathetic. 

Having Ashley's last name be Cunningham was a nice little touch. She was cunning, but not cunning enough. 

Liam was 100% on the money when he called Fallon out for stooping so low. I was all for Sammy and Kirby distracting Ashley, but messing up her eyebrows permanently was very 'Mean Girls' of them. 

Even though I wholeheartedly ship Liam and Fallon, I respect him for standing his ground and pulling back from Fallon's advances.

I was a rebound, but it's funny how easy it is to get a man to fall in love with you when he's been put through hell by a cold, self-serving, self-righteous bitch. I mean, you basically starved him, and now, well, let's just say I'm keeping him very satisfied.


I love Fallon, but she's entitled. Her mentality is that if she wants something, she's going to get it, and honestly, that's just not how the world works. 

Just because she walked back into Liam's life doesn't mean he owed her anything.

And unlike Culhane, Liam wasn't about to give in. When he said he moved on, he meant it.

However, you can also look at it as a classic "tables have turned" situation. 

Liam was previously pursuing Fallon and trying to prove to her that he's the one. Now, Fallon is doing the pursuing though, with their messy history, it may be a little harder to make her case. 

As Fallon summarized, she's put Liam through the wringer. 

There are obviously still feelings as their chemistry is palpable, but Liam is such a stand-up guy, he wasn't going to cheat on his girlfriend. 

The good news for Fallon is that I don't foresee his relationship with Ashley lasting too long.

SAD  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11

Ashley is vain and ten times more entitled than Fallon while Liam is caring, educated and sensible. She's not the girl for him, no matter how heartbroken he was when she put the pieces back together. 

When Fallon stooped low, Ashley stooped lower causing a bar fight and ruining a pretty rad karaoke moment. I'm still mad at her for that. 

All in all, bar fights, sabotaging a girlfriend, and attempting to ruin a relationship will never convince a man that you love him. 

Us three are going to take that bitch down so you can take your man home.


However, you have to hand it to Fallon for being brave, vulnerable and owning up to her mistake. It was a big step for her. 

It was harsh of Liam to tell Fallon he can't stand the sight of her after she'd poured her heart out and genuinely apologized -- a rarity for Fallon. 

Kirby proved that she has the potential of being a good friend if given the chance. Her attempts to get into Fallon's good graces were adorable. Even her stalking was more rational than Fallon's. It's almost like she's done this before. 

I started Dynasty Season 2 irritated with her addition, but she's come a long way. 

Monica made a bold move by calling Dominque and telling her to stay away from the family. We don't know much about Dominque other than she abandoned her family and is Blake Carrington's half-sister, but we know she's not in Monica's good graces. 

It seems like Dominque heeded Monica's warning, a warning that's bound to bite her in the ass.

Jeff recognizing Monica's efforts to "warn him" about their mother means that Dominque will eventually make an appearance and bring along all that "drama" they've been teasing. 

You Duped Us - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11

Considering she's a half-Carrington, there's always a chance that the family made her leave and it was never her choice to abandon her children. 

While Cristal was away, Blake put all his focus on building out his new soccer league, but since he doesn't know anything about soccer he had to reach out to Culhane. 

Don't worry. I won't tell my father that his pregnant soon-to-be-wife laid out a few chicks in a bar fight. Although, it is a pretty killer story.


What is it with rich, white men investing in things they know nothing about?!

Culhane did the right thing by rejecting Blake. After everything he's been through, he really does need to distance himself from the family. 

Oddly enough, his mother encouraged him to take the gig with Blake because I guess working with the Carringtons is fine if there's a good amount of money involved. 

Blake should be grateful that Culhane came along to sign Sterling Wells because Blake's "my team will give you money and power" play wasn't working for a man who already had money, power and a love for the game.

Culhane, however, may have found his niche. He was exceptional at convincing Wells to sign with the Atlanta team because he knows how to relate to people. 

Finally, Culhane has a purpose that doesn't revolve around Fallon.

Culhane even flexed his negotiation muscle by giving Blake an ultimatum -- if he wants Wells, Culhane has to become part-owner of the team. 

You'd think Culhane would re-think getting into bed with Blake after the mess with Ada. 

In a shocking twist of events, Cristal told Fallon the truth about the baby possibly not being Blake's. 

Blake: I want you to come with me. You two speak the same language.
Culhane: Is that the 'black' language, Blake?

Her honesty makes think that maybe she isn't the gold-digger I thought she was.

She meshed well with the ladies, bonded with Fallon despite not knowing her for that long, and seems to truly love Blake. 

Hopefully, she was telling the truth when she said she accidentally slept with her ex-husband Mark Jennings.

Despite Fallon's ridiculous actions towards Liam, she gave Cristal some solid advice about telling Blake the truth and not feeling responsible for how he reacts. 

These Boots Were Made For Walking - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11

I wish Cristal had followed it because the longer she keeps this secret, the worse it's going to be when he finally does find out. 

And it's either going to be shady Alexis that blows the lid or a jealous Mark Jennings. Or maybe Alexis will find Mark and bring him to Blake. I wouldn't put anything past her. 

I don't know why Dynasty Season 2 Episode 10's cliffhanger involved Steven when there was absolutely no mention of his whereabouts on this episode. 

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What is he up to? Why isn't he back with his husband? Why did he actually file those divorce papers?

Sammy is being so hard on himself for cheating, but we're not seeing Steven feel any remorse for leaving his husband shortly after their wedding.

Lastly, I have to ask if anyone knows why Fallon would want to touch Cristal's hair.

The comments made for cute interactions between the characters, but was there more to it than Cristal just having really great hair?

Missed any episodes? Be sure to watch Dynasty online and share your thoughts in the comments below! 

The Sight of You Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Blake: I want you to come with me. You two speak the same language.
Culhane: Is that the 'black' language, Blake?

Fallon: Do you even know what snow is?
Cristal: I hear it's white than you.