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Was there always an attraction between Rebecca and Miguel?

That was revealed on This Is Us Season 3 Episode 8 when Rebecca and Jack spent Thanksgiving in the past with the big three and Miguel. 

However, it showed a different dynamic between Rebecca and Miguel, one that Jack had never witnessed before. 

Also, in the present, the Pearsons had an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner that made them question everything. 

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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

I was left at a fire station by my birth father. I was found by a fireman who took me to a hospital where doctors showed me to my father, who showed me to my mother. My story is unique and I feel like it's like that for everyone. Strangers can be your most impactful people. Acquaintances can be your most impactful people. Family can be your most impactful people. And that's why I can't pick the person who has had the greatest impact on my life and why I think your question is flawed. But if you insist on me answering and its the only way I can gain entrance into your storied university, I choose the fireman.

Teen Randall

Kate: I know you have a mom, but if there is anything you ever want to talk to me about, anytime. I mean pretty soon you're going to have your first kiss and your first boyfriend.
Tess: Or...girlfriend.
Kate: Or girlfriend. Yeah, or girlfriend.