A Million Little Things Round Table: Is Barbara Morgan Jon's Other Wife?

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A Million Little Things returned and it was ready to delve into a million little secrets o A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 11.

Constance Zimmer made another mysterious reappearance, Delilah teamed up with someone unexpected to help her understand the massive debt Jon left her in, and Maggie's chemotherapy is leaving its mark.

Join TV Fanatics Rachelle Lewis, Jack Ori, and Christine Orlando as they discuss another drama-filled hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Jon recorded a video apologizing to Barbara Morgan for abandoning her. Who do you think she is to him? Do you think that's who the mystery woman was?

Rachelle: I have no idea who she is or her connection to Jon. I was surprised the video was for her. I think she is either the old woman who talked to Ashley or she is the Constance Zimmer mystery character that Ashely tried to talk to. I hope they reveal who she is soon because the wait is driving me crazy.

Jack: I have no idea who she is to him. I'm wondering if Jon had two families because that message sounded like it was meant for Delilah until he said Barbara's name.

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I second what Rachelle said: we'd better be getting close to revealing this! I'm guessing that's who they mystery woman was because who else would Ashley be trying to talk to who wouldn't talk to her?

Christine: I wish I knew who she was. She was obviously important to Jon, and he felt he let her down and abandoned her. Was Barbara family? Jon's second family? I don’t know, but the mystery has me hooked, and I hope they reveal the answers soon.

Ashley closed out the Rutledge account, took the cash, and shredded all the records and Delilah's letter. Why is she doing all of this? Do you trust Ashley?

Rachelle: I do not like her at all. Ashely is so shady. I don’t know what her deal is but closing out the account, destroying the records and letter are so deceitful.

Maybe she is acting on orders from Jon, like, he left her specific instructions, but I don’t know. Each week she does something sketchier. However, I do feel like she is trying to help Delilah and the kids. I know it doesn’t appear that way, but I do feel her intentions are good even though she is being shady.

Jack: I do not trust Ashley one bit. I think Jon's death had something to do with whatever huge secret she knows about and is still trying to cover up. I also wonder if Ashley was embezzling funds from the Rutledge account and maybe that had something to do with Jon's suicide.

Christine: Did Ashley shred the letter? I know she shredded documents, but I recall her moving the envelope with Delilah’s name to a box. Either way, I don’t trust Ashley. She’s hiding so much information, which tells me she’s probably involved in something shady, even if she is trying to help Jon’s family behind the scenes.

Jon's Apology - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 11

What did you think about Katherine helping Delilah and investigating the loan, accounts, and Jon's debt and business dealings?

Rachelle: I thought it was big of Katherine to help Delilah, especially since she was sleeping with her husband. I have so much respect for her putting aside her own feelings for Jon’s family. I think it shows just how much Katherine does love the group of friends but also that Jon was the one person who made her feel welcome.

Maybe she is helping more out of a sense of obligation to ensure Jon’s kids are ok than Delilah. It was clear when Eddie showed up at Delilah’s that Katherine is still hurt by their affair and closeness, as she should be. The moment was a reality check for both women, who both thought their friendship was getting back on track.

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Jack: I think that Katherine wants to be the bigger person here. She wants to make sure Jon's family is taken care of, especially the kids, and she wants to forgive and move on, but seeing Eddie in Delilah's living room made it clear that she can't just do that.

Christine: Katherine is a good person. She doesn’t want Delilah and her kids to lose everything, and she will help them if she can.

But seeing Eddie standing in Delilah’s kitchen waiting to check on her was like a splash of cold water to the face. I think Katherine will continue to try and help, but she’ll probably keep an emotional distance from here on out.

Happy Katherine - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 4

Did you sympathize with Delilah and her rage, relate to Gary who believed Jon must have had a plan or both?

Rachelle: I am not a huge fan of Delilah’s, but I did sympathize with her. She has every right to be beyond angry. Her husband totally betrayed her, leaving her to clean up his mess. I truly felt bad for her. I also think it was a good representation of how even the smartest people can be fooled by those they love.

Gary is my favorite character on the show. His loyalty is one of the reasons why I like him so much. I can relate to his unwavering faith that Jon had a plan and would not leave his family in disarray.

I think that Gary knew Jon the best out of all the friends because of the time they spent together when Gary was fighting cancer. It bonded them, but it could also mean that Gary has rose-colored glasses when it comes to Jon. I am not sure if he is right to have faith or if he just doesn’t want to see the truth.

Jack: I think they were both right. Delilah has every right to feel shocked and betrayed, especially because she assumed that her affair with Eddie literally pushed Jon over the edge.

But I also think Gary was right that it isn't as simple as it looks. Jon's speech in the elevator about wanting to be there for his family more seemed genuine, and I have this feeling that whatever he got into that he couldn't handle began with better intentions than it seems.

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Christine: I sympathize with Delilah more on this one. Not only did Jon create this huge mess and keep it a secret, but then he killed himself and left it all for Delilah to deal with. It’s not as though his death made any of this go away. Delilah and their kids could lose everything!

Jon was a complex guy. He was the cheerleader for many of this friends, and even more so for Gary, but he seems to have failed his family badly and then bailed on them when they needed him most. In Delilah’s shoes, I’d be furious too.

Doing it for Them - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 11

Should Rome take that job? Do you think it will trigger his depression?

Rachelle: He should not take the job. I applaud his desire to want to help. However, he needs to take care of himself right now and working on his movie was one of the ways he achieved self-care.

If he takes the job, I feel he will back-track. I think his depression will be triggered and leave him suffering more than he was at the beginning of the season. There is nothing wrong with putting himself first; however, I don’t see Rome doing that. He is too selfless.

Jack: This is the worst thing Rome could do. He's gone off his meds and now is backtracking on a major decision that he made in order to help himself.

He's going to end up in the exact same place he was when he attempted suicide if he keeps backtracking like this. At the very least he needs to talk this decision over with his therapist before he commits to this project.

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Christine: He should not take this job, especially now that he’s off his meds. He needs to stay on a path that’s healthy for him. I know he doesn’t want Regina to lose the restaurant, but she has another option with her mother.

That option might not be easy, but it may also allow for growth between Regina and her mother, so there may be an eventual upside for everyone.

Racing with the Guys - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 11

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Rachelle: Katherine for sure. Her putting her own needs aside to help Delilah and continue to do so even after the awkward encounter with Eddie at Delilah’s makes her MVP.

Jack: I agree about Katherine. She was formidable in the banker's office and was struggling to balance taking care of Theo with fighting the foreclosure for Delilah and her kids, plus dealing with Carter being obnoxious and with her renewed feelings of jealousy and betrayal when Eddie showed up at Delilah's.

Christine: I’m going with Danny. He was braver than many adults about telling his family that Ella was actually Elliott. I was so proud of him, and of Delilah and Sophie for their calm, honest, sweet reactions.

Danny and Delilah - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 10

What was your favorite scene and/or most shocking moment from the hour?

Rachelle: Hands down when Danny admitted that Ella was actually Elliott. It was a beautiful moment. He handled it like an adult but with the vulnerability of a child.

Plus, both Sophie and Delilah’s reactions were so comforting to him. It was just a heartfelt and happy moment, especially considering all the Dixon’s are going through.

Danny: The thing is Ella isn't a girl. Ella is Elliot.
Delilah: Oh sweetie.
Danny: I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, I just didn't want to disappoint you.
Delilah: Disappoint me? Are you kidding? Listen to me, you have never and will never disappoint me for just being you. OK?
Danny: Okay. I guess I was just trying to be the person you thought I was. Maybe that's why dad kept things from us too because he was just trying to be the person we thought he was.
Delilah: Well, just when I thought I couldn't be more proud of you.

Jack: What I loved about the Danny scene was that it was so natural, and nobody had any big OMG reaction, yet no one diminished what a big step this was for Danny.

My second favorite scene besides that was Gary finding Maggie on the sidelines at the marathon and comforting her. It was an authentic moment, and everyone helping Maggie to the finish line made it even sweeter.

Christine: I loved Katherine standing up to the bank manager. She is quiet, and calm, and fierce. She doesn’t have to raise her voice to be strong, and I love that about her.

I was also touched by everyone rallying around Maggie so that she made it to the finish line. Many of us are lucky to have one friend like that, never mind an entire crew.

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