Supernatural Season 14 Episode 6 Review: Optimism

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Jack will now and forever be known as Mighty Mouse!

You have to give Sam credit for keeping his mind occupied with a fidget spinner on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 6, and it set up the entire hour beautifully. 

We knew Charlie from the apocalypse world would be different, but learning about Kara broke my heart immediately. It explained why this version of Charlie was reluctant to form a bond with other people. 

Sam And Charlie Talk - Tall - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 6

You couldn't blame Charlie for not wanting to have any emotional connections after the love of her life had gotten killed. Charlie's negative outlook on the world was completely warranted, as well. 

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She made some great points about when society is at the end of their rope they will do whatever they can do to survive including killing others. Sam wanted her to know she was safe but after an incredibly traumatic experience she couldn't easily open up. 

It was no surprise Charlie wasn't a fan of hunting but instead seemed to enjoy more of the research behind the hunts. In the other world, she had no other choice but to fight the monsters who were always lurking around. 

Sam And Charlie - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 6

While I knew Sam was trying to be supportive of Charlie by telling her she couldn't easily give up on hunting, he needed to see her side of things as well. 

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Charlie doesn't feel comfortable around people and would rather live by herself in the mountains instead of continually fighting the good fight. It's safe to say Charlie hasn't been able to mourn the death of Kara properly. 

When Kara got killed, Charlie had to go into instant defense mode to make sure she would survive. Being in this new world would give her the chance to finally come to terms with what happened to her in the other world. 

Sam Gets Defensive - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 6

This also didn't mean she was going to be giving up hunting forever -- she just needs time to find herself. We all have to remember this isn't the same Charle we had before.

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Why has it taken so long for Jack and Dean to get together for a hunt? This team-up has to be, hands down, my favorite thing in the entire episode. 

As much as I enjoy Sam and Dean teaming up, I can't help but enjoy when they are paired up with different people. Jack and Dean meshed extremely well together, and it gave me instant flashbacks from when Dean was teaching Castiel how to hunt.

Dean And Jack Hideout - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 6

Jack's innocence of not understanding courting had me cracking up. The poor kid has so many things to learn about the world, but at least Dean offered to give him the talk when they got back to the bunker -- I want to see this talk happen. 

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I could have easily watched Jack slyly trying to get as much information out of Harper as possible, but we knew she was going to throw in the whole love at first sight, right? Jack was not in his element and seemed so confused by love. 

We all knew Harper would be the one who was behind the various murders going on, right? I am honestly not opposed to Harper coming back again because she was a delightful bad guy. 

Jack And Dean - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 6

I know a lot of people probably rolled their eyes at the ridiculousness of the storyline, but you have to admit this was a lot of fun to watch. It was a genius move to have Jack appeal to Harper's lovesick side, too. 

The guys knew she was obsessed with romance novels and the way to get her distracted would have to be Jack talking about being in love with her despite Harper trying to kill him. The entire sequence was hilarious. 

Of course, the most shocking moment came at the very end when Jack's cough got the best of him, and he collapsed in front of Dean; though I am happy Dean was there to try to help Jack. 

Dean Means Business - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 6

I am interested to see why Jack has these bloody coughs and have to wonder if it has something to do with his grace not being fully restored. Jack cannot die -- I've dealt with a lot of Supernatural deaths, but I am not ready for his. 

This was an impressive hour with two very different storylines ocurring. They did a great job of fleshing out the other world Charlie while finally giving Jack the chance to prove himself to Dean.

Now it's your turn to tell me what you thought. 

What do you think is going on with Jack? Did you like hearing more about apocalypse world Charlie?

Let me know in the comments below. 

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 6 Quotes

Dean: What's up with the sugar?
Jack: Well, without my powers everything tastes different, so I can't get this how I like it.

Nobody comes to the library anymore, even for story time.